100% mine part 05

100% mine 



So the flirting boy inside the maan singh khurana woke up, Maan thought it will be going to fun to flirt with this RJ, so that pinky think the same & smile funnily, after all Geet’s word still lingering in her mind.


On the other hand, Geet was fuming in anger, how her Best friend can disconnect her call, It was very first time in her whole India experience, that somebody rejected her voice, disconnected her call,

Well well well,

She is too Geet handa, who knows very well how to make person annoyed who bothered her, yeah the game is till on, so that show,

G: pinky, you your self ask disaster to come on your way 

and smirked evilly, She starts planning for the other trick.

Maan and Pinky really enjoying each others company, Flirting with each other and laughing at each others plight.

It was back to work time for pinky and maan, both now comfortable with each other.

Pinky set all the instruments again

And its time for rapid fire rounds for the listeners.

She started:

Okkk Frnds me RJ aap ke saath again on my Gossips ka radio station, so guys it is Rapid Fire round for all of you, toh call kijiye humein aur play the game tp prove that you are the biggest fan of Maan singh khurana.

The interview was going on really well, Pinky was now comfortable with MSK so that MSK .

Now it time for show to wind up that’s the time when they receive a call, that was last call from listeners, which was based on how much you know your star. Basically share the knowledge about the actor or celebrity.

Speaker: heyyy hiii, I am Maan’s Fan, can I talk to him, BTW I too have info

RJ: okhh dear u will for sure but may I know your name.

S: hmmm BTW whats there in the name, but I have an information which can make maan sweat infront of you all

Maan was now curious now to know that what sort of information person holding in her hand

Rj: well we don’t know whether maan will sweat or not but we are excited to get the news, basically it can be our next spicy topic of gossip.

Speaker: its only one thing that no matter how much maan tried to look cool and charmer, but he is still virgin.

And with that the call get disconnected

Maan was hell embarrassed

It was an only thing, which is only he hide from all the world,

No matter how much he tried to be cool dude charmer but his each and every heart beat is just for his jaan, his shone, his mishty, his love, his soul mate,

These were some name which he gave her, when ever they meet in dream, they always together, she is not a living being, she is his imagination, which he think she can never be exist in such cruel world, he always imagine her near him, caressing his scalp to sooth his painful soul, whenever he is in  depression he just close his eyes and one hand on his shoulder always there to make him realize that she is always beside him, entangling her fingers in his so that he can stand confidently in front of the world.

He may be infamous playboy of a town, but from inside he is totally drenched in love with an imaginative sketch of his mishty.

Pinky was hell embarrassed with the piece of information, well it is not new thing for her, but checking the virginity of the person that too in front of the same person, well it really need daring.

She was scared to know maan’s reactions but somehow she managed to lift her face up and look at maan,

He was too shock to react, now pinky was enjoying the moment,

She chuckled at maan’s plight, and call him

Mr. maan would you like to answer our this Qstn, or clarify about it.

Well maan was too lost in his mishty’s thought to react,

Mr. maan are you alright,

Pinky asked while enjoying the maan’s reaction,

Maan: haa uhh, aahh , what you said?

Pinky: are you alright?

Maan: absolutely what you was asking?

RJ: Yeah I was asking that information which we got now is that true, 

maan looked here and there, then closed his eyes, and yeah the soft feathery touch of a palm on his shoulder was enough to make him relax and confident.

Maan: well RJ I just wanna say one thing who’s that person who know that I am virgin, I mean oh C’mon I am a celebrity of B-town, I am “THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA with double inverted comma CHARMING, HANDSOME, SEXY the person who’s name is incomplete without these suffix. And how any random person can come and say that I m virgin. 

Maan was highly irritated where as pinky who was enioying maan’s irritation.

But she was amazed with the callers guts, she actually thinking who can be that person, either that girl is Geet, then she defeat her Friend that how she can be, she is not that much involve in Bollywood, yup her father have a lot of contacts in B- wood, but to talk about the bollywood is last thing is geets dictionary, no wonder she knows anything about that Maan singh khurana,

She loves to read fictions that too romantic and she love to imagine the hero of the novel and then she used to paint them with her imagination. So geet can’t be then it strike in her mind, just like geet used to call in the show, may be someone who is close to maan, played game with him.

Geet get ready to go to the pinky’s office and its time for pinky to payback for disconnecting the call of Geet handa,

She drove her car towards the Radio station’s office, she was listening her show in Car. Whatever she did but she is her friend, and friendship never demands anything it accepts you how you are, and what you are. So that they both accepted each other very much time before.

She went into the office and start calling pinky, she was calling her again and again, to disturbing her, but she fails to know that her phone is not with her anymore and the person who is with her phone was none other than Maan singh Khurana,

Maan was checking pinky’s cell, actually the cell was new in the market and maan liked it so pinky just explaining him its functions (well girls need excuse to talk with MSK so that pinky) after all MSK ka charm bhi toh kuch hai na

Between it her manager call her, and pinky handed the phone to maan and went towards the khadoos’s cabin.

There was continuous call on the cell make maan realized that it may be some important call,

He received the call and said Hello in MSK style but the caller’s coming sentence was enough to make him mesmerize with her sweet  & melodious voice for some moments. 

He responded sweetly and charmingly as much as possible,

Geet: hey Pinky kaha hai yaar aaj shopping karni hai

Maan: ohh I am sorry aapki pinky and humari RJ filhaal yaha nahi hai, she is in her Boss’s office, till the time she come you can talk with me.

Geet first look at phone then check the number, and  murmured to her self, Babaji no. toh wohi hai, par yeh ohhh achha abhi toh is ne kaha ke pinky office me hai, chal geet start your mission to harass the pinky’s colleague and then make her suffer with their tantrums

Geet: ohh its okhh , waise you sound bit charming , may I know whose there, obviously ab baat badhhani hai to naam oh pata karna hi prhegha

Maan: Shakespeare said what’s there in the name, and I believe there is nothing in name its all about fate where strangers can become close and acquaintance take no time to become stranger.

Geet: m agree but some times it becomes necessary to name the things, either it is living being or non- living thing, No matter it is Cold emotions or hot feelings, intimating moments or war situation name the things can make easy for others to understand.

Both were talking non- sense, maan was used to for such calls, but geet being reserved nature never mixed up with stranger so easily, but there was certain urge in her own self was holding her with the call, she wants to talk with this stranger, wants to talk with the owner of this manly voice, which always in her romantic dreams, she wants to tell him that you are the owner of the voice which holding my hearts since last 10 years, you may be different from my imagination but you are the same one who always comes in my mind, in my dreams, in my imagination to take care of my self, to pamper me whenever m alone, but she also knows that the person on the other side don’t know the feeling of hers, for her imaging sketch,

Maan: Okhh so miss”’???? Aapne toh ab tak naam nahi bataya?

Geet: Its Geet, geet handa. She said proudly

Maan was smiling evilly as he knows the future, how this girl going to be nervous just after she knows his name.

Maan: so miss geet handa (he emphasized on Miss)

I am Maan, Maan singh khurana.

But he was hell shocked to hear the melodious voice turns into hysterical laughter after his name

Geet: what do you think about S*x 
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  1. Awesum update yar….wo call tha kisa?? Haayee maanu ko apni jaan apni mishty ka wait h….maaneet talking with each other

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