100% mine part 03

100% Mine 


Geet looked at her with horrified expressions. Pinky me toh thik huu par tujhe kya hua ab me ladki huu toh ladko me hi intrest lunghi na yaa fir ladkiyo me intrest loo ab I know law 377 is legal in India, but still mere sanskar mujhe is baat ki ijazat nahi dete saying this she burst out into the laughter pinky shook her head in disbelief. She was thinking that geet may be like old one nave and innocent but today she realized she is really grown up now and she have to offcourse 7 years in USA is not a small thing at all.

Pinky shook her head and went ahead, She was really excited for the shopping, it’s her first shopping with geet and yeah off course the beginning of all the shopping which they are going to do in the future.

Geet was standing behind and  looking here and there, pinky was waiting for her to come ahead , after a long wait of two whole minutes; she looked behind and saw geet searching someone behind. She get irritated and shouted in the crowded mall.

Geet ki bachhi Do minute me yaha aaja nahi toh wahi se utha ke phaink doonghi me tujhe.

She saw Geet was still busy in searching someone, she went near her and tap her shoulder and geet got irritated

Oye Kyaa hai? Tu ne do minute diye hai na? Do minute matlab 60 whole seconds, abhi time baaki hai ruk , Do minute Enjoy karne dey 

and murmured to her self

kya pata macho phir se Dikh jaaye.

Pinky waits for sometime and then finally dragged her towards Exit

Geet was shocked,

Pinky tu kaha lekar jaa rahi hai humko shopping karni hai abhi, we not yet even started shopping,

Pinky shot a glared that was enough for geet to shut.

Pinky leave her hand and said ” Geet tu pichle aadhe ghantey se time pass karwa rahi hai mera, humein ghar bhi jana hai aur we need to do the preparation for your welcome party. Aur bhi kitne kaam bachey hai tu bata toh tu kis ko dhundh rahi hai?

Geet look at her naughtily

yaar pinku tu bhi khud hi sawal karti hai khud hi jawab bhi deti hai,

Pinky raises her eyebrow in confusion

Geet look at her seriously” yaar ab tu ne hi toh kaha tu kis ko dhundh rahi hai? Ab main kiss ko hi toh dhuudh rahi thi, I mean usi ko jo mujhe future me kiss dene wala hai, 

and start laughing drastically Pinky  look at her frustratingly, and shook her head in disbelief. And then finally said chal aaj hum ghar chaltey hai, shopping kal kareingein aaj mujhe laghta hai tera dimagh kharab ho gaya hai.

Geet smiled and agreed then move towards her Car,

Pinky: Geet me toh apni scooty laai thi ab kyaa karu?

Geet look at her smirked evilly  as the idea to take the revenge struck in her mind and she finally said:

jaise aai thi waise hi jaa meri shopping bhi nahi karwayi ke me tujhe as a treat apni car me bithaaoo.

Pinky looked at her with O expression and said “isn’t it rude, and you became so mean after coming back from America, but still I am being your friend,Meri Dosti mujhe iss baat ki izazat nahi deti ke mein tujhe akele jaane du, wo bhi on the Mumbai roads, no never, never ever. 

Geet: Oye melodrama I know tu mere car ke siwa taleghi nai ruk let me call the driver, he will take your scooty chal.

She called the driver and drove towards Handa mansion.


While on the other way Maan was driving, he received the call from producer who wants to cast him in the film  while talking with him, his mind was only roaming around that girl, Don’t know why but still he saw something in her eyes, some hope, something different which he was unable to understand, he wants to see her again, but again Fate, he wish if he can meet that girl again, just to revealed the secret what she was hiding behind her eyelashes.


Geet reached home. The great great Handa mansion, a 10000 Sq. ft. villa located at nariman point near the sea face,the villa iteslf a monument of proud what handa’s possess. 

she went inside Rano was sitting in the leaving room scattered dresses all around with pummi, discussing some dress design and trying to select dress for her Rajkumari,

Geet rolled her eyes, as her mom looking behind her for chauffer with hand full of packets, but she went into hell shock when she heard 

aunty ji, iss baar koi shopping nahi hui, Geet ji kis ko dhundh rahi thi?

Pinky stamped her foot and went toward the geets room  , rano was confused now about Kis ko dhundhna and all.

Geet beta yeh sab kya pi”’

Mom I am tired will catch you in the evening, bye.

She waved her hand and went towards her room. She saw pinky sitting on her bed comfortably actually half sleeping and Reading a Book,


Geet frowned for a moment, in that book she put her newly half complete sketch, she snatched the book, and Pinky looked at her with YOU- ARE -SO GONE look, she was about to say something but her phone rang, It was from Office, she received it in a one ring, Pinky was doing job in a radio station as a RJ Riddhima. Her real  name is Riddhima Jadeja, but her love one called her as pinky, her show name is RJ2 (square) {radio jockey riddhima Jadeja} and her Show is really famous among the youth listener, because it’s basically depends on  bollywood gossips, and the most listeners are non other than Girls.

Pinky: yes Riddhima here. 

Associate: hey RJ tomorrow your show is going to air early and you have to take an Interview of one actor?

Pinky: Hmm okh I will come early but may I know who is that actor?

Associates:  You will get to know tomorrow only

Pinky cut the call, huhh bloody suspense creators, Geet smirked on her annoyance. 

precape: any guesses who is the STAR? Wink

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One comment on “100% mine part 03

  1. Awesum update dear….oye geet tho maan ko dhundhne me hi rh gai aur uski shopping hi nai hui…..hmm tho pinky ko kisi star ka interview lena h i think wo maan hoga

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