Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love Happens) part- 8


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Love Is A Burning Desire,

That Makes Your Heart Light on Fire,

Love Is Being With You,

Someone Saying I Love You Too

, Love Is Your Tender Kiss,

Something You Don’t Want To Miss,

Love Is You And Me

And That Is All I See…?_?

He felt pressure on his shoulder he sat straight and brushed off his hair in order to get rid of his facial expressios, that was looking something thing alien on him on such state,

He turned and smiled at that person,

Meer …

Kyaa kar rahi ho yaha ???

Meera: Maan sawal pooch rahe ho who

Nahi meer just asking its quite late you know here, s

Hmm she sat beside him, or bolo



If in the course of a conversation

Gaps of silence begin to occur

Spoken words turn silent;

Therefore my uneloquent love

Let’s carefully listen

To this silent

Does it want to say?

Something to you

or It’s just an illusion of

my mind that

I love you

And wanted to be with you…


She looked at her deeply, in his eyes, does he is in pain, why sometimes his eyes his window of emotions became blurry for me why I cant understand him for once,

Whats the matter maan…

Umm ermm Its nothing Meer,

Hmmm so you are lying to your best friend hmmm

NO meer Its just I want some peace, solace, something something bothering me…

It stabbed her heart, wasn’t he happy in the morning itself, wasn’t he smiling with them after a long time, wasn’t his eyes started glowing with just a name of his love, his geet,

Did she hurt him, did she made him cry, did she just done anything, said anything to hurt him…

Mujhe nahi bologhe maan we are not just friends, you know na we are sharer, we are guide to each other, Now even you won’t share your problems with me, you think Im not able to solv it, do u think I will sort it out, You don’t think naa,

She asked him, first the pain of snatching away her love from a person who no where exist in her life,was not letting her rest in peace

Are you Thinking about RANBIR and GEETS realtion,

Maan was shocked to hear it from her, how damn how she know about them,

She read his question, Ranbir , Ranbir is my cousine, my uncles son, and Veer’s younger brother, and anjali is geet’s sister who is veer’s wife, too the time when u said Geet I though it may be she then when I called ranbir he told me that she is the same geet.

He sat comfortably infront of her,

They are just frnd Maan, just friend,

I know they are but what if she forgot her relation with me, with my family, you know I saw obsession a bit towards him, I saw diwaanghi in her eyes for him, The way she look at him sab kucch bhula kar, they way she talk with her, like nothing exist around her, no one exist around her. I am scared of their relation…

Maan singh khurana and Scared…

Meera was trying to lightened the situation, but he snapped

Damn why don’t u understand me , I am in love with her damn itt what if she just left me for her those relations, I am in love with her  and what if she just crunched my heart with her this relation.

Reply me the damn off it… Helll meera how can I come out from my fears, tell me tell me the damn

He squeezed her arms, in order to get his answer,

She closed her eyes in pain and then opened it again NO, she cant make him ruin his life again, That time she was helpless but not this time, Not this damn time again, she won’t let anyone snatch his happiness again, she won’t, That time she was scared, she was helpless but not this time, Hell this time she is capable to burn the whole damn world, if anybody come in between her maan and his happiness.

She opened her eyes.

 Suna Tha Hum Ne Logon Se
Mohabbat Cheez Aisi Hai
Chupaey Chup Nahi Sakti
Yeh Aankhon Mein Chamakti Hai
Yeh Chehron Pe Damakti Hai
Yeh Lehjon Mein Jhalakti Hai
Dilon Tak Ko Rulati Hai

Yeh aansoo de ke jaati hai

Yeh dill ko tadpaati hai

Aur aksar yeh janam

Zindaaghi barbaad karti hai.

She opened eyes with determination, with firmness, No she can’t let him leave in such insecurities, she can’t let him live with all his own sorrows and pain, he is her buddy, more than that her love, what if he don’t know about it, but still she did love him, she is still loving him, and she will love him, the love is not love which we get, love is not always the name of togetherness, sometimes it is a name of sacrifice, name of compromise…

They were chatted till 5 in the morning meera somehow managed to dissolve his insecurities, but still she knew maan, he won’t be satisfied till the time he won’t listen all these things from Geet, and before marriage they cant even see each other, It’s a ritual she still remember, at the time of Veer’s marriage how much they tried to fixed the meeting of Veer and Anjali but that was of no use, Her Bejee hadn’t allowed them, though they were first cousin, they already known, for each other but still they knew each other as a good friend, as a cosine, they never think about each other as a  life companion, life partner, though really really less people know that they were already in love with each other and there marriage was love marriage which they portrayed as totally arrange marriage.

Maan came home early in the morning only to welcomed by his lovely family , who just arrived an hour before and now waiting for him restlessly, It was his mom, Dad, Daadi, more ever Dev and Naintara.  Waiting for him in the living room, as soon s he entered he was plesently surprised to see them all, his mom after a long time, he just came smilingly and hugged his mom, he really did miss them, he hugged one by one every one chatted with them for a while and all retired for their respective room.


A typical Monday morning in K.M.

All were seating around the table having their breakfast and yeah a sweet family time together, Maan came and a teasing smile crept on savera’s face, maan realized it what is coming on the way, he just pretended to be in hurry and tried his best to not to look on her face Its been a whole 24 hours his mother arrived, and the day she came back dadi all set, she prepared everything for engagement and specially that ring, which maan bought for his Geet, oops bahisht, sawera was all the way teasing her with Naintara not letting him rest in a bit, he was shying all the waaay like a girls, he just came ahead and kiss Daadi and then Sawera;

Morning Ddadi, Morning Mom

Morning Beta, both the ladies smiled and replied.

So maan hum ne suna hai aap ne  humaari bahu ke liyeh engagement ringh kharidi,

Not for your Daughter in law Mom, it was for my current fianc and soon would be wife, he winked at daadi and replied, while Rajbeer and dev just chuckled on his answer,

My child its till the time only, the day your loving fianc will become your wife your all excitement and love going to be replaced with fear of wife and saying that dev and Rajbeer laughed but soon stopped and their smile vanished and they both gulped hard, as soon as they saw both of their wives glaring them sarcastically. Maan muffled his laughter Okk mom me in a hurry have an urgent meeting, will catch u guyz in the evining, arey beta kal aap ki engagement hai aur aap aise aaj …

He stopped in mid, Oh god, does tomorrow me going to meet mishty officialy, my bahisht will be in front of my eyes, he turned back and sat on the respective chair again, Daadi kal matlab,

Sawera: Beta they are quite conservative, today is geets engagement, tomorrow will be yours.

Matlab maan said bit confused with this ritual,

beta actually you cant see the girl or meet before the marriage, so today we wil go and just make her wear the ring, and tomorrow her family will come to make you wear a ring,

Maan was all annoyed and irritated, he quietly sat there then an idea struck in his mind.

Daadi now as you know I cant meet her, can you please give me some information about her, I mean is she studying, maan asked with a ray of hope but to his utter dismay, her answer left him with no words but a simple question,

Does her family belong to this world, or they are just alien,

They even not letting her complete the study, Okhh I have to do something maan smirk and Dadi, Mom need to talk,

Rajbeer was already left for office whereas Dev was on holidays as he was handling KI of UK, so had left for meeting with his friends and catching sweet time with them, whereas NT  was all set to leave for the parlour,

It was only 3 of them left in the home,

Dadi, don’t you think you guyz chose wrong family, or wrong girl for me,,

Dadi and sawera raised there eyebrows as if whaattt?????

I mean they are quite conservative, Okhh Im fine about that no meeting before marriage shart, but let her complete study, how could they just let her leave her studies, I want you guyz to talk with them,

Sawera: par beta she is their daughter, whatever they are doing its for her…

Her words stopped in mid, when maan bursted out,

No mom she WAS their daughter NOW she is FIANCE of MSK, and MSK deserve nothing but the best…

And he left the place abruptly,



Hand haveli:

They came to  her house for ring exchange ceremony, there was all hustle bustle, Rrano was all tired, trying her level best to let  anjali rest, but as she was really excited for Geet’s wedding,  geet was really feeling shy to go infront of them, Maan was not there, its there parampara, Girl and boy couldn’t see each other before marriage, handa’s were definitely OK with it, But khurana’s  were bit modern, and they wants to approved her from their son too, so they just took a snap of her and saw it to the Maan,

Aabb humaarey yaha toh ladka ladki ek dusrey ko ring pehnaatey hai but as you guys said, ab humein batayiye ye ring kon aur kasie...

Bejee: aap geet ko yeh ring pehnaniye, ghar ka bada sadasiye hi yeh parampara nibhata hai,

Dadi come ahead for the ring ceremony, she took Geets hand in her hand and slip the ring in her left hand side third finger, geet’s hand was shivering like hell.

She read somewhere “they put the ring in third finger because that finger can’t move freely, its like some bandishein which always remind both that they belongs to each others.

But she was all shocked to see what she seen, that was the same ring, same ring what that sales man showed her, Omgg that sales man, her veins filled with thrill and joy when the face of sales man flashed in her mind and then the picture of maan too,he shopped this ring, this ring first he wore me he came just to select this ring for me,  He was same , he came for me, Ohh Goddd he actually came for me to wear me that ring, OMG Omg,, I met him already, Im all the way wondering where I saw him, he was the is so good, umm nice, Umm charming,

Sexy, anjali whispered offering some more words when he saw the reaction on geets face, she understood what she is thinking, actually geet told everything about that incident to anjali, she  was bit reluctant about that SM touching her wearing ring and all,

It was approximate two or three hours, Maan already called Nth time to them

Its Time when Meera and her family entered , anjali left everything to attend her in laws, Ranbeer and veer were standing in the lonesome area and kept eye on all preparations,

They came anjali hugged meera and start chatting after sometime she came with meera to geet and met tem, before this when they met last time, it was anjali’s birthday party, and after that they were meeting today, meera looked at her carefully, is she more beautiful than me, why maan started loving her in first glimpse, and not me inspite of so much attempts, did I attempt , did I tried to make him understand that how much insanely im in love with him, arghhh does it matter any more, meera you should be happy for your frnd, frnd… she smirked  sadly and congrats geet… she shaid, geet smiled weekly and Meera  start leaving the place when ranbeer stopped him, He is your good friend na???

Dadi and sawera standing in the corner, discussing how to start the talk, Dadi sighed and came ahead,

rano hum geet se akele me kuchh baat karna chahtey hai .

Dadi said firmly and here it goes, geet become hell tense,

Damn what she wants to talk with me.

What she wanted to say akele me, aisi kyaa baat hai jo wo yaha sab ke saamne nahi kar sakti, Babaji kya bolna chahtey hai, she kept along with her anjali all the while, as she was really feeling conscious, they even not invited her any of frnd, she hold anjali’s hand all the while, in order to get rid of her fear, but now anjali was also not there as she was really busy with her in laws,

Inside the room she was pacing restlessly when Dadi eneterd with the charming smile, she smiled weekly and dadi came near her, Beta aap dariyeh mat baithiye, dadi said effectionately, poor geet and her small heart felt a bit peace, ohhh koi tension ki baat nahi hai dadi hi toh hai geet, koi nahi she trying to calm her heart which was pounding like anything,

Beta aap .. Geet was all alert she came out of her lala land, and looked at dadi,

Beta aap dariye mat, hum toh bas aise hi aapse baat karney aaye they,

Friends… dadi trying to be frankly with her,

Geet smiled,

Ji dadi…

She stopped I mean aunty Im sorry

Arey nahi beta aap humein dadi hi boliyeh na humein both accha laghegha, maan bhi hume Dadi hi boltey hai,

The name maan crept a hue red colour on her cheeks, and dadi was all amused,does girls can blush in this era too, uff she is really nave,..

They chatted for a while and only after 15 minutes, it was geet only in the room talking where as dadi was sitting quietly and looking at the girl, sometimes before she was blushing and not even able to say a single word  and now here she is talking and talking and even I guess forget to breath,

Beta aap kyaa padh rahe ho..

It silenced her for a while then smiled, woh dadi I was doing my B.A in literature, Ohh in which language, English and Urdu Dadi, and you know what I topped last year in the whole my department, she said excitedly, her veil, which they wrapped on her head was now lying on the bed, and the geet was all her in collage land, Dadi was quite impressed, she thought that the girl only know how to talk, but well she mis concepted the future Mrs. MSK, if Maan is perfect than geet should be no less than perfect, if he is prince than she should be nothing than a princess, yes if he is sweet, she should be sweetest, he is caring and she is the one for whom he is going to care, Dadi realized in just a matter of half hour that Geet and Maan will be perfect for each other, they will perfectly compliment each other, and that was a single moment was enough for dadi to decide that, Ab toh Geet hi baneghi Khurana parivaar ki bahu, Badi bahu, Humaare Maan ki dulhan… (haaye me dreamy dreamy nd bit confused now who is more Fida on Geet, Maan or Daadi Wink)

Daadi came out with geet smilingly most of the guest were already left, It was only close friends and relatives were in the house,

Humaari ek sharth hai iss shaadi ke liyeh aur agar aapko yeh sharth manzoor hai toh hi hum yeh shaadi karenghey, all were confused because of Dadi’s behavior now, where as geet was shocked, babaji yeh kyaa ho gaya, me ne toh kucch nahi keh diyaa, babaji inn ko kucch baat buri toh nahi lag gayi, she was all worried, when dadi said calmly, Hum chahtey hai ke geet apni padhaai puri karein,   aap log ussey college bhaijiye

Beejee was bit reluctant now, how could they,

But determination in dadi’s eyes were reducing her urge to say something rude,

Dekhiyeh , Sawera came ahead, geet is going to be Daughter in law of Khurana family, we all are highly educated, Geet dipped her head in emberrasement, here her own family not understanding her and the others whom even she don’t know well were standing for her, with her, after a bit heated argument between Dadi and Bejee Handa’s were left with no  choice but to agree with Khurana’s. Khurana’s called for the day off and left to their respective places.

Geet was all happy, on cloud nine, Now she was damn sure that her life is going to be soon living dream, and she was expecting to be life beautiful more than a dream, and her dreams which were beyond imagination for others were going to be reality soon …

Yes it is not important that your dreams will be come true or not, the important is that you should dream it, dream it til the time you wont get it…



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