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Part- 3 

Geet reached home at 10.00 she just put her first step in the home and heard the thunder sound.

Geet where you were till last 4 hours. We permit you to join the school just because we don’t want to feel you lonely, but you , you the filthy creature aakhir Bharosa todh hi diya na humara, She looked up and shocked to see her uncle first time shouting at her, first time in her life. And because of her sharp senses she can understand that this is just a beginning of Bad time.She looks down again and listens to her Uncle:

 hum ne tum par bharosa kiya aur tum humein hi dhoka dena ka soch rahi thi, huhhh  Aakhir ho na usi Dhoke baaz baap ka ganda khoon,

Geet went numb for a second than numbness turn into anger, her mind failed to code the next sentence as she just Screamed

Stop it just stop it mama ji , mera Baap Dhoke Baaz nahi hai.                   

She looked at her mom who was standing in the corner of the hall motionless mute spectator

Mama ji: Hmmm tum yahi kahoghi na khoon to tumhara wohi hai na usi gande insaan ka,

Geet: Chup rahiye aap , aap mere baap ko jaante hi kitna hai, wo agar acche insaan na hote toh har newspapers me unki taarifein nahi chhapti, not only my self the whole world is proof that my father is respected person of this Society, who is always ready to help the people, har ek par ehsaan karne waale,

Mami ji interrupted them: Geet tum hosh me toh ho kyaa tum nahi jaanti ke tum isi ghar ke maalik  ke saamne khade ho kar ussi ki be izzati kar rahi ho, hey Bhagwaan hum ne toh socha tha ke shaayad tumhaari parwarish karke tumpar se uss gande insaan ke khoon ka asar khatam ho jaaye, Tum dusro ke baarey me bhi sochne lagho, nahi lekin tumhara ganda khoon,

(Uff this is the only word which is making geet angrier, she loves her father even more than her ownself, she never met him, bit he is always there in her dream, uss se baatein karte hue, uss ke saath khelte hue, Home work karwaatey hue, then how can she bear such things against her father)

Stop it mamaji just stop all this just because you are my mother’s brother you can’t say anything to my father, he is respectable for me as you WAS, and I am proud to be her Daughter,and will always I dont know what happens Between My parents but Whatever that was i still love him . aur me yeh bhi jaanti hu ke aap sab Q bardaasht kar rahe hai mujhe as mere Naqabil e bardaasht Wajood ke saath aap sab ko ek full time Nokrani bhi toh Mil rahi hai mere maa ke roop me Jo pura din munh band rakh ke Kaan Khol ke aap sab ke kaam kar deti hai. Aisi full time maid kaha mileghi aap ko,  

She got a tight slapped which shut her instantly, she looked at the hands who belongs to her mami ji, she Screamed shut up just Shut your filthy mouth right now.

How can you talk like this with your uncle, unn key tukdon par palney waali aur unn se hi zubaan chalati hai, she is queen of this kingdome she can say, can do anything, any anything which she wants to do, :apni Hadd ko bhool gayi tum.

Geet look at her mother again she was expressionless, not a slightest tinge of pain in her eyes, as she actually deserved this. It starts haunting her.

She put her hand up infront of her face and which stop her Maami ji  instantly then she replied,

I know very well Mami ji what I am doing, kiss se zubaan chala rahi hu and I knw my limits very well. Me uss insaan se zubaan chala rahi hu jiss ke ghar me meri maa ko ek nokraani ki tarah din raat kaam karna parta hai phir bhi uss ke liye kisi ke dil me sympathy nahi aathi, kisi aur ke dil me kya wo khood apne aap ke liye nahi sochti, But I am not Rano Handa, I am Geet Handa, mujhe apne haqq lene aate hai, maang kar nahi toh chin kar hi sahi, I will take whatever is mine, Now matter how.aur haa ek aur baat sun lijiye aap sab meri 

she looked at everyone there was house full of all the members looking at her Interestingly as she is the only source of Entertainment in this house.

Aaj aap logon ne jo kuchh kaha jo kucch kiya meri Dad ke baarey me jo bhi kaha Unn ki mohabbat ka taqaza yoh yeh hai ke me is Ghar me ek second bhi na rahu, but still again its only my mother whom I cant live alone here, On your mercy , with a merciless peoples. I cant just let her suffer alone. But if it is not today it will be tomorrow i know , I will leave this house soon i understood it. But i will leave this house only when my maa will be on my side. 

she looked at her mother and she can see some type of emotion in her mothers eyes but not understood what, 

Fear, Happiness, Worry 

Some thing which is not clear, not Expressible   

That was the same time, Rahul Just entered the home, he can sensed some kind of  tension in atmosphere, He looked at Geet and Geet looked at him with teary eyes, that was enough for Rahul, he felt like his heart broke into million pieces, Geet ran from there and shut the door of her room behind her. 


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