100% mine part 04

100% mine

Pinky: Hmm okh I will come early but may I know who is that star?

Associates: You will get to know tomorrow only.

Pinky cut the call, huhh bloody suspense creators, Geet smirked on her annoyance.

Next day in the morning Geet received the call from pinky

Good morning Pinku, subah subah call kiya bol kya hai?

Pinky: geetu sunna me aaj office se niklate hi call karunghi phir hum shopping ke liye chalengey thik hai?

Geet: hmm thik hai now m in the sleep will call you afterwards.

Mean while pinky reached office she went to her cabin, the other RJ was busy in her show, she waved her hand to say hi,

RJ smiled at her in acceptance her Hi.

She went towards her table put her stuffs on the table, and went towards the Managers cabin,

She knocked the door and get in, she sat infront of the manager.

Pinky: Good morning sir,

Manager: morning miss Rddhima, anything serious you came here specially.

Pinky: sir just wanna know aaj konsa actor aa raha hai?

Manager: Oh yes Miss Riddhima, me abhi aap ko batane aane wala tha, Aaj humare yaha Mr. Maan singh Khurana aa rahe hai and aap ko interview lena hai unka

Pinky popped her eyes,

Pinky: Sir what, what you just said, I think I heard something wrong.

Manager: Miss Riddhima you heard right, you have to take the interview of Mr. Khurana.

Pinky: Sir you mean the Maan singh khurana, who recently won the Filmfare award, that charming, and handsome maan singh khurana.

Now manager got irritated,

Manager: Yes miss pinky, that maan singh khurana only who have a magic in his name only, like you get affected.

Now pinky straightens herself and cleared her throat

Pinky: ok sir, will meet you after my show.

She get up from the chair and went towards her cabin,

Its time for her show to start and she was waiting for her guest to come in,

Her palms were sweating due to nervousness, and she was pacing restlessly in the cabin.

And here it goes, there was knocked on the Door, so that on her heart. Her heart beat increased; she shot a prayer to god and wipes the sweating forehead with handkerchief, and empties the bottle of mineral water in her mouth and finally said come in, with her remaining level of confidence.

Finally door opened and Bingo, the person came inside the room was enough to make her shut with eye glance he was in a casual T-shirt and tight fitted jeans wearing Rado watch in right hand and platinum bracelet in her left hand, she looked at him and thought.

Babaji yeh toh itna sexy hai ke issko dekh kar mujh se kuchh bola hi nahi jaayegha ab iska interview kaise loo huhh Geet ha geet can save me.

She snatched her phone which was resting in peace on the table and texted to geet:

Dear geet, my savior I am in very critical situation please come soon on my office, your small kid pinky.

It was her usual message which she always put in her phones drafts and send it to her whenever she is in danger.

She stands up, look at her and smiled weakly,

Hello sir, Riddhima jadeja, 

she literally dragged her hand in front of him to shake, but for her bad luck he came forward and kiss on her cheeks and she was literally faint on it.

He smiled warmly and said:

hi its Maan, no need to say sir, wo kyaa kehtey hai na abhi toh me jawan hu aur kya me itna uncle dikhta hu.

Riddhima became more nervous and said :

please have a sit sir, I mean Maan, uhh I mean Mr. Khurana .

Maan looked at her and smirked, he knows this is nothing but a mere effect which he have on girls.

And put his hand on her shoulders and make her sit and said:

Hey Riddhima relax , I am not at all that much evil that you are getting so nervous.

Before he can make her sit, her phone rang, she came out of trance of maan singh khurana and ran towards the exit of the Cabin. It was geet on other side.

She sighed in relief, she knows very well after this call she will be full of confidence.

She received the call

Hello geet me hu pinky, sunna yaha par aaj joh interview hai na wo maan singh khurana ka hai, you know how much he is hot & sexy. Ab tu hi bata how can I take his interview with too full of confidence.

Geet on the other side was really worried for her but as she realized the situation, she got angry but then smiled at her cute friend who in front of her always behave like a kid then finally said

Pinky ruk ruk 2 minute ruk, huhhh,

Take a deep breath, in- out

In- out, in- out,

Ab meri baat dhyaan se sun, kyaa naam batay tu ne uss bandey ka khurana, hai na khurana na

Pinky haa

Sun dekh agar wo the Maan singh khurana hai to kyaa tub hi Pinky Jadeja oops I mean The Riddhima Jadeja. And who he is an idiot actor jo onscreen romance karta hai just to get the success huhh listen to me.

You are the topped class RJ of the state in your Field, if he can kill you with his attitude you can at least make her Faint, itna toh charm meri Friend me hona hi chahiye, kyaa mere saath ka tujh par thoda toh asar hoga na. pinky smiled nervously and finally start try to gain her confidence, closed the eyes and then opened it and smiled warmly and said

ha geetu tu sahi bol rahi hai, me to awehi darr rahi thi, me pinky hu chinky ki pinky, awehi nervous ho rahi thi, achha sun mera show start ho raha hai tu sunna and call bhi karna ok chal bye , 

she cut the call in urgency as she saw her khadoos manager glaring her from his cabin’s window.

She went towards the cabin, and smiled warmly to maan and said hello mr. Maan can we start the interview now.

Maan smiled at her and said yes, he was thinking issey kyaa hua pehle itna darr rahi thi aura b aisa behave kar rahi hai jaise mujhe darana chahti ho (lol)

Riidhima adjusted the sound, Frequency and other  instruments, put the headphone on her head and one gave to maan and adjusted the mike and start it:

Hello Mumbai, here it goes I am RJ ‘ Rj welcomed you all in my Show, Guys and girls and Remaining people too, Today I have a special Surprise for you all lekin jaisa ke aap sab abhi jaantey hai aaj hai Sunday so lets start our day with lazy Sunday, aaj  humaarey saath hai studio me ek special guest lets play a game Friends aap mujhey naam guess kar kry bataiye aur me aap ko dunghi un se baat karne ka moka.

So mera First clue hai he is an actor of Indian Film Industry.

Maan listening to this smirked and think nobody is going to call her for this silly Clue, but he was surprised as they received the first call.

Pinky received the call and ha toh kyaa me jaan sakti hu humaarey saath

Kon hai line par.

Caller : hey RJ this is Tejal , (Sorry TJ was thinking about your story while me typing this)

Haa tj boliye kyaa laghta hai aapko kon hai huamarey saath is waqt studio me

Tj: I think so it is Ranbir, Qnki unn ki abhi ek film release ho rahi hai

Maans expression change certainly, he actually hate ranbir, Ranbir is his tough competitor, pinky shrugged his shoulder and said ,

Sorry Tj aap ka jawab galath hai  humaarey saath iss samay Ranbir toh nahi but unn ke best competitor zarur hai, better luck next time Friends,

Then she said

: ha toh frinds yeh thi Tejal humarey saath line par lekin unn ka jawab galath tha lekin if anyone heard it properly you will get our second hint too,

He is competitor of Ranbir, okh so our next Clue is he possessed M shaped lips , and he is famous for his crooked smile and amazing expression of anger, and yeah the sizzling and hot chemistry with co- stars he have on screen, which is enough to burn the girls inside out ,

Maan smiled proudly on his description, now pinky have 7 phone call lines. All became active in a fraction of second as she completed her description,

Pinky and maan looked each other, and pinky connected the line,

Call: hey Rj this is Sapna ,and I Guess it is Shahrukh,

Pinky : Sorry sapna you are wrong and btw sharukh not have M shaped lips.Friends came to back to the other caller, she connect the next call ha to kyaa me jaan sakti hu kon hai humarey saath line par,

Caller: Bujho toh jaaney Miss RJ,

pinky looked at the phone with horrified expression, and murmured in her mouth

Geet Not again, and said: so humaarey caller bhi shayad humaarey tarah hai just kidding types, accha toh dear caller ji batayiye aap ko kya laghta hai kon hai humaarey saath line par,

Hmm toh miss Rj jab tak nahi batyenghi humein kasie pata chalegha, waise mujhe laghta hai koi idiot sa actor hogha. 

Finally she said it, and pinky cut the call

Ohh hoo sorry Friends I guess line get disconnected, sorry miss anjaan caller agar aap humein sun rahe hai to sorry for the inconvenience, Frnds keep calling, yeh bhi ho dakta hai ke jisko aap kucch bol rahe ho you may be a die heart fan of this celebrity,

While on the other side, Geet was listening her show, getting bored with this bujho toh jaane khail, an Idea strike in her mind, she  called on pinky’s show. She actually did it no. of time in last 7 days, alag alag no. se call karna and then makes her nervous on the show, by asking silly questions and not pinky all the radio station was tensed because of this unknown call. But Geet as usual mast in her life, never loose a chance to make pinky nervous. She again call pinky but this time pinky made her popat by disconnecting her call, she was sitting on her bed with O expression.

Maan was shocked with that caller he actually need sometime to recover

So friends hum wapas aatey hai thodi deir me jab tak Enjoy kijiye Song

Mera Ishq Soofiyana

Mere yaani RJ ke saath wapas aatey hi hum kareynghe Boht saari Gossips with our Special Guest, Mr aan aaa Guess it Friends the game is still on only On mere yaani RJ ke show par. 

She put the mike on mute and smiled at maan, maan smiled weakly, so sorry sir, you know some callers hotey hai Idiot, they just want to make us nervous, I am sorry for this.

No No miss Riddhima why you are saying sorry I can understand it is not at all your fault, he smiled

achha waise manna padegh aap both accha bolti hai that too without any script,

pinky blushed and as she saw song was an almost verge of an end, she put her all the attention on the mike,

She received the call and connect it via radio,

so yes kyaa hum jaan saktey hai kon hai humaarey saath line par,

Hey RJ hii this ishita , I guess, you are with my Dream Boy, My prince charming, hmm my Love. I guess It is Maan, Is it????????

Maan smiled proudly and full heartedly congratulate pinky with his eye expression pinky blinked and accept it.

So Ishita you are absolutely right, here we are with Mr. maan singh Khurana , the Great actor, King of expressions. You can talk with him please he is on the line,

Maan: hey Ishita hiii

Ishita: OMG is this maan , I mean Maan sir , Hi m Ishita your biggest fan.

Maan laugh: Oh yeah ishita that I can see you just guess it by mine lips, must say you are a great observer, Nice to talk with you.

Oh ok friends, so that was Ishita with us the winner of our first round with maan sir, so Maan sir ab aap humein batayeiye kaisa lagha aap ko yeh jaan kar ke ladkiya aap ko itna carefully observe karti hai,

Maan smiled; well that was really amazing experience of my life as I got to know that actually girls are keen observer in my case. and Smirked proudly.

Okhh friends so ab aap aur hum hey saath me karenghey gossips milkar and today with mr. maan, girls you all can call and ask anything whatever you want. So stay tune with us on RJ ki Gossips . 


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  1. Awesum update yar….pinky tho nervous ho gai maan ko dekh k….geet se baat kr k phir se confident ho gai……oye geet ne radio station me call kr pinky ko pareshan kiya……

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