100% Mine part 06

100% mine

Part – 6

Both were talking non- sense, maan was used to for such calls, but geet being reserved nature never mixed up with stranger so easily, but there was certain urge in her own self was holding her with the call, she wants to talk with this stranger, wants to talk with the owner of this manly voice, which always in her romantic dreams, she wants to tell him that you are the owner of the voice which holding my hearts since last 10 years, you may be different from my imagination but you are the same one who always comes in my mind, in my dreams, in my imagination to take care of my self, to pamper me whenever m alone, but she also knows that the person on the other side don’t know the feeling of hers, for her imaging sketch,

Maan: Okhh so miss”’????

Aapne toh ab tak naam nahi bataya?

Its Geet, geet handa. She said proudly

Maan was smiling evilly as he knows the future, how this girl going to be nervous just after she knows his name.

Maan: so miss geet handa (he emphasized on Miss)

I am Maan, Maan singh khurana.

But he was hell shocked to hear the melodious voice turns into hysterical laughter after his name? He was confused now? And asked what??

Geet: ooohh oops sorry sorry hahahahahahahah ahhaahahhah

Mr. khurana I must say, how much proud you possess for your self that too which is of no use, I cant understand.

Maan almost near to faint on her behavior, and then he consoled himself, may be she heard something different  that’s why she is reacting like this.

Well whatever it is, but it hurts his ego,

Excuse me. Don’t you get that I am Maan singh khurana,

Geet: Oh yeah I get it the same person, who is interviewed by my friend sometime before, and somebody told about him that he just  try to act cool, but he is still virgin, Geet mocked Wais eek baat toh bataao I- am- Maan- singh- Khurana

 Maan was enjoying this convo

Maan: Puchhiye  I – am – the – best – Geet ‘ handa.

Geet: Why you are still virgin, I mean for you what S*x means?

Maan was shocked with girls daring, OMG aaj kal ki ladhkiya Sharam Naam ko bhi nahi hai.

Maan: Ummm, aah wohhh

Geet: Kya Ummm, aah wohhh, Hold on hold on are You Gay.

Maan’s eye popped out in shocked, this girl is such a disaster. Now his mind is nowhere to listen to his heart. She heart his ego.

Maan: Miss Handa, mere liye S*x is not that much important, I believe in Love and not in lust, Being physical is not always helps in relation to move on another level, Love is not a desire, neither a game for which you want to clear the level one by doing s*x. It’s only about compatibility, understanding, and emotional support of each other.

Now Geet was surprised with his answer, his thoughts were same like hers. She felt he may be hurt.

Look Mr. Khurana I am sorry, if I hurt you.

But he was long gone and phone got disconnected.

She again tries the no. and now it was Pinky who received the call. She asks her to come into basement, and disconnected the call.

Now she was standing near the car parking waiting for pinky to come and here it goes she again saw him.

But the facial expression of his was enough to make her froze there, he was annoyed and irritiated, she tought

Geet jhalli tu ne toh abhi tak unse ek baar bhi baat nahi ki aur tujhe kaise patah ke wo naraz hai.

Then again she loved her since her childhood, he belong to her, his each and every expression, she can read it with closed eyes, and here she can see him in agitation.

He sat in the car and run the car with zooo in front of her.

Pinky reached their and she too starts the car, they almost reached the mall, when pammi called them.

Pammi; Geet tu kaha hai,

Geet: Ji Bhabhi, me aur geet bus shopping ke liye nikle hai,

Pammi: tu who sab chhod aur ghar aa ja papaji ne tere aane ki khushi me party organize ki hai, unke business colleague aur both saarey celebreties invited hai.

Geet; Bhabhi us ke liye bhi toh mujhe shopping toh karni parheghi na

Pammi: Arey pargli me ne sab kuch ready kiya hua hai., bas tu jaldi se aaja party 7.00 tak start ho jayeghi. Accha sun kya me tera saman tere room me rakh duu.

Geet: NAHI BHABHI BILKUL NAHI, mera saman aap living room me rakh dijiye I will collect it from there. Mera room locked hai, aur kisi ko bhi aas paas mat aaaney dijiyegha room ke aur hum bus 15 mins me ghar pohanchatey hai.

p recap: party and finally they will meet


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