My Lover My Enemy Part- 01

My lover My Enemy – Part  one

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6.00 pm  (Billabong International school): andheri, Mumbai- 

 School bell rang. The entire students run like a prisoner who was in the jail for the long time.

Teachers also start moving out form the school as everyone was in a hurry to go their home. Where someone may be waiting for them, who need them, and yup also he need care for them. And they will definitely get worried if they become late.

6.30pm in the staff room:

A Girl enters in the room like a storm & Scream as if she saw a ghost. Then irritatingly turn towards the person who was sitting there in a deep thought as if she is not here she may be living in a painful world just in thought the girl can see how much pain she is bearing. She went there and start talking as no one was there and she is talking with her own self.

OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Its approximate half an hour and our so called school timing is over.  I thought i may be the one idiot who is late on my way. But here i get one more stupid like me who is still in the school. Oh how can i forget that there is one girl in our school who love be  in the school as its her second home in other words her own school huhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!Seriously Geet , please Iss Tarah se mushkilon se  Bhaag kar problems door nahi hoti, Be brave yaar face It.Shocked

The Girl Finally completed her sentence in one go and took a  deep breath.

This is the girl named Nupur Bhushan, Geets Childhood Friend , poor  according to her own self but Richy rich according to geet because she is having really less people in her life and  al l love her lilke ,anything, Her Family a dream family of geet. A Strict father and a  loving , caring and sharing sweet sister.

Ghar Chalein ‘ Smile a reply came in a calm tone as a all those words spitted by nupur was nothing more than a romantic film’s stupid dialogue.

“Hmmm” Shocked 

Nupur replied looking at her like thinking what to say than her eyes twinkled like she got that way to start with mischief again .

Nupur : But Whose home Geet Yours or mine??????  If it is yours than you can go alone im not interested to come and saw the eyes and stupid expression of your cousins. An d if it is  mine  than  why you are asking at first place chalo abhi chalet hai. Gunjan may be at home now will  watch some  movie  and  will do some Gossips  about our colleagues please please please chalo na . Cool

Geet was just looking at her she knows how mush her sweet friend can talk and this is  not a limit its just a start. But nupur in her own Gaga land chirping

aur Geet I know you very well I know you don’t want to go home this much early what say? J Ummm let me guess you again fought with Rahul or aunty ji ? Ouch

“Oh ho Nupur Ab bas bhi kar kitnaaa aakhir kitnaa tujhe kitnaa bolna hai bata mujhe? Your investigation and poor me Babaji please help me this girl one day will definitely kill me with her Investigating attitude. “ARGHHH Dead

I AM ASKING SOMETHING GEET? Angry  Nupur replied angrily.

“Oh ho Nupur achha chal muje  ek baat bata. Fight karne ke liye what is the most important thing ” the two person and here I am available for one and all but for me no one is there except you. And my Mom you know better than me how much I craved for mothers love . she is here but like nowhere. Ab toh me ne sochna hi chhod diya hain. She replied bitterly.

That was the time when nupur realized what she was talking about And cursed herself that how can she start such topic and can hurt her friend.

She changed the topic immediately and says 

“meri Geeta tu kal chaleghi mere saath film dekhne, oye nahiii oh terrii film se mujhe yaad aaya tumhari  romantic chidiya ne aaj kahan tha mujhe film ki CD’s lane .”Geet chal jaldi chal hum Planet M se kuchh movies lete hai chalna please jaldi.

Geet was laughing madly on Nupur’s Panic situation then somehow manage to be normal and said ” Do you know Nupur why I love your chidiya very much?

Nupur looked at her and then replied its Not only mine its Our Chidiya na geet” Hum best frnds ki Freindship band hai na ?

Geet was overwhelmed with it she said “Yes yaar offcourse”

Both were emotional but geet Come out from this trance very first and said

“abhi chalna Rulaayeghi kyaa sacchi Nupur tu kitni Senti Ho gayi hai har baat par Emotional dialogue grhhh. Nupur slapped her play fully and smile in tears”.

Achha mujhe ye to bata meri chidiya aaj kal kaha udd rahi hai ?

Nupur : ye sab to tu apni chidiya se hi poochna tujhe both miss kar rahi thi and she already asked me N no, of times to make you come with me But the arrogant Geet Handa, jab tak buttering na karo kisi ke ghar nahi jaati. Huhhh Angry

Geet Rolled her eyes on this Melo Drama and said

Nupur I am gonna kill you now if you start your  bak bak again” 

Nupur saw his face and sigh in relief that finally she somehow manage to divert her friends mind from bitter thoughts.

Geet and Nupur Body and soul a true and real Example of friendship. Both were together since they were small kid.

There first meeting Flashback

Geet and Nupur both were in Nursery First Day ( its like a small school specially ofr middle class people) Ouch

A 4 years old girl enter in the Class with a sweet smile and teary face. Whole class was present and she was late students looking at her curiously a girl sittiong on the first bench alone stand up and stretch her hand and said 


I am Nupur Bhushan and you ?Smile

Gee. Gee. Geet handa.Cry

“But why you are shivering don’t be scared  yaar I will protect you”Star ( hmm angelic  wondering Nupur the Great ye toh iski child hood problem hai LOL ROFL)

Even nupur don’t know why she utters such words. Geet look at her owefully first time in her whole life (Actually in four whole years life Embarrassed) somebody console her and its not a sympathy which people give her its something Different really Different but she cant name the feelings. And from that day both were together.

Both are having Different nature If Geet is fire than Nupur is Water, a dew on a rose petal. Geet highly professional , serious and rude for others at certain extent , where as Nupur Chirpy at certain extent.  Geet’s chiriya Gunjan Bhushan , Nupur’s sister and Geets ”.

( ummm  I am still wondering what realation it is Gunjan is having nothing realtion in Geets life but she is still a must part for Geet)

Auto stops near the gate of Slum area which is soon comes under the Slum rehabilition area , “a 30 multi storey apartment”)

As the auto stops and they both entre in the colony a girl who is in Pink salwar suit come out from the home and Screamed 

Geet Diii Smile

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 (so friends this is part one of 1st FF on maneet 

umm my fingers are still crossed waiting for your replies will update next part on next Sunday 

(Same time same place Wink ) 

but till that read it like and comment too and let me know how do you feel Smile)


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