My Lover My Enemy part 06

My Lover My Enemy
Part- 6

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He came out of his thoughts when the shore came on him like a witch who is ready to pounce on him any moment he looked at the place where the girl was sitting, now no one was there, the place was empty like his heart.

With that he came out of his trance. He just wanted to delete those miserable moments from his life but he Failed, The Maan singh khurana failed in making his life the Ideal life of prince Maan singh khurana, The life which he deserved long time ago, but now’.

He deserve only Punishment, the cage of guilt,

Jaise uss ka dard aur uss ka wajood aur kucch baaki hi na ho, jism nahi dard ka maqbara ho jaha teesen utthti aur wohi dum tod jaati, bilkul wasie hi jaise samundar me lehrey uththi hai aur kinaarey par dum tod deti hai

(The pain and his painful body, and nothing more than that, the body was not more belong to maan singh khurana , It belongs to a grave, where pain, petty and hatred.

As Geet saw the person sitting behind her she become alert, and just left the place without a single word.

Suddenly she check the cell , Rahul messaged her to come to his Hospital.

He was intern in the Sanjeeevani hospital. She went there as every one in the hospital know her as a Best Frnd of Dr.  Rahul. She was very famous in the Children’s ward. She went there and spends some time there too. Her uncle and Rahul’s Father is one the biggest donor of the hospital so she allowed to come here any time freely and can move there freely any where in the hospital. She was waiting in the intern’s room for rahul. As rahul entered he looked at her sadly and smiled. Her eyed was swelled because of crying and tension. She went near him and hugged her tightly, no matter how much she hates his family but as a best friend she loves him a lot. In every mess situation he is always behind her to support her, to just pat her shoulder and say don’t worry yaar I am with you.

And geet being never a materialistic girl was happy in that.

Rahul can sense that she is crying, she pat her and make her sit on one of the bench, she was sobbing badly. He put his hand on her hand and geet close her eyes in acceptance.

She made her sit on the desk, and geet was crying bitterly, he makes her understand the situation and calm her a bit.

There was Flash light flashed in the room, Rahul became alert he saw here, and there nobody was there he, though it may be his illusion, they talk for a whole two hours, finally geet was feeling relax, Rahul made her understand the situation of the Family, there Point of view towards geet, Geet was calmed now a lot, Rahul drove towards the House, He stopped the Car, near the portico and asked her to get down, and informed his parents that he will come late. Geet came out of the car.

Her mamaji saw the whole scene from the terrace, He  saw geet came out of the car, then stand near the Car window for some times and talk with the person who was sitting inside, he was unable to see the person inside.

He was waiting for geet desperately, he received some envelope few times before and he wants to clarify, all the fidget today itself, he don’t wants to delay this matter anymore .

Now his doubt turn into believe, that the envelope which he received today is true. Then he thought that she may be come with this person to meet with them, but he saw that car started and she was waving bye to him and the person drove again outside the door, his blood boiled instantly.

He came down, geet was entering the home, he looked at her and throw some pictures from the envelope.

First geet was shocked to see him so angry, then she looked at the pictures which he threw on her, her face was first shocked to react than her face grew pale with the thought which may be her uncle thinking about her.

Those were some pictures of her with Rahul, when she was with her today in his hospital, he was holding her, she was crying at that time, but the person’s only back was there and her full face, it showing like she may be with some one doing something wrong with that person, which is against her culture, against her values.

Then she looked around every one was standing there with same expression of shock, her mom, today she can see some different kind of expressions, which she was unable to understand. Her uncle come ahead and said

What is this Geet? Yeh kya hai? Kon hai yeh ladka aur kiss ke saath tum abhi aayi ho bataao? Bataao mujhe?

She looked at her mom, there was only one expression written over there i.e. Disbelieve? Don’t know why but geet liked it.

She was looking down and her uncle come ahead and his hand went up to slap her, but it stopped by her Mom in the middle of the air.

Geet looked up: her mom standing with her,

Bus kijiye bhai sahib, aap ko sharam nahi aayi apni beti jaisi bhaanji par aisa ilzaam laghate hue, Even I am feeling disgusted to call you as my brother, how cheap your mentality is. I know my daughter very well; I know which type of girl she is. She can disrespect you, she can hate you, she can shout on you, she can disobey you, she can take you for granted, but she will never make fun of your name in front of the society, she can never, she cant at all””””””’.

That was it, she hugged her Geet, hug her baby, took her into her embrace try to hide her from all the sorrows, from the piercing gaze of all those filthy peoples.

Beta lets go, we wont live here anymore, she sad it finally, finally the single sentence for which Geet was longing from so long, trying her level best to make her mom understand and when she realized that she would never be able to make her understand, she understood, Her mother understood her longings, her sorrows, her heart felt some piece its like first call of the morning for her.

They both made their way outside the house, Rahul was nowhere, and nobody wanted to stop them, why should they will stop them at first place, its like a burden of their head reduced.

They both walking on the footpath, they had no idea about their future, where they will stay, whom to call and ask for help, Geet was totally numb, she lost her senses long times before, before leaving that house, the last thing which was in her mind was that, her Mom is with her, and now life will never be like before and that was enough to make her numb, the small kid in her heart which always longed for her mother now was in a peace.

They both were walking in their own thought and suddenly a car hit Rano and she hit the floor, and fainted blood oozing out from her forehead and geet was standing there horrified

Precape: Geet at Maan’s Place

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