100% mine part 02

100% mine 


She again went into her lala land of “check out the handsome yaar,” but this time he was the one because of which she came out of her thoughts, he was looking her strangely as her expression was enough make anyone understand that she is checking out anyone without blinking. He looked at her curiously, there eyes met for a brief moment, Geet come out of trance, and maan smirked , his effect on girls is always make them hypnotized, and maan loved to enjoy this charm and effect.

He sat in his car and drove towards the crowdy and clumsy roads of Mumbai with heavy traffic. Geets mouth was opened in the O shape as maan went ahead by giving her a flying kiss.


As she saw he gave her flying kiss and  started driving she became insane, she wants to talk with him once, just want to touch him for once and wanna believe that dreams do come true, if not then at least wanna know his name, so that she can investigate and get some information about him.

He was the one to whom she was searching for so long, he was the one for whom she was waiting since long, a long time even before she understand the meaning of love.  

Yes he is her love, her love the one with who is with her whenever she paint any drawing which show the love, for the world her paintings are symbol of love but for her he is the meaning of love, he is the color of love, his face is a sign which inspire her to paint, to make the people feel what is love.

She reversed her car and start following him, she wanna see him again and it is important for her  to see him once again as if she was breathing so long for this moment, he is her prince, same gesture, same facial expression, not even a change of wrinkle, he was perfect what she imagined, what she was imagining from so long.

Maan saw that the same girl is following him, well he is Maan singh khurana and to be followed by girls is not new thing for him, he love to play hide and seek with such girls on the jam roads of Mumbai, he saw and smirk, and thought “lets the game begin babes” , and turned  his car on the other road as the highway just started on the way, and again gave a flying kiss to geet. 


Now that was the time Geet again saw him with awww face 

he smirked and bid a bye by waving the hand and increased the cars speed. Geet stopped the car with chirr sound of tires.

And hit the staring in frustration”..

Damn I lost him

Now that’s the time she realized that her phone is ringing continuously, she checked it, there were more than 30 missed calls of Pinky, she bite her tongue

Oops, now m hell gone, she will not leave me,

Geet murmured in her breath, she take a deep breath and start driving again on the way of R-city.

She reached at the place and saw pinky standing near her scooty and cursing someone and she knows very well that some one is none other than her own self.

Geet tu toh gayi jhalli aaj itna pagal pan dikhaane ki kyaa zarurat thi abhi toh pata nahi woh Macho bhi kyaa soch raha hoga tere baarey me.Achha uss ko chhod aur is bala par concentrate  kar warna iss ne toh tera aaj sara khoon hi choose lena hai 

and laugh on her own thoughts for her own friend.

She went behind her, pinky put her hand up and shove her, 

Geet don’t you dare to hug me from behind. Tu kitna late hai .

Geet twisted her lips and look up and complain to her babaji, “babaji ek toh yeh mujhe itna acche se jaaanti hai ke bus huhh 

And then again made a baby face and come from front and held her ears for sorry.

Chalna pinky ab me kya karu yaad aagaya tha kuchh kaam, tub hi nahi aai thi so I thought to complete it first rather than waiting here for you like an idiot.

Ohh accha aur yeh kaam konsa tha mujhe bhi batayegi tu?

she asked frustratingly. 

“Mission macho find the name” 

geet said proudly, and pinky’s eyes popped out after hearing such a bold words from geet’s mouth 

huhhh geet what you said come again i think i heard something very foolish 

she said foolishly. geet smiled and lowered her gaze as if she is maan and not a pinky. (lol ROFL)

Geet me tujhe huhh I mean you are geet only na Us ja kar kucch ho toh nahi gaya na tujhe , chhee cchhee geet tu kaisi baat kar rahi hai , macho and all yuck yuck .

Geet looked at her with horrified expressions. 

Pinky me toh thik huu par tujhe kya hua ab me ladki huu toh ladko me hi intrest lunghi na yaa fir ladkiyo me intrest loo ab I know law 377 is legal in India, but still mere sanskar mujhe is baat ki ijazat nahi dete 

saying this she burst out into the laughter pinky shook her head in disbelief. She was thinking that geet may be like old one nave and innocent but today she realized she is really grown up now and she have to off course 7 years in USA is not a small thing at all. 

precape: so …

{guess na yaar its so simple Big smile}




so friends thats it 

me completed my two assignment and then update it 

now will go to sleep 


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One comment on “100% mine part 02

  1. Awesum update darling…..lovd it….geet following maan…..n maan ne dekh liya aur playing hide n seek with her……maan geet ko again flying kiss de kr gayab ho gaya….oye pinki k 30 miss calls geet maan ko follow krne me itna cnsntrated thi k usse mobl ring b nai sunai di…..pinki hell angry with geet…..pinki geet ka imp kaam sun kr shockd h

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