Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love happens) part 9

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Yes it is not important that your dreams will be come true or not, the important is that you should dream it, dream it til the time you wont get it…

She saw Anjali doing something, writing something in one book, she was all engrossed in the work,


She came from behind and tried to snapped the book but Anjali smartly avoided it,

Di kyaa kar rahe ho aap, yeh kyaa hai, she was trying really hard to snatched the book but Anjali was also playing smartly, she was blushing or it was just imagination of Geet,

Di bataaao toh please, arey please

nahi geet,

di please,

Huhhh geet ruk batati hu lekin u first listen to me

Haa di bolo tohh…

she was in her own land , the curiosity about the book was increasing

You just pack your necessary things and college books’.

Hum kahin jaa rahe hai, kaha jaa rahe hai, she was hell excited, Omg whats this day still store for her, her engagement, then her first love, her studies, and then Now outing yupppiiieee’.

She was damn sure this life is going to be hell interesting for her, Or maan is the lucky one for her, she blushed with the thought of maan,

She came out of thoughts when Anjali took her in bear hug, haa geet hum mere ghar jaa rahe hai’

You will stay with us for some days,

Yeah really woowww’.

She screamed in joy where as Anjali held her ears

Geet stop behaving being child soon’.

Her words caught up by geet in mid only’.

I m going to be married ” she said it in a go’.

Her excitement was having no bound’
OH My sweet God… Me going to stay at Maasi’s place, at my Di’s house, above all Mandu will also there yeah yeah yeah yeah’..

She was excited like a kid and almost forgot about the book what Anjali was writing in it’..

She packed almost everything, as if she is actually leaving the house forever, forever and ever,

Well who knows better than God what stored for her”.

The next day they all were on Breakfast table’.

Bejee and Rano all trying very hard to convince Anjali to eat something , where as she was all showing her stubbornness in it, when Veer came to pick both of them, Anjali looked at him, and her face glowed with happiness, all mood swings and everything vanished with his one smile, with his one glance, and it didn’t went unnoticed by Geet, she was really amazed with their love, with their bonding, does only single gaze of your LIFE is enough to make your moment freez, is enough to make your life heaven, kyaa maan bhi…

And here our Geet handa and would be Mrs. Maan singh khurana again in the lalaland of Maaneet,(arghhh geet sapno se bahar aawo Idiot Angry

Veer Anjali me toh ab bhi keh rahi hu kyaa zarurat hai geet ko le jaaney ki waise bhi’. Anjli stopped them in mid’.

Maa geet meri bhi kucch hai’ aur waise bhi me jaanti hu shaadi ke baad life kitni busy ho jaati hai. She glared Veer to say something and convinced them, Veer gulped hard, and nodded and then continued’

Waise bhi Bejee yeh to rasam bhi hai na,, ab Anjali ke waqt aap yeh rasam nahi nibhaa paye lekin Geet ke time toh aisa koi problem nahi hai, he smirked and taunted bejee cause at her time anjali’s marriage was fixed at his place only and according to their rituals bride should stay at her relatives place for someday umm fortnight or a month because after marriage there is always chances that she may be get busy in her new life’.

As geet was already all set to move at anjali’s place the thing what she needed that time was just an indication from the Anjali, and finally she get it and run towards the car.

Whereas Veer and Anjali were still sitting ther, Rano was standing on their heads to eat something and for Anjali to drink atleast some milk or any other liquids.

Finally with the help of Veer, Anjali finished the whole glass of juice and waited patiently till the time Veer was talking with Baauji.

They were all discussing about todays ceremony which was going to held in Khurana Mansion, offcourse Maan’s engagement ceremony, Veer and anjali was not able to come because of anjali’s health and Veer being over protective not at all wanted to take a single chance or compromise with her health…

The time they came out of the house, Veer pulled her towards him and snaked his hand around her waist protectively, I missed you’

Umm But me not I was really happy with my sister whole night we talked and chatted, and cracked the jokes, Umm I didn’t missed you’

The sudden urged of jealousy entered in his mind and he tightened the grip,

Anju if you were talking then It should be me only about whom you should talk’

He was going to say something but the shimmering tearful eyes of her stopped him instantly’.

Okhh Okhh Im sorry,  I m sorry jaan please don’t cry, It may hurt our baby’.

Your baby, only your baby that’s why only you are bearing me naa’.

She stamped her foot and open the door and sat on the passenger seat, as soon as she sat she saw another drama was going on in the car’.

Both ranbeer and Geet were frowning on each other and starring outside the window’.

Di me iss idiot ke saath college nahi jaaunghi’

Veer came silently and started the car without a single word, but glancing her time to time..

All the while in the car, Ranbeer and geet were arguing on no Point but BKM, geet was very much annoyed its been a week and Mandu didn’t gave a single album of BKM to his Diwani, not done

Geet was sad’

Babaji yeh toh abhi se BKM ki album nahi de raha aisa koi karta hai kyaa ultah he should give me more, Umm per day one album , ummm No.. No.. per day 2 album, ab babaji bataao aisa bhi koi karta hai kyaa me going to get married soon and issko meri koi fikar hi nahi hai’ huhh jaaney dey me bhi nahi bolounghi, and haa’.

Geet stop cribbing like a child to your Babaji, Im here u can say anything what you wanted… It was Ranbir 

Chal chal tu rehney de tujhe se kuchh’

Geet kaise baat kar rahi hai tu ab yeh sab bhi sikhana padhegha tujhe’.You are going to get married soon you should be mature enough’.

Anjali snapped on her in mid, she was really frustrated and angry and her pregnancy hormones not at all helping, making all this more difficult for her’.

Veer tried to calm her… Anju relax, lo paani pee lo’

Ranbir and Geet were all quite, they never seen Anjali like this, both were all shocked to react. Geet’s eyes filled with salted water, she trying to ruffle her sobbing, yes Anjali used to angry on her but she never yelled like this and infront of anyone, Never.. Never ever’

Ranbir rested his hand on her shoulder she hugged her and cried, they all reached home, Khanna family is quite modern compare to Handa’s or should I say only Handa’s were odd family out in the city’.

Maanvi was more than happy to have geet there ‘

But she could sense the disturbed and upset faces of all four’

She asked them but nobody replied so she just left with the thought that they will surely tell’.



Hello Kaam ho gaya hai’

Another side: —-


Another side: —-

Huhhh tumhe kyaa lagha ‘

Another side: —-

That was not that much difficult for me and Ranbir khanna jis kam ko ,haath me leta hai ussey pura hi karta hai, Agli baar mujh par ungali uthhaaney se pehle apne aap ko dekh lena ‘

Anger, raged was visible in his voice when He was talking on Phone..

Geet U are really special for me and I know you are very much innocent too’

I wnt let you ruined your own life, with that he moved towards the room’

A week has been passed all the peoples were set with their life’

Geet was more than happy to be there’ Anjali and her chat seem endless and veer and Ranbir whenever they get time they used to be out with the family,

Laugh joy, happiness, living the life which she wanted to be from so long, carefree, with so much freedom, Fun.

She also observed anjali’s way of living with her in laws, she really made her self hell busy, she never left her mother in law alone in kitchen, every morning with His father she discuss news, business and politics, then to keep an eye on servent, whether they are working or not, than supervising them’

A full life of home maker, she perfectly moulded her slef in that family and she realized that, being a home maker is not an easy job…

Geet also admire anju and Veer’s relation how he chat with her and sometimes pulled her near her, while going to office he kissed her forehead, said something in her ears, because of which she all soaked in red color,

Geet was all observing, then thought about Maan was enough to send shiver in her spine, the whole week was like a heaven for her when a call disturbed her daily routine, It was Bejee she asked her to join the college from tomorrow itself’.

She happily agreed ‘

Next day she happily get ready when Anjali stopped her, Kyaa hai Geet Now you are engaged aur after that you are going first time there, you should look special’. And even after her so much protest she gt ready her with her own saari, she was looking gorgeous in black saari, her white milky skin of waist shining and glowing and yeah actually inviting others to have a view’

Ranbir and Geet both reached college when Ranbir asked her to go ahead and he would be back after parking’

The glow on her face was all saying the story and yeah the first gift of their love, her ring, given by him was all announcing that Geet Handa Belong to someone now, the person to whom she possessed is now in her life…

And above all her whole week absentee was enough for all to be sure about her being in new relation…

Every one was coming and congratulating her, she was all shy shy types feeling bit embarrassed with their teasing gaze and smile…

Finally she found a lonely place near the pillar area where all pillars were there and there was all around the mirror on the pillars,

As she was running, her heart was beating with a thudding sound, she wheezed for a breath when somebody pulled her with a force and she directly thumped on his chest, his heavy breath was falling on her neck and with a slight touch of his breath her heart missed so many beats in whole sale…


She shivered with his touch, he was snaking her palm around her sexy, slender waist, you look angel in black, The angel descended from heaven for me, you look queen of beauty in black…

She blushed hard,

OMg he is here, Maan is here, my God…

What could I asked better than this… she talking in her mind,

Hmm Bahisht u could ask a kiss from me better than this…

And here she almost forgt to breath… 

God how the damn hell did he heard it…

Apni bahisht ko usska maan nahi jaanegha toh kon jaanegha hmmm he nuzzled on her neck…

Maan chodiyeh Mandu aajaayegha…

He tightened his grip around the waist possessively, The name of that idiot mandu from her mouth, not done, not at all he pressed his lips on her back

Geet jab hum dono saath ho toh mujh kisi teesrey ka zikr nahi chahiye…

Or I should say hum dono ke hotey hue kisi teesrey ki koi jagah nahi…

Geet… she repeated all the while he was calling her with some different name what was that…

Ummm Bahisht…

God he was calling me bahisht…

She blushed really hard, that she was all hot with the effect only…

Bahisht ummm it means…

JANNAT, Heaven, paradise, bliss… 

M I his jannat…  

M I a moment of bliss for him…

He too really much engrossed me like I was in his thought all these period… 

His grip around her waist tightening with every flowing millli second,  

I don’t like it bahisht,


Tum ko mere alawa kisi ke saamne apne jism ka ek hissa dikhaane ki ijazat nahi… Tum tum se judi har ek chiiz par sirf mera haq hai…


Precape: Ek mulakaat zaruri hai sanam Wink

and something scary is on the way Ouch

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