Dreams Beyond Imagination part-5

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The song ended, so that their Masti all were in bear group hug…. and prem naughtily caressing heer’s back and heers eyes popped out on his action, she pinched him hard and he winced in pain and heer smirked…

Kyaa  hua heer said innocently and smiled evilly. All were looking them ….

Huhh kuchh nahi I think that was mosquito who ……

Oyee U r in my office  here the insect like prem can exist but not mosquito….

They all were trying to suppress their laugh while heer giggled but stopped in mid when she saw Prem glaring her…

She gulped hard and looked away trying to divert the topic she started

Maan …. Kyaa huaa …

Kon hai….

Kaha mili???  arnav asked

Pyaar kaise hua..

Sameera said though her heart was wrenching with each breath but she knew he never belonged to her. He was always far away from her reach…. Though he is closest when it comes to friendship… but sometimes some relation had only meant to hurt but still somewhere we wished for their long lastingness. But still somewhere we want them to hurt us more and more so the pain remind us the strength of the bond…

Maan smiled

Agar tum sab chup rahoghey toh hi mein kucch bol paaungha na

All sat around him , like obedient children who wanted to listen the story from their grandmother at any cost…

He took out the envelope from his pocket to capture the gorgeous sight of his life..

She is Geet….

Geett puttar kaha reh gayi tuu…

Achha mandu muma aa rahi hai me tujh se baad me baat karti hu…

Arey mandu sun tujhey bolna tha….

But before ranbeer could say anything, the phone was long gone cut by the chatterbox…

Uff ranbeer tu bhi naa pata nahi kyaa hojata hai tujhe jiss liye tu ne phone kiya tha wo toh bataya hi nahi…

No problem Geetu I will surprise you today….. And smiled foolishly (as usual)

As soon as she cut the call she saw her mother standing there searching for her, she looked at her finger, few minutes there was a dazzling ring resting but now the emptiness was evident there so that in her heart, in her last whole life she never wore any ring in ring finger just in a hope that her love will one day wear her ring… It was like some dream which meant to be incomplete for her,  but least she knew that some dreams are beyond imagination and fate and destiny have their own way to make them come true but the people dejectedly failed to understand it, so that she.

Ji muma

 beta ring pasand kar li

Ji muma yeh wali, she showed the ring which that S.M. liked, though he didn’t said anything but the resemblance for that ring was visible in his eyes and she didn’t know why but she wanted to buy the ring because of it only. She wanted the same ring, though she rejected that ring which that S.M. wore her, but somewhere she liked the way he made her understood the relation of this divine next of kin, and she was really wished that she wanted to wear that ring again in future, may be some miracle or something ….

They both left the mall and went towards their home, least they knew that a surprise was waiting for them.

As soon as they reached the home, they heard a loud scream behind them….

It was Anjali standing behind them with a large grumpy face…

Geet smiled full heartedly, looking her Di that to after a so much time, she was missing her.

After anjali’s marriage she really missed their mischief, their togetherness, and their chit chat in the night, for geet it all became sweet dream which she lived, long long time back

She was looking really cute with her 5 months baby bump, the way she was walking, carefully, elegantly, gracefully as if trying to protect some precious thing, ohhh yeah the thing which she was carrying in her womb is not less than a treasure, It was symbol of their life and she can sacrifice her life but not the this bundle of joy, Her one hand was on a womb, she wanted to reach their soon, Geet and her mother both understood it, and before she start walking more fastly in order to reach their soon they both rush towards her,

Di…. Geet said chirpily, her happiness was obvious in her voice, She just took her in bone crushing hug,

Idiot leave mee, Baby must be feeling suffocating, grhhh…

She said annoyingly, the irritation was apparent in her voice, and she was…..

Really angry, and disappointed with her family,

Her sister’s alliance was fixed and she was oblivious to the fact living in her own wonderland, she remember how scared her geetu goes when it comes to do anything alone, if even it’s about working in the room itself or prepare a simple assignment, it was always she who pamper her from these all the things, but ………….

Now the things were changed, her geetu soon to be get married, she will start her new life and that too without her support, exactly like she did , and exactly like all other girls do, its universal truth of girls life, no matter they are rich or poor, no matter they are modern or orthodox they all need someone, to complete them….

She was somewehere feeling disowned, her family make her oblivious to this fact, somewhere deeply hurt too, but at first place does she belonge to this family, does its her house anymore, at the time of her farewell Beejee told her when she came to meet her for the last time….

Puttar ji ab tumhara ghar who, iss ghar ke rishtey tumhaarey liye hai….

That was it, that day and today they never allowed her to interfare in their family matter, so was anjali, she never even tried to get into it, she was having her own family, protective husband, loving caring in laws  she never cared about them, but still somewhere the longingness was evident…

Maa aap ne is ki shaadi bhi fix kar di aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi…

Arey puttar kyaa yahi khadey ho kar saari baatein karenghi…. come inside,

Nahi mujhe andar nahi aana hai…

Beta , but she showed her hand and said firmly

Maa mujhey uss ghar me nahi jaaana jis ke logh mere hotey hue bhi mere nahi and she started crying….

Both geet and Rano were hell worried, first she was pregnant, second really very angry with them… 

Anjali started walking back towards her car…

Both rano and geet trying to stop her but she was not at all listening to them…

Though driver was there in the car, but they don’t wanted to let her go alone in such state… she sat in the car and ordered driver to go home…….

Both were standing there worriedly looking at car, which was going away and away…

They both exchanged look to each other and geet was on her way to room when her mom stopped her,

Geet suno tum ne ranbir se baat ki

Geet gulped hard, khota idiot stupid ranbir, usskei pait mey kucch ruktah q nahi jaa kar di ko bata diya aur phir Di, aur ab maa, Geet jhalli tu to gayi…..

Geet stop murmuring and answered, Rano said bit sternly this time,

Ji maa me ne hi bataya tha…

And here she goes….. Started her scolding session and nowhere to stop…..

Ohh hoo Geet….

Heer exclaimed chirpily…

All were sitting on the couch actually not all, maan, prem and Meera were sitting on the couch and arnav, and heer were sitting actually laying on bean bag, Heer nibbling her chocolate and prem stealing glances and trying hard to control him.

Who to mujhe ussi time pata chal gaya tha MR. BKM aka MSK jab aap ne ramesh ko ladki se baat karney ke liye bheja tha….

Arnav said with a smirk…..

Grhhh I hate this Ramesh Man…. Why doesn’t u change him?

Just because he works for me as a spy against you all, it was ASR…

Hawww against all, heer exclaimed and all were gaping at him with their wide open mouth,

Okk I guess I should take a leave, I am getting late for my meeting, and Meera

Maan looked towards Meera : This album is not for sale, I wanted to gift someone, so please don’t realease it, just give me a copy of it. Maan actually ordered her. While prem and Heer were all on ASR fighting with him for spying on them, and yeah If u want your employees to respect you than please throw all these jokers out, Maan mocked and exited from the office, Leaving all shocked.

So…. ASR said….

So…. Prem said….

So… Kyaa yaar finally our Maan found his BAHISHT (Heaven) hai na  all were really happy for him, they saw Maan in all condition, sad , upset, stressed, responsible but the only fact that they are oblivious was how maan will do the Romance, according to them, he is a bit shy, less expressive etc., but least they know It’s our maan babu, know everything very well, and when it comes on his bahisht, he is obsessive about her, and she was nothing but her imagination who turned into reality, so that now BKM Complete….



It was approximate one whole week…

Picture of maan was still unavailable for Geet, after that Day, Ranbir didn’t dare to call her, as he was horrified the way anjali reacted and very much scared to go infront of Geet, but also trying his level best to manaofy his best friend. He actually cancelled his weekend trip for Geet so that they could spend some time together.

Whereas geet was in her all wonderland whole feeling really different, she was unable to understand her feeling, her heartbeats rised with just a name of Maan, night were sleepless, somewhere really scared, somewhere blushing hard about her upcoming life, soemweher very nervous, thinking about his family and their way of living.

Her diary was in her hand and mind preoccupied with so many thoughts; she left college that day itself. So now had only house hold work and remaining time chit chat with friends, though she was really careful after that mistake, she never dared to say anything infront of anyone.

After two or three days of that day she realized rano’s Point of view too, and she found that her mother was also right at her place, her point of view was also valid.

It was usual weekend in Handa mansion, she took bath and standing near the mirror combing her wet hair, when her eyes fall on the left bottom area of the mirror, where something was written there,  something was in a very small small font…

She looked carefully and smile crept on her face,

Your BKM is waiting, check your room carefully,

It remind her, her mandu who called her in the afternoon and said : Mandu wait for your surprise its on your way, she didn’t pay any heed that time, but now she just love the surprise, somewhere in deep her heart, she was feeling contented, though she not yet seen any gift but somewhere she very well familiar with such surprises, well finally she found it. She screamed aloud and jumped in a joy like a kid, but then again controlled herself, geet jhalli, tera excitement sab yahi reh jaayegha agar maa ko pata chala toh, Ohh mandu I love you, I love you, I love you a lot, But least she know it was not her Mandu who did it, It was her would be husband who was standing behind the curtain, looking at her first with amused expression, but as soon as he heard about Ranbir his heart shattered into pieces, he left the place abruptly.

As soon as he left the HM ranbir entered via balcony……..

(What was ranbir’s surprise )


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