Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love Happens) Part-7


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Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love Happens)

part-7 Smile

He was throwing stones in mid of river, his mind was running somewhere, some thoughts, some weird feelings, something was there, which was bothering him badly, when somebody rested hand on his shoulder.

As soon as Ranbir left the room geet pounced on the bed and took out the picture which she silently slides down under the pillow, she took it out, saw and a small blushing smile crept on her curvy lips, ohhh she actually felt butterflies dancing in her stomach she left the picture and hided her face under pillow. Aap dikhtey toh both cute ho, nahi nahi cute nahi, you look really like salman khan, arghh no not salman khan ummm ummm chaddo aap sab se alag ho na koi hero na koi side hero you are the one unique piece, which babaji made for me,

and made herself comfortable under the duvet,  she was talking with her picture, really like a child who miss his mother when she is out of town,

Aap ko pata hai, bina picture dekhey me ne haa kaha hai iss rishtey ke liye, you toh know it naa hai na, waise me kyaa soch rahi thi, aap jitney relax dikhtey ho kyaa sach me itney hi relax ho,

She turned and lied on her stomach, her elbow was supporting on the bed and Maan’s picture was between her two elbow, she was looking him carefully, his each and every gesture, her each and every features.

She was thinking the point which Ranbir just made her understand,

He is going to be your life partner Geet, in some senses your life, Though you know How bad I am in realtions, but I strongly believe and not me all the boys, its common mentality of boys, no matter how much they are in relation they always preffer a girl, who is nave, the girl without past, without reference of any boy,

Geet looked at him innocently, Ranbir was looking him, there was something in his eyes, she didn’t understand at first place,

You know what relation we are sharing, you know how much bonding we have, you know how much we love each other, But I don’t think Maan will understand it, before he misunderstand you please be away, be away from me, make him your life, his voice was choking at that time,

Geet came out of her thought, and looked at the picture, Mandu paghal hai, hai na Maan, he is such an idiot you know he is my childhood friend naa shayad issiliye thoda senti types ho raha hai,Waise I am feeling sleepy Good nIght,then blushed and paused Jaanu.

She accepted him in her life, full heartedly, does she had any option except it, she have to accept him either happily or halfheartedly, so why not to be happy and enjoy this phase of life,

It was approximate One and half hour she was turning restlessly, her mind was pre occupied with so many different thoughts, she get up and sat on the bed, adjusted her hair, which were all over her face, due to her sleeping position because she was laying on stomach, she stand and went towards her book shelf, and here it was her favourite book in the shelf, Devi’s Desire, written by Her favourite writer Anshra H. Annie. A story of bad man and Evil devil to whome love change, to such extent that his life becomes hers, his life becomes her possession and devil became human, with love, with emotions,(okhh its just my imagination about Devils Desire actually I to don’t know what any stored in her mind for us Embarrassed

She started reading and


Heeren moti main na chahoon

 Main to chahoon, Sangam tera,

Mai to Teri saiyaan, tu hai mera,

 Saiyaan, saiyaanaaan

She entered in the room in pink saari , her cheeks were totally beetroot red because of blush, she went near the window and looked out, The moon was shining and its shine which was reflecting on her face, making her skin glow and her self as a mesmerizing beauty,


Tu jo choole pyaar se,

 araam se mar jaaun

Aaja chanda baaho mein

tujh mein hi ghum hoi jaaun mai,

Tere naam mein kho jaaun,

Saiyaan, saiyaaan.
Mera din khushi se jhoome gaaye raatein.

She had clutched the curtains and shiverd, when she felt two chill hands snaking around her bare waist, he came near snaking his hand under the sari on waist area, he nuzzled his nose on her neck, he was going insane and driving her crazy too with his sensational touch, he pulled her towards himself when her back stuck to his braod and strong chest.


Pal pal mujhe doobayein jaatein jaatein,

Tujhe jeet jeet haaron, yeh pran-pran waaru,

Haye aise mai niharu, teri aarti utaaru.

Tere naam se jude hai saare naate, Saiyaan, saiyannn.

She was having her family, her parents, his parents, his siblings her in laws, but all the realtions were allied with him,all relation are her till he is with her. Her Dream of complete happy family, a life without restriction in her home, with her love ones come true,


Banke maala prem ki, tere tan pe jhar jhar jaayoon

Baithun naiyan preet ki sansaar se har jayoon main,

Tere pyaar se tar jaayoon Saiyaan, Saiyannn

She snaked her hands around his neck and started kissing madly, Maan was all the while enoying her wildness, she was nibbling his lower lip, teething and her tongue exploring the treasure in his mouth. Maan crushed her under him, Her soft aseets were crushing under his broad chest, and his hands making patterns on his waist and near belly button.

Yeh naram-naram nasha hai badhta jaaye.

Koi pyaar se ghunghatiya deta uthaye,

Ab baawara hua mann, Jag ho gaya hai roshan, yeh nayi-nayi suhagan,

ho gayi hai teri jogan, koi prem ki pujaran mandir sajaye.

Saiyaaan, Saiyaaan Saiyaaan, Saiyaaan

She was caressing his face, his forehead, then eyes, then stubbled cheeks, his lips, she stopped on his lips, his M shaped lips, she was caressing it through her thumbs, and he took her hand in his possession and kissed them, contact between his lips and her palm was creating havoc inside so was in him.

He was kissing her Maang which was filled with sindoor of his name, which was showing authorative possession that who is belonging to whome, then her neck which was lying his one more signature, mangalsutra of his name, which tied by him, with so much love, so many promises which they  vowed together for each other, with each other.


Heere moti mai na chahu mai to chahu sangam tera,

Mai na jaanu, tu hi jaane mai to teri, tu hai mera…

Mai to teri… tu hai meraaa…

He was kissing her passionately,twirling her in his world of love, with so much emotions, he was nuzzling on her neck, and soon his teeth replaced his lips, and she winced in pain.



Arghhh kon kon. She sat on the bed with surprised expression then it striked her, she was dreaming where as her alarm was ringing and actually table was vibrating with its swing

Huhhh she was irritated and annoyed, Idiot Alarm, isko bhi abhi bajna tha… hell my sweet dream… she saw her book and picture was laying on the bed at one side, she took both and kissed the picture,

Good morning Jaanu,

and blushed hard,

waise me soch rahi thi aap bhi kyaa meri picture dekhney ke baad

and stopped and hide her face in his picture.

 Waise aap ko pata hai mujhe aisa lag raha hai ke maine aap ko kahi dekha hai, but kaha…

Shayad apne sapno me,

she replied to her self, as in questioning herself and was answering too, Yaaa fir yahi kahi dekha hogha God we stay in same city and not yet seen each other may be its called as fate


She was sitting on the bed, resting her head on bed rest, in his husband’s favorite navy blue night dress , thinking something deeply, when somebody pulled her in jerk, and the aroma of his scent was enough to tell her who was he…

Prem , Im really happy for him,

Hmmm Prem said nuzzling on her neck, after sam he was really disturbed, you know na, thank God he had forgot everything otherwise he could never be able to breath with the guilt, You know na How kind hearten MAAN is

Hmmm Heer, I know, I know him, he would probably killed himself, Thank God he forgt, But now we should make it a point that History Doesn’t repeat it self again,

Alas least they know history always repeat itself again, either with different circumstances or with with different faces.

They both drifted sleep in each other’s embrace, Feeling each other and contented with their togetherness.  But least they know he was again living his past, with some different feelings, and fearing to loose someone.


he was sitting on the floor, throwing stones in the flowing water, nd then observing its movements, dont know why but he realized that his credit 6
of given to ranbir, he felt something snapped inside him,.the feeling of contentment  which he was feeling in his heart stabbed brutally, though he is never small hearted or could feel bad for any small thing like this but still something was bothering him, some type of fear which was start creating place in his heart, that was the same fear of loosing which he felt sometimes before too, somewhere in his heart he started loving her and the first thing which love demand is possession in someones  heart, possession in someones thought and the most important effect on someones emotion,.nd for her he was nowhere near all this.but still thats.called.destiny, we love.someone,.we care for them, we all set to leave our life for then, but stilll we forgt most important thing i.e. to trust them,

Love Is A Burning Desire,

That Makes Your Heart Light On Fire,

Love Is Being With You,

Someone Saying I Love You Too

,Love Is Your Tender Kiss,

Something You Don’t Want To Miss,

Love Is You And Me

And That Is All I See…<3 ❤


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