My Lover My Enemy part 02

My lover my Enemy –  part-II

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6.30 pm K & S Associates & Construction 

(Khurana’s and Shishodiya’s) office located at Bandra Kurla Complex a posh Commercial area of Mumbai. 

Out of Maan’s Cabin :

What are you doing Man? You know very well na I am in no mood to go anywhere at this point of time as you know I am not feeling good. Angry

Yudi: Dude let me know when you feel good Never, never, Ever. Please yaar chalna Raani may be waiting for me. Angry

(Angelic: Oh ho yudi ab tak geet mili  nahi hai toh mood toh kharab hi rahega na LOL )

Maan: Yudi please yaar, I really don’t understand what the Hell you are doing man? If you guyz love each other then go and get married na damn it. What the hell are you waiting for? To broke up with each other.

Yudi: Maan yaar tu kya bol raha hai you know very well na pitaji will never allow me to get married with her.

Maan: If you don’t have guts to accept your love in front of everyone than leave her.

Yudi : are You mad maan? How can you just think that I will leave her? She is my life and you know it better than me.

Maan: then accept her in front of everyone.

Yudi: okk will talk about it later now let’s go.

{So this was the First image of maan (our MSk) and his Friend Yudishtir (yudhishtir known as Yudi )the best childhood Friends. The Prince of Two Royal Families of Punjab and Rajisthan } Smile

After Completing their MBA and other Business administration course with architecture From Harward of England They both start the K & S as a partnership firm now successfully running it. Both most eligible Bachelor in the city Yudi is already Victim of Cupid’s Arrow and Maan’s is not love follower(but soon he will be the Lover oops an obsessior J) yudi love Raani a Common middle class girl. He loves her madly but very well know that his father will never accept it and separate them. Whereas according to maan if he loves her he have to accept it (uff poor maan don’t know jaha pyaar hota hai insecurities bhi aa hi jaati hai) yudhishtir is still fearful about separation where as Maan is getting irritated with this Drama.

Yudi was Driving and Maan was busy in his thoughts his chain of thoughts Broke Because of Continuous ringing of phone. It was Yudi’s Phone. As he saw the Caller Id a smile Crept on his face.

Yudi: (kept his phone on speaker) Ha Sweetheart Bolo.

Raani: (Sadly) Kunwar ji aaj hum nahi aa payenghe.

Yudi: Q kya hua koi problem ho gayi hai kya? 

Raani: Ji woh Baba ki tabiyat kharab ho gayi hai aaj hum nahi aapayenghe hum unhe le kar Hospital ja rahe hai.

Yudi was quite (may be thinking what to say) and Finally replied : Hm Okk

Maan: (Cut the Yudi’s Word and said) Raani Tell me the Hospital’s Name, we will be there soon.

Raani: Ji maan Its City Hospital

Maan: Okk we will be there soon you don’t worry. (he said it and hang the call.)

Yudi: maan Kya hum sach me ja rahe hai 

Maan got irritated & shot a glared which was enough to shut the Yudi’s Mouth.

How insensitive you are Yudi, she is your Girlfriend and (he paused and Glared) there may be the would be wife if you dared a bit (he taunted) than how can you leave her like this to face her circumstances alone.

Yudi Felt really ashamed on his thinking and after completing his Cursing section he felt happy to get a Friend like Maan)                                                                                                                                                                                   

As they reached the Home the pairs of hands hugged geet madly and screamed Geet diii Shocked

Geet: Oh God gunjan please yaar ab toh aisa behave karna band kar de you are not a small kid yaar.

Gunjan made a baby face and pouting lips said: Geet di. First of all you come here after a long long time. I waited for you so long. Sunday, Monday… she starts counting the days

(Ughhh nupur ki sister is just like her neither stop breaker nor signal Dead)

Geet: Ok Ok my Sweet girl now I understand that you are grown up. And you learned that there is 7 days in a week and not 8 days.

Nupur: and of course Sunday is not a sunny day and Monday is not a moons day. 

And saying this trio look at each other and Burst into laughter. Trios get inside the home. It’s almost 7.00 in the evening. Its small 1 BHK Row house located at lower middle class area.  Its Really small Compare to geets place but still geet love that home more than anything. It’s her ideal home, the Ideal Dream Home Sweet home, Where there is Caring father, Strict Bua ji(as nupurs Mother passed away at the time of Gunjan’s Birth) and two sweet sister cum friends they treat Geet as their family member and her own Sister.

As nupur and geet get Freshend up Both held up with chatting together and Gossiping about their Colleagues. As Geet is a bit Serious Type of girl compare to Nupur but when she is with Nupur No one can believe that she is the Same Geet who even Think twice to say Hmm, or Ok. 

(Angelic Wondering: hey hey Babaji is ne toh kanjoosi me Maan ko bhi pichhe Chhod diya)

Nupur was doing mimicry of their colleagues,and principles, where as Geet enjoying it and Gunjan Watching DDLJ don’t know how much time she already watches it. But she again and watch it. There was some special romantic films were there which include VIVAH, DDLJ, KKHH, and Mohabbatein, she can watch it any time any where.  

Maan and Yudhishtir reached hospital as maan was the one of the biggest donor of the Hospital everything went smoothly. That was just a High BP problem, but doctor asked them to keep under observation. Yudhishtir and Raani was there in the Hospital where as maan come out to go home. He was late he know may be Dadi ma Waiting for him. He was in hurry to go and meet her, He knows very well Dadi ma also rejects to eat and took any medicine when he is not around.

Her chain of thoughts Diverted to Raani. The Maan singh Khurana ruthless, powerfull and rude business man having feeling for some girl who even doesn’t care for any girl but he care for this sweet girl. He is the only child of his parents. He knows what loneliness is. And he don’t know why but he always feel like if he may get any Barbie Doll named Sister that will be none other than Rani. He Treat her like her own sister. His sweet doll. But he never shows it as till now’s experienced he realized some times showing care and love may create separation in love ones. She to loves him like her own brother. 

Precape: the First peep in geets life 

Previous: part-I

next : part-3

So Friends this is part IISmile

 a bit long Wink 

really feeling Nervous, Confused

hoping that fulfill your expectation and imagination of maan,Ouch 

uff how you people will react on maans entry and his Sweet relations. (please ignore mistakes.) Suggestion, criticism and advice please feel free to give it. always welcome 

will update next part soon

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