100% mine (Maaneet ongoing FF)

HE wants her.

She wants only one who love her and be hundred percent

The maan singh khurana who can make any girl go

crazy with his one glance, wants her, a simple and
normal girl Geet handa, he don’t know which of hers quality attract him, her
attitude, her hatred, ,the twinkle in her eyes with a tinge of hope the hope which he never understands, Who
shows him what he is not.

She wants the oneWho love her madly, crazily, beyond limits, she
don’t want the one who can die but the only who will be hers only, and the
one who never ever have any past related to the Girlfriend, who feel
ashamed that what he was in the past.

Geet handa a preofessional painter

Maan singh khurana an example of Stardom (No. one
actor of bollywood) a playboy who change his girl friends like T- shirts and shoes.

What will happen when a playboy falls in love?

too with the girl who wants her partner should be 100%

no matter how he

looks like, how much he earned, but the one who is always hers .

Maan Singh Khurana
great actor , No. 1 in Indian Film industry,
lives in Bandra (actually asli thikana toh ladkiyon ka dil hai Wink
recently win the Indian Film fare award
a charmer, handsome ,
Girls can die for one Glance and he enjoyed it alot
Geet Handa
an only Daughter ofbureaucratic
an artist, basically a painter</font>
who’s painting is famous for for natural beauty with still life effect
strongly believesthat one day her prince charming will come who is made for her only
Crazy behind a picture she made when she was just 16
Nikita khurana
maans mother
, she loves him alot
and want to give him any and
 every happiness of the world
Mohendar handa,
a beurocreatic, geets father a womanizer.
Brij handa

Geets brother,
who loves her family but never respects woman,
a womanizer who want to taste every woman (sorry thoda adult types ho gaya but kyaa karein script ki demand hai lol Big smile)
Prem handa
geets younger brother,
who loves her family and respect the women too geet loves him alot,
always share each and everything with him
Pinky Jadeja(Riddhima Jadeja)
geets friend,
Secretly in love with Prem
and the yonger sister of pammi
Geets sister in law
Pammi Handa (Anjali Handa)
geets sister in law
Brij’s wife,
who madly in love with him
but also know that he is a womanizer
but she strongly believethat one day he will change
anvesha Khurana
Maan’s Younger sister,
professional photographer

2 comments on “100% mine (Maaneet ongoing FF)

  1. Hey eza awesum starting yar….lovd it…n CS b suprb h..,..
    Eza darling u mere cmmnts ka wait kr rh thi na dekh maine teri story read krna start kr diya…..DBI b read krungi but mai thoda lazy hu na tho thoda wait kr lena 😛

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