MY Lover My Enemy (Maaneet on going SS)


Hello Friends angelic here Smile

Ufff finally i am starting My new FF after such a long long analysis on the story. Wink Tongue
This is the story which made me cry when i was in 10th  Cry
a sweet love story Written by my Favorite  writer Blushing
(but i will not tell you the writer’s name lol ROFL)  i just hope that i do the justice  with this story 

That was not love at first sight. This is different story line. A different flavor of love. A story of animosity, heartedness, which turns into aggressiveness and afterwards it, becomes obsession. Is it love?

Geet’s monologue:


A big NO, I don’t believe in love. It hurts, hurts like a piercing needle to a person who is in the water.

I know what is love but but but yeah I know what is hatred is too . In my world there is only word i.e. animosity, dislike, hate. I am the one unluckiest person who the only daughter of their parents but I not even saw my father except newspaper and for my mom it never effects whether I am alive or dead.

My so called mom who gave me birth but don’t know why? I guess just to increase the burden on this earth.

My Dad I love him. As I know I not yet seen him. But I still love him madly. He is the one who is my really well wisher but my mom , she  apart me from him. I guess is there any ones mom in this world can be so cruel. how a ninteen years old girl feel when she can see around her a love of parents which is her uncles and aunties showering on their childrens and i was the one with whom they beahve like a slave or something which is really mean and disgusting. But Who cares it hurts us only when we start reacting on it and got effected but for them i am like a stone hearted person who don’t have heart. So i make my self like it No heart only mind No feelings for anyone except three Special peoples (My dad, My Nupur and Her Gunjan)  

Maan’s Monologue:

What is love?????????

An Idea to cheat a man. This is a way of pass the time for filthy peoples. There is no Word existing like a Love. It is just a theoretical feeling. But in books also it need logic.   I think a man can be a womanizer but not a lover. Lust is the only thing which so called cultured people named Love.

a 24 yrs business Tycoon of Mumbai. The CEO of K & S (Khuranas and Shishodiyas the two Royal families come together for development and Growth purpose of Mumbai) 

Character sketch:

At geet’s sight: 

Her mother: Rano Handa- A divorcee woman who is living with her parents and afterwards with her brother and their family . Why she divorced her husband its still a mystery.

Father: mohinder Handa ‘ a politician having a lots of power and underworld Contact.

Rahul: Geet’s fighter buddy her uncles only son and secretely in love with geet 

Nupur Bhushan : her child hood friend

Gunjan Bhushan : Nupur’s Sister and geets angel    


at maan’s sight

Maan’s Dad: Rishabh Khurana

Maan’s  Dadi: Savitri Devi

Yudhishtir; Maans child hood friend

Raani: Yudhishtir’s Girl friend

(other characters will introduce soon)  


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