100% mine part 07

100% Mine

Pammi: Arey pargli me ne sab kuch ready kiya hua hai., bas tu jaldi se aaja party 7.00 tak start ho jayeghi. Accha sun kya me tera saman tere room me rakh duu.

Geet: NAHI BHABHI BILKUL NAHI, mera saman aap living room me rakh dijiye I will collect it from there. Mera room locked hai, aur kisi ko bhi aas paas mat aaaney dijiyegha room ke aur hum bus 15 mins me ghar pohanchatey hai.

Nobody knows why , why she never let anyone get inside her room, nobody knows that what was the reason, what was the secret behind those walls of concrete, it seems that room was not just a Bedroom of hers, it was her heart, which concealed everything from the eyes of others, what she prevent from being seen to others, Her room and she is just a mystery, something that baffles the understanding and cannot be explained.

Annie , anniee, Anniee ki bachii jaldi nikal kaha hai tuu?? You are so dead today,

Annie came out of the room, smirking evilly, and her gesture was enough to make him realized that all the evil things which happened with him today was just because of her.

Maan: Annie ki bachiii what you did haaah, Maan grabbed her from her elbow and twist it to her back, she winced in pain and Maan tightened the grip.

Anniiee: Bhaai chodo abi ke abhi Maa, Bhai ko dekho, Maa

Maan immediately left her and straightened himself as if he just came inside the house.

Nikita: Kyaa kar rahe ho tum dono, aur Maan kitni baar kaha hai chhoti behan par haath nai uthaatey. Kab sudhroghe

Maan: Lekin Maa me ne toh chhua bhi nahi, Maan made baby face and replied innocently.

Annie kitne baar kaha hai bhaai ko mat saatao.

Annie: Lekin Maa me ne toh kuchh  kiya bhi nahi, annie too made baby face and replied innocently with cute pouting lips.

Maan looked at her shock but soon his face curved into beautiful smile, as he saw her innocent sister talking so cutely, that disaster of his house  is nothing less than a Jaan of Maan, where he can die on her each drop of few or he can kill someone for that.

Maan hugged her actually like pounced on her, and she closed her eyes in fear and as he took her into his embrace and hold her dearly she opened her one eyes and looked at him and then open other while smiled cheekily.

Huuhhh you both such a biggest disaster of this Annie, maan you both have to go for the party.

And with that both face fell down, they want to spend some time together, well the plans are always made to ruin, When we made plans the destiny is always there standing and smiling devilly saying, you made it and I will ruin it.

No argument and no Drama at all, Mr. Handa ke Ghar par party hai un ki beti ke aanet ki khushi me and we all are invited but m not going so now its your duty to attend it.

Maan: Ji Mom I and anniee will go. And looked at her helplessly well what he can do infront of his mother, he never learned to deny his Mom.

Geet made her way inside the house carrying lots of bags in her hands, Anjali looked at her from the living area ,

huhhh so finally you both done with this shopping, Ohh god why it took you so long to shop Geet and pinky looked at each other and shot a glare.

Well it was none of their mistake, when they saw new mall on the way, pinky was aware of it and Geet cant stop her self to shop the stuffs from their.

Now girls, go Fast and get ready its almost time of party, Guest will come so soon, please and geet look at me,

She looked at her as she is just bearing her torture of bak bak and said

yeah Bhabhi,

Tumhara saman yaha rakha hai, you have to wear this and you have to kuch”””””” she stopped immediately and said kuchh nahi both saarey guest aa rahe hai, and you have to look like a handa Princess, as we all know you are but still.

Geet took all the stuff of dressing and get inside her room and closed the door immediately, it’s like something she fears to be come out, and what if others saw it.


Geet get inside and threw all the bags on the bed in frustration,

Grhhh what she thinks that I don’t understand that kucch ka matlab, achha ji bulaaye rahe ho kisi ko bulaao bulaao, let me see mujhe Geet Handa ko dekhne aa raha hai he have to pay for it, she looked at the mirror and finally smiled to herself.

She got ready and come out at living area where party was arranged and every one was roaming here and there, talking with each other, she descended from the stairs,

Wrapping yellow Sari on her fragile body, wearing matching ear rings, curly hairs and not to forgot an annoyed expression. She was hell irritated with such party stuffs; she is not at all social animal or party maniac, who can do the party thoroughly, she is a bit kind of reserve nature and yeah loved to around nature.

But still being from a well known family, Its important to be a party material so she tried her level best to look so well on camera types, but she cant at all, the mere annoyance was evident on her face.

Maan : Annie

Annie : Ji Bhaai,

Maan: where u were in the afternoon today baby,

She bit her lips, she knew it its coming on the way, Bhai cant forget kyaa God please ,

Maan: Stop murmuring to God Baby, tell me what is Truth, truth and only truth not a bit less than it.

Annie: Bhaai sorry, I won’t do it from next time , Sachhi, God promise,

Ohhh he rolled his eyes how on the earth he can be angry on her.

Maan: toh phir bataao kyu kiya tha

Anniee: Bhaai Bore ho raha tha , then me ne socha chalo apka show hi sun leti hu than wo contest so, I can’t stop my self.

Maan: Hmm Okhhh let it be, yeh party kis ki hai kucch Idea hai

Annie: Ji bhaai woh he is politician Mr. Handa, un ki daughter she came from USA last week so for her, they threw the party.

Hmmm Okhhh

Precape :  Finally they meet

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  1. Oye tho wo call annie ne kiya tha……maan b handas ki party me aa rh h…..ohh tho party me koi geet ko dekhne aa rh h dekhte h geet kya krti h

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