100% mine part -01

100% mine 

part – 1  

Ohhh Gosh pinky it’s almost half an hour I am standing here

geet literally shout on the phone, while talking with pinky. 

Oyee geet abhi toh sirf aadha ghanta hi hua hai, and I am on my way already, ab traffic hai toh me kya karoo? (Geet was too irritated so was pinky)

She is Geet Handa, The Geet Handa and here she is waiting on the road for her stupid friend,

” Ghosh Dosti bhi kya kya karwati hai ? The Geet Handa is waiting on the tacky road in the hot climate of Mumbai, of what if any one sees me like this huhhh.”

she sat in the car again and put her radio on station and starts enjoying the music. She smiled at her self,

Geet tub hi na ek no. Jhalli hai pehle hi car me baith jaati toh awehi itne dair bahar dhoop me khadi ho gayi thi.

She was standing outside the R city mall, waiting for her friend pinky to come so that they can go for the shopping together, it is almost starting of summer  and she needs some light clothes , so was pinky, both decided to come out for shopping, Geet came last week from US where she was having her painting exhibition there. She was sitting in the car and enjoying her coke while listening FM, RJ tune the new song,

Mere Khwabo me jo aaye 

aa kar mujhe chhed jaaye 

ussey kaho kabhi saamne toh aaye

song from the DDLJ

the melodious voice of lata mangeshkar start spreading its  magic  in the car, She closed her eyes  in acceptance of song and with closed eyes she saw some empty sketch, it’s like imagining her Rajkumar,

She opened her eyes slowly…

and here it goes… 

The person standing in front of him was enough to make her hypnotized  for a moment she was hell shocked to see her imagination in front of her eyes.

She was sitting on the driving seat, and from the front glass, she saw a handsome man coming out from his car, that to with an attitude and attitude which is full of grace and royal style, he came out of the car and just closed the door with a thud, and stand near the car with putting all the weight on the car door, he was having coke in one hand, and black goggles on his eyes, which fully occupying his eyes and hiding the magic inside the goggles, his M shape curved lips, and whitish color tone all complementing each other perfectly, the black goggles and fair tone of his skin can make anyone mesmerized at least for a minute and here Geet handa fully flat and mesmerized with the beauty of this Greek God. She only heard about the man beauty but according to her the man should be muscular and not beautiful but today she first time wants to refuse her own words, her own thoughts. She came out of her” checking out man mission”  because of continuous horn given by the car parked behind her car, she gave the glare to the person which was enough to shut him, and she drive her car on the other side and parked it on the other side from where she can get full view of the handsome macho.

“HANDSOME MACHO”, she repeats again and smiled on her own thoughts and now she can hear him too, he was talking with someone on the phone, his voice … 

She was trying to recollect the word which can be suitable for his melodious voice, that was like … 

She was unable to find the word for his voice.

She again went into her lala land of “check out the handsome yaar,” but this time he was the one because of which she came out of her thoughts, he was looking her strangely as her expression was enough make anyone understand that she is checking out anyone without blinking. He looked at her curiously, there eyes met for a brief moment, Geet come out of trance, and maan smirked , his effect on girls is always make them hypnotized, and maan loved to enjoy this charm and effect.

He sat in his car and drove towards the crowdy and clumsy roads of Mumbai with heavy traffic. Geets mouth was opened in the “O” shape as maan went ahead by giving her a flying kiss.

(Geet following maan , and shopping to gayi aaj) Embarrassed

Introduction and character sketch 

next- part-2


One comment on “100% mine part -01

  1. Awesum update eza….lovd it….geet shopping k liye aayi h n parking me pinky ka wait kr rh h…..n there she saw her dream boy n she is checking out him unblinkly 😉 oye geet tho gai usk piche ab tho shopping nai ho skti

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