100% mine part 11

100% Mine

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It was first geet , due to continuous disturbance of naughty sunrays, who just wanted to come, then kiss and then run away , naughty rays, didn’t they know, its not their duty and the person who was hired for this duty already in her life, already entered  in her life to make her life more beautiful, to make her lover story more romantic…

she woke up annoyingly then she saw, her pinky pinky phone was lying on the bed, she pounced on it, poor phone, she took it near her ear, and yeah phone was On, his calm heart beat, his melodious heart beats, she heard it again and then realized that his each heart beat was not sounding dhak dhak, it was something like

Geet geet …

Geet geet…

Just like his each and every heartbeat know how to please her, how to satisfied her, how to make her alive…

Good morning maan… she said and like her voice directly reached to his heart he opened his eyes in one go…

Ummm so me going to meet you again, again with my love, my life,

And they started meeting, seems life was never beautiful than this for them…

They met each other in every evening, and whole day on Bluetooth, Maan loved to hear her giggles and smiling, blushing voice, they accepted each other, No No they welcomed each other in their own life…

They were crazily in love with each other…

… Music…,.

Kisi ko sapna lagey tu, kisi ko behti hawaa
Kisi ko bas baaton mein, kare pal mein yahaan wahaan

They both were sitting in a coffe shop, their hands totally joined, finger laced entangled with each other, maan was listening her all the while, he was so much lost in her and here she all blabbering how much she missed her, how much she craved for her, though she also said that she believed he was all around her, but she still missed  her… Maan stopped her, he put his hand in her lips, shhh tumharey face ke gestures ke saath mera dil dolta hai geet, aise paintarey mat apnaao kahi mera dil doob na jaaye , tumharey iss gehrey samundar me

aap ko roka kissney hai Maan, she said it slyly and blushed hard, and ;looked down…

Kisi ke sau jhoot sun le, kisi ka sacch bhi gunaah

Kisi ka bas yaadon mein, kare hulchul saara jahaan
Te amo me te amo
Tu chhaanv hai, tu dhoop hai
Te amo me te amo
Tere hazaron roop hai
Koi samjha nahin, jo bhi hai bas khoob hai

 You are late again… He was standing for her since last one and half hour, she was late again and with the gesture of puppy face, how he could not desire her…

Falling so crazy in love
Te amo me te amo
Tu chhaanv hai, tu dhoop hai
Te amo me te amo
Tere hazaaron roop hai


He was standing alone near the window, thinking about her, off course, she is different, different from all the galz whom he met before, and now too, the way sometimes she became so much bold and sometimes in his embrace he felt her like a flower, all set to melt in him, for him… 

Kabhi lagey raaton mein main khwaabon se baatien karoon subah unhi
Khwaabon ko main kaabu karoon
Kabhi lagey taaron se bhi, unche udaane bharoon
Kabhi lagey baadalon se jaibein bharoon

Te amo me te amo
Taare ginu tere liye
Te amo me te amo
Saare chunu tere liye
Khwaab saare bunu tere hi tere liye
Falling so crazy in love
Te amo me te amo
Taare ginu tere liye
Te amo me te amo

She was standing near the window, painting crazily him, starring the moon,  it was never beautiful than this and so that life, life was never blissful than this, she smiled and gave a flying kiss to moon which it accepted and shines with more glow.. The life was never exciting for her, she yet again engrossed in her painting of him… her art, she was loving her this art of painting now more, well most she could ever love..

Kabhi lagey mili nahin, tumse main khwaabon mein bhi
Kabhi lagey kahin toh hai ristha koi
Kabhi lagey chhu tumhe, yunhi khayalon mein hi
Kabhi lagey nahin nahin chori nahin


They both were sitting in coffee shop, enjoying their togetherness when maan’s call disturbed their trance, Maan came out of it but geet was still in the world of their love, she was dying to touch his cheeks. his rough yet smooth stubble and lips, Omggg Omgg OMggg  his lips…  M shaped curved lips, his expressive eyes, she lifted her hand in trance and touch him, as if he posses to her only, well he did, does and will … but she was surprised to her own act, when she came out of trance she saw her hand resting on his cheeks and pressing her thumbs on corner of his lips…

Te amo me te amo
Tu paas hai par door hai
Te amo me te amo
Jaata nahin yeh noor hai
Teri chori bhi yeh manzoor manzoor hai
Falling so crazy in love
Te amo me te amo

She shied and blushed crept on her cheeks and she left the place immediately and run away from there with a hue red color… Maan smiled, well he blushed more of it… and then touched where she touched him to feel the smooth stroke of hers, as if accepting her madhooshi for him…  

Te amo me te amo
Jaata nahin yeh noor hai


They both were getting ready for the party today, It was one of Maan’s movie’s success party, where he was going to proposed her today, she was unaware of the fact, was more than happy to be with Maan, each and every moment of her life she was expecting him to be with her…

He entered in the venue, It was rather a big day for him, and going to be biggest for her too, as soon as he will propose her in front of the whole world… 

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