Dreams Beyond Imagination(Love Happens)- Part 6

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Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love Happens)


Your BKM is waiting, check your room carefully,

It remind her, her mandu who called her in the afternoon and said : Mandu wait for your surprise its on your way, she didn’t pay any heed that time, but now she just love the surprise, somewhere in deep her heart, she was feeling contented, though she not yet seen any gift but somewhere she very well familiar with such surprises, well finally she found it. She screamed aloud and jumped in a joy like a kid, but then again controlled herself, geet jhalli, tera excitement sab yahi reh jaayegha agar maa ko pata chala toh, Ohh mandu I love you, I love you, I love you a lot, But least she know it was not her Mandu who did it, It was her would be husband who was standing behind the curtain, looking at her first with amused expression, but as soon as he heard about Ranbir his heart shattered into pieces, he left the place abruptly.

As soon as he left the HM ranbir entered via balcony…


geet was sitting on the bed her head was on bed rest, having earphone in her ears obviously listening BKM’s newly gifted song, (uff angee wondering logh apne pehle pyaar ke liye kyaa kyaa gift dete hai and here it goes maan babu what gifted to his bahisht, hmm ek CD di huhhh… well me slapping myself mentally, its maan’s gift, his voice of love with love for his love Embarrassed

Geet was really busy in listening song, her wet hair were covering her both ears and her cloth piece actually hided all the wires which were connected with MP3, she knew if somebody would come they will thought that she is sleeping and definitely will left, her door was also lock, as if she was enjoying his voice, hiding from this world, well she was actually, If bejee ever get to know she is till Deewani of BKM, she would definitely won’t spare her at all.

Ranbir was first confused; he was expecting her to be scared, and glare and may be some punches here and there, but here she was actually sleeping peacefully, least he know she is enjoying her time with her would be husband oops BKM, He looked at her again and yeah he found the small but full hearted smile, her lips curved into smile and light dimple was touching her cheeks, he looked at her again and snatched the earphones from her ears, she snapped opened her eyes and looked at him foolishly while he knotted his eyebrows after recovering from shock the first thing geet did was to pounce on her mandu, well ranbir, he thought me toh gaya aaj yeh Jangli billi nahi chhodeghi, and closed his eyes in fear and pain which was on the way according to him,

dude mandu you know What I love you, I love you, I love you a lot , you are the best brother of this whole world, You are my bestest buddy, she kissed her cheeks, she was literally on him,  he opened his eyes in surprise, Ohh she is not at all angry with me yeah yeah,  haw mandu sachi tu gussa nahi hai,

Ranbeer said in surprise, while Geet smiled and nodded her head in affirmation,

Ab mandu tu hi bata itna best gift dene ke baad kyaa me tujh se gussa ho sakti hoo, nahi na wohi toh, BTW I must say You are now adays reaaly understanding me haa…

Geet was in her own gagaland , that she didn’t paid any heed to mention about what gift she is talking about,

Lekin Mandu me ne toh tujhe abhi tak koi gift …

Wohi toh Mandu, you are such an idiot na aise bhejne ki kya zaroorat thi, me tere par gussa thi but itna bhi nahi ke tujhe yeh sab karna padhta,

And yeah he got it, last time also she did same with him, and after whole one month he learned that geet was just trying to confused him by lying and it was her way to torture him mentally, (But one question from angee does Ranbir have mind to think and gt confuseLOL)

He smirked and left her Ohh accha she is trying to confuse me again like before, But geet me to Raanbeer Khanna you cant fool me this easily, he smiled at her said , waise Gift accha lagha na geet, Geet smiled and nodded and said

yes Mandu, tera har gift is really special for me, 

And what about was and would, haaa , haa yaar ab tere hubby tere liye gift laayeghe why you would care for my gifts, Beer said pouting his lips like a girl and geet muffled her laughter and pinched his nose, Ohhh my insecure Dabbu mandu, you was, is and will special for me forever and ever you get that,

achha … he said and looked at her,

Somewhere he was feeling like he will miss his geet after her marriage. They both sat on the bed comfortably and geet rested her head on his lap,

Beer, kaisa hogha who, mujhey both darr lag raha hai, what If he would strict, agar uss ney mujhey apne friends se milney se mana kar diya toh, agar us ski family humari family se zyada strict hui toh, agar woh humaarey relation ko nahi samajh paya toh,

Ranbeer looked at her sadly, yes that was some same feeling which he was feeling from whole week, the same thoughts were running in his mind whole week, he tried to search about him, he gt so many information about him, but nothing was helping, according to resources, he is reserve, very less talkative, where people laugh he prefer to smile, anger flow in his veins etc. etc. all these news just adding in his misery, he was somewhere really happy for her Mandu as she is getting married with No. 1 business man , but somewhere really tense for her, as he know how much nave She is , and anyone can fool her easily, and yeah he is business man means simply 2X2=4 mind, he was restless so was she.

Arey nahi mandu, I gt information about him,

Achha , geet sat quickly and looked at him with pleading face, as if she really wanna know about him, Beer understand her plead.

He is good by nature geet, I talked with the people who live around him, he is very kind too, and most important he talks very less, so for you it is win win situation yaar, you can chat as much as you want and wo toh waise bhi nahi bolegha toh tujhey rokney wala toh koi bhi nahi hahah, he mocked and received tight punch in stomach, and he acyally doubled in pain,

Kitni baar kaha hai uncle jii iss jungali ko karathey yaa koi bhi fighting mat sikhaaao par nahi,uncle ji ko toh beta ji ko sab kucch sikhana hota hai, Karate bhi, kung foo bhi, ushoo bhi, aur inko sirf me hi milta hoo try karney ke liye huhhh, Ja geet jaa chal kamti ho jaa me ne tere liye gift laya tha but ab tujhey nahi milegha, huhhh

Geet smiled innocently and said beer please mandu ek aur gift please, Ohh how could he deny, that too her sweet gesture, Never, never ever, he took out the envelope and handed to her, she opened eagerly but her mouth fell, when she saw a pic of Handsome hunk,

Uff mandu, tu yeh, kab…Chi chi babaji apney handsome macho bhaai ko gay bantey dekhney se pehle me marr q nahi gayi, dekh mandu, jab tak baat ladkiyon ki thi I never said No to you, I always tried my level best, but ladke chhi chii I cant help you in this, her cribbing session was going on when Beer irritatedly shut her mouth with his hands,

Chuup  idiot kitna bolti hai, Bicharey Maan pata nahi unka kyaa hogha, Ek meri Bhabhi hai kitni sober aur decent aur ek unki behan manner less, etiquette naam kit oh koi cheez hi nahi hai, poori baat toh sun bolney se pehley

Umhh Baa ummm baaa ghhh

Chuup bola na munh se nahi kaan se sunna hai, you better concentrate and I m not leaving your mouth otherwise you will start again,

She sighed and stopped wriggling…

And indicate him to continue,

Huhhh pehli baat me woh nahi jo tu soch rahi hai… Dusri baat yeh mere who nahi tere who hai Idiot, Geet’s eyes wide opened, what she was thinking about her umhhh (she blushed hard with the thought of word would be husband) 

He romeved his hand from her mouth and looked at her beetroot cheek, Oh she is blushing, Uff he forgot that his mandu is now old enough to take care someone. Geet was totally flushed and dared not to see him again, she was avoiding there eye contact because she know her mandu very well…

They both were talking, blabbering, flirting, teasing each other, and approximate at 12.00 in the midnight he left, till that time Maan was sitting in his car, and starring at her balcony, if he want, he could go inside and meet his bahisht, but he didn’t wanted to break any rules and heart neither his nor her family, as well as he wanted to enjoy her life before her marriage as much as she can, because he very well aware after marriage the changes which going to occur in her life, she have to leave to her family, her life style, her friends, their masti and chit chat too,

But somewhere he hadn’t approve the friendship of Geet and Ranbir, he didn’t like the closeness between them.

He was bit insecure too somewhere about his relation with Geet, He also left after ranbir. He saw geet was standing near the grill, waving her hand and smiling.  

Her smile gone astray his all stress, but soon realization hit him hard, that smile was not for him, that smile was for Ranbeer, he knew Ranbir as geet’s cousin and moreover her Sister’s brother in law. He drove crazily and went to his favorite place.  

It was a river side area a small valley type filled with greenery and he sat under the tree on the floor, river was flowing with all its force, indicating the cycle of life, which never stopped, neither for anyone nor without anyone.

He was throwing stones in mid of river, his mind was running somewhere, some thoughts, some weird feelings, something was there, which was bothering him badly, when somebody rested hand on his shoulder.

Precape: maan pouring his heart out infront of the person  & Geet and her wild Thoughts Embarrassed

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