My Lover My Enemy Part 05

My Lover My Enemy

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It was late night maan was tensed for Dadi, He knew that without him Dadi will nevertake her Dinner, It was their Daily routine, Maan and Dadi sit together for the Dinner and share their whole days experience with each other.

Maan used to listen only , he used to sit there mute only listening Dadi, because Dadi was alone all the day no one was their for her to talk. And Being a maharani she never allows anyone to come near her. So Maan was the only sharer of dadi.

As Maan reached home he saw Dadi sitting in the main hall worriedly, he sighed and he knew what will be the next coming qstn. Dadi just opened her mouth to say something

Maan Instanly cut her words: 

Dadi I was with Yudi, Rani ke baba was hospitalized so we were with her.

Dadi looked at him and said: Beta koi ghabraane waali baat toh hai nahi na, you want me to talk Sishodiyas regarding this.

Maan put his hand on Dadi’s shoulder and said “No dadi its their family matter, and I know they won’t like it  if we interfere in that. Waise mujhe aap yeh bataaey aap ne Before Dinner Med liye ke nahi.

And with the Gesture of Innocent Dadi he understood : Nakul Dadi ki medicines laao abhi , he said sternly,

Dadi: Vinod maan ke room me freshen up, towel check karo abhi.

Both looked at each other and smirk.

Till nakul came back Maan was sitting with Dadi, he take the medicines from nakul and feed to Dadi.and then said Dadi will meet you in the Dining area in the 5 minutes. Dadi Smiled.

It was his Daily routine, Before going to his room he use to give the before dinner medicens to dadi, then freshen up and come back to have a dinner with Dadi then long walk and again Dadi’s medicine session and off course last Goodnight kiss. For Dadi good night kiss was more effective than any other medicines.


Continuous ringing of phone disturbed his sleep. He looked at phone with sleepy eyes and then picked it up as he saw the caller id a smiled crap on his face

Ha bol ”’..

Good morning naam ke manners kyaa aap ki Dictionary me nahi hai. Raajkumar Maan singh Khurana?

Who toh duniya waalo ke liye hai aap ke liye toh hum aise hi thik hai Kunwar yudhishtir ji

And both laughed on their own joke. (loll was that joke at first place)

Maan me aaj office nahi aa raha kuchh personal kaam hai tujhe aa kar batata hu okhh

Sab thik toh hai na Yudi

Haa yaar, bus aaj office me kuch work pressure bhi nahi hai and na hi koi client meeting yah kucch aur hai so was want to bunk the office. Waise jab college me they toh tu ne college bunk karne nahi diya ab office bunk kar kar ke hi Dil ke armaan pure karne pad rahe ahi,.

Maan rolled eyes on his Funny Emotion atyachar,

Ohh stop it Yudi Don’t start again hows Baba, is he alright.

Yes maan he is Fine and will get discharge in some time.

Okhh thik hai but I am coming to meet him before going to office be there only till then okhh.

Okk dude. Chal bye.

Hmmm maan said and cut the call.

He Get ready gave the medicine to the Dadi and started driving towards hospital.

He was near reception area and busy on a call and he bumped with any girl.

He looked up and froze for the second then his expression change infraction of second from shock to disgust. He just turn around and start moving towards exit.

Maan please, please maan meri baat toh suniye,I am sorry maan , please , I know what I did that was wrong but I want one chance please maan only one chance that’s what  I am asking , begging please maan. 

But maan was nowhere to listen, he was long gone lost in his own world.

He start the car and Drive madly towards the unknown direction. He was burning inside with fear, hatred, and the feeling of being insulted.


Geet woke up in the morning she knows no one is going to ask her for Breakfast or any thing she just made Breakfast for two.had her own and leave the another one for mom.

She knows if she won’t make it her mom will never take anything as a breakfast. She put it all the stuff on the Dining table and leaves the home for the school; it was Saturday so school was for 2 HRS. and she  know Nupur won’t come today as its optional day for teachers those who wants to do extra time can come on Saturdays and others if they want to earn extra or any other reason like there absenteeism they came on Saturdays. But Geet she is always been an exceptional case, she every Saturday came to school and work for 4 extra hrs. rather than 2 hrs.

She did her work and starts moving towards her next destination. It’s her weekly routine every weekend she went to the juhu chowpaty of Mumbai. She never knows why but the Sea always attracts her from early childhood days. When Nupur and she was in the college every day after college they used to came there, she just loved to walk on the sand with bare foot. The shore of a sea always tried to say something to her, but she always fails to understand that what secret they want to share.  The mystery airs of the sea whenever it touch her hair she felt like its her Dad who is blessing her and his hands are always on her head.


Maan stops his car on the Chowpaty this was same place where he realized pyaar is nothing but the trick, a prank to play with the emotions.

He went to the sea side

Please listen this song while reading this



Zindaghi ne Zindaghi bhar gham diye

Jitne bhi mosam diye sab nam diye

 geet was standing infront of the sea

(Flash back is in purple) 

maa mujhe aap ki God me sone hai please

Bete pehle in bacho ko sula du phir me tumhe story suna kar sulaaoonghi, the day never came when her mother read story for her, its always for her cousins only

Jab tadapata hai kabhi apna koi

Khoon ke aansu rula de bebasi

Jee ke phir karna kya hamein aisi zindaghi

Jisne zakhmo ko nahi marham diye  

Maan was sitting on the bonnet of the car

Flash back

Inhe Cardiac attack hua hai its minor but I guess just because of some tension , stress or may be some shock. please make sure she be away from any stress

Apne hi pesh aaye hum se ajnabi

Waqt ki saazish koi samjha nahi

Geet tum humaarey ghar me rehti ho sumjhi tum, mere Dad tumhare needs and all ki care karte hai, and if you want princess treatement go to your fathers house. Its my dad’d house and here I am princess.

How can she forget smirk and proud in Natasha’s eyes. But she was also right at her place she is in her fathers home after all.

Beirada kuchh khataayein hum se ho gayi

Raah me patthar meri har dum diye

Tumhein kyaa lagha maan me tum se pyaar karti hu, tum mere standard par kahi nahi aatey tum toh mere maid ke standard ke bhi layak ke nahi ho. Itna Gentlement types banda what do u think that you are BF material not at all. Haaa the maan singh khurana aur itni aasaani se bewakoof ban gaya. hahahaha

These words always behind him like a spy or a big bad luck. No matter wherever he is these words always behind him, uskii rooh ko kachodti, har lamha ek guilt ke ehasas ke saath.

Ek mukammal kashmakash zindaghi

Uss ne hum se ki kabhi na Dosti

Maan yeh tum ne kyaa kiya me ne tumhe apna beta nahi ek dost samjha , apni company ki har information ek newsfeed ki tarah tumhaare saamne rakh di aur tum tum ne mere bte hokar mere busimess rivals ko madad ki. Iss se achha toh hota ke me tumhe apne co,. se dur rakhta lekin ab bhi kucch nahi bigda tum aaj se iss co. me nahi aaonghe kabhi bhi nahi. Na mere jite jii aur na mere marne ke baad, Go and make your place in this world. And don’t think that I will ever help you in this life. Tum ne apni bewakoofi ki wajah se apne baap ko hi nahi ek advisor aur ek humdard ko kho diya hai.

Jab mili mujh ko aansu ke who tohfe de gayi

Has sake humaise moke kum diye

Mom I topped in the college as she enters the house screamed but her happiness increase as she saw there was already party arranged she thought its for her, but her happiness vanished as she realized it was not for her its for Natasha, her cousin who just passed in the board.


Geet was sitting on the sand staring at sun set. She knows that every night have its morning but which type of life she have where there is no lighting, happiness and she is always like a sea and beach, who know each other, milte hai aur kucch der me hi bichhad jaatey hai.

She was sitting there and said “Zindagi humesha dard q deti hai,

Shayad ussey hume aazmaaney me maza aata hai.

A replied came from behind but she was so lost in her own land.

Lekin hum hi q???

Shayad iss liye ke kismet bhi jaanti hai ke hum hi uss ke muqabla kar sakte hai.

Maan replied he was just came to see the sunset and he heard the question, the same question which he asked 2 years before at same place in same gesture, he wont get reply, but today he wants to reply this gril, jaise najaane q magar uska dard apne jaise hi lagha,

He sat next to her; her hair was covering her face due to cool breeze.

Aur agar hum ussey bardaasht nahi kar sakey toh .

 Nahi dard uss ko utna hi milta hai jitna insaan bardasht kar sakta hai.

Be izzati toh phir bhi bardaasht ho jaati hai magar, apno se judaai bardaasht kaise karey?

That was it maan closed his eyes and he saw his father, standing infront of him with an agony, the hearted. He opened his eyes , he cant bear that pain, it squeezing his heart, Two whole years and he not talked with his father, 2 years and he is living his life like a hell.  

He remember every thing like it was just yesterday only, how he became apart of the dirty game. Without his knowledge people use him and then left her like he is nothing, the day when he was sitting here only crying her heart out, that day not only sun drowned in the water , that day maan also died, the maan who love to be jolly, funky, who maan jiske bina parties adhuri laghti, the maan who was most famous in the girls for his gentleman behavior. That day maan died he judged and decide the punishment for him self, the punishment for love someone madly, punishment to believe the people so easily.

He came out of his thoughts when the shore came on him like a witch who is ready to pouce on him any moment he looked at the place where the girl was sitting, now no one was there, the place was empty like his heart. 

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