My Lover My Enemy part 04

MY lover My Enemy – Part 4

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That was the same time, Rahul Just entered the home, he can sensed some kind of  tension in atmosphere, He looked at Geet and Geet looked at him with teary eyes, that was enough for Rahul, he felt like his heart broke into million pieces, Geet ran from there and shut the door of her room behind her. she sat down their ,hugging her knees with the back on the Door. Geet was sitting numb her leg refused to take her Weight. She sat their helplessly, her mind start working after some time and then she realized what haapen with her few seconds ago, this is not the first time, Mami ji slapped her, her truthful talks never digestible to her, she always wants to show to  GEET her actual place in her home. But Mamaaji  she was still in shocked what he was telling, Today first time in her life she replied back to her Mamaji , For her it’s a sin, whatever she tell to everyone, How rude she is in front of the people but she know the values of Relationships &  respect them  too, how to treat the Relatives it is not her cup of tea she knows very well, But what she can do. Halaat ne zindaghi me itni kadwahat bhar di thi ke mithaas ka naam o nishaan tak na tha, she knew that she committed the Sin today, but what she can do, does she have any option at that time, in other case she never ever replied back, but she knew it agar aaj chup reh jaati toh kal koi aura aa kar kuch aur keh deta, which she cant Bear, She  proud on her blood, and they point it out that she is not from Good family, How can she bear it, The Volcano and bitterness of relation ships which was there since 19 days its just burst out today, it exploded, and she know that the next day of her this life will be the worst day she may have ever, because its mami ji who is behind all this game, she know very well that mamaji is always busy in his business, He never interested that when  she is coming home and what she is doing, its only mami ji who is always behind geet, she just  want a chance to insult the Geet.

She was thinking all the drama again and gain and dosed off, her sleep got disturbed continuous ringing of the phone she checked the  time its 11.30pm in the night, and she forget to call the Nupur when she reached home thanx to that Drama, as She received the called she heard the wooried voice of Nupur,

: Geet pagal ghar ja kar phone nahi kar sakti thi,I was worried for you, Kitni tension ho rahi thi, tu thik toh hai na,

Haa nupur, I am fine, I reached home at 10.00 only but stuck with some work still busy, will call you later

she said and immediately cut the call, Ek both pyaar aur care karne waali friend ko raat ke iss waqt aise tension dena , how can she think like that, she knows very well that she cant hide anything from Nupur, Nupur can read her like an open book inside and out and she knew that if she talk right now she may be sensed something form her Voice.

As she cut the call she heard some voice behind her the Door. And she realized, oh how can she Forget that he may be here only, he will not leave her till she wont tell her everything,

RAHUL, she said and then the Sounds coming in from outside make her understand that he is also sitting there like her in a same position.

Rahul You Go will talk with you in the morning; please I want to be alone this time, please.

Rahul: Geet please meri baat toh sun le tu, Dad gussey me they, iss liye unhone who sab kaha you know na he never meant it,

That was it, Geet opened the Door, immediately, and see Rahul standing there like he is a real accused in all this,

You are good for nothing Rahul, Nothing, Being a girl I have courage to say Wrong to wrong and right to right, but you being a boy cant do anything except praise others and make them happy. 

“Geet meri baat toh suno”

Rahul nahi you first listen to me : they were insulting me like anything and you were standing there like a mute spectator, now you can be mute please leave me alone,


his shocked and teary eyes enough for her to understand that she hurt heim tooo

I don’t want to hurt you more please, 

 and she just closed the door

Rahul was standing there the Door closed with a thud, he turned and went to his room, he looked Rano Bua was sitting in the hall, he know she was hurt whatever happened today.

He went there and sit near her foot, Bua ji everything will be Ok you don’t worry, 

Beta,  Geet aaj phir ‘. rano looked at him with teary eyes. she is the mother of that girl. Who hurt those people, the people who actually help them at the time of their crisis, when they were alone. even his husband refuse to be with her.  

He cut her and said:  Bua ji she is fine I talked her now, he was not able to meet gaze with her, and she know he is lying just because to feel her better, Bua ji aap ja kar so jaiye me aap se morning me milta hu  Good night

With that he make his way towards the room

He sat on the bed, his heart is bleeding

she is Crying his love is crying, He just want to put her in his Arms but he failed, he failed miserably, he never have that courage to face his family’s hatred towards geet , he know they all hate Geet, because of her rude behavior but don’t know when Cupid’s love arrow stuck in his heart.



The Chowpatty of Mumbai and Maneets First Meeting. Embarrassed

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So frnds this is the part 4 

i know every one is sad Geet Ended 

Me tooo saddd 

But what we can do its their decision as they End it 

But i am still happy that they ended it on a happy note 

Uff the baby MSK …

Just loved him 

ab kyaa kahoo 

Okhh now back to the story i know its a bit sady sady story but 

You know mere udaas aatma aisi kahaniya hi padhna pasand karti hai so enough of my bak bak 

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