100% Mine

100% Mine 

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Its early morning time when he entered in THEIR ROOM, first it was his but now it was theirs, everything which belongs to him is hers too, for him, they aren’t different, they are two body one soul, they are not Maan and Geet, they are Maaneet, but for geet, things changed, things changed drastically, for her only one thing matters now, her dignity, herself, her ownself,m For geet the only things which bothered her is her own GEET HANDA, …

He smiled sadly and kissed her forehead and left the place with sad face still trying to put up a brave face, , while she smiled in her deep slumber, as if she was living some dream, it was real, but she didn’t wants to understand…

They all were sitting in the dining area, Maan, his mother Nikita khurana…, his sister anvisha khurana, their family friend Mr. Rajwinder kapoor, all were waiting for their daughter in law to come down and complete the remaining costumes, well Maan’s marriage was unusual but still they were happy for him, he gt to whome he loved , that’s enough for them, his happiness does matter to them most, Geet came down, wearing night suit, without mangalsutra and sindoor, everyone looked at her shocked, which kind of bride she was, they were just married but maan’s face was showing,  he trying to hide his pain and geet , she smirked with all their expression, and patted herself mentally, she wanted to see him in pain, In the same hurt in the same situation which he put him in…

She wantd to see him on his knees, Maano gusse aur nafrat me Balkhaayi hui naaghin ho gayi…

Maan’s expression changed, the pain and hurt replaced with anger, he clutched his fist and gritted his teeth, he stood up and grabbed her hand and headed towards their room, he pushed her on the bed and she thud on the bed, and it hurted her somewhere near her rib, but that pain was replaced with the happiness seeing the face of maan, well another day with so much difficulties, Geet didn’t left any chance to hurt maan or his family, soon they realized this marriage was just a forced decision and unwanted relation for geet, Avantika was keenly observing her each and every move and expression of geet, she was playing mute spectator role in this play, but somewhere her role was undefinable yet unavoidable.

It was another evening after their wedding , Maan came from shoot and went towards the wash room, Geet was not in the home, might be another late night party of hers, maan shrugged off his shoulder, It becomes her routine after their marriage to late night parties, sometimes pub, sometimes club, or sometimes get together, she became unbelievable for him, he lived his mostly nights staring her, what happened to her, he was going insane with the changed behavior of hers, he so much wanted to talk with her, but she was no wehre to be found, whenever he was around she tried to be away from the vicinity and if they were together she planned something which would hurt him beyond any point and mostly he lost his temper on her.

He sat in the bath tub all scended candles with its aroma really giving admiring view and in middle of the bathroom , in the bath tub, GREEK GOD was resting with his both hand on the corner of the bath tub, Giving breathtaking view to the  spectator, (Uff angee thud with This babaji maan dilaa do please 😛 )

He was sitting in the bath gtub, was thinking about that dreadful evening, when he planned to propose her infront of all world, but things changed radically that even he didn’t gt time to proof his love infront of his love…

Geet came back from the party and went towards the washroom, She enterd in the washroom, in her own world and seen him, that was enough for her to stop her on her place, she was standing rooted there, she was shocked beyond limits, He was sitting in the bath tub with closed eyes, but his mind was in some other land, the wrinkle of his forehead was telling all, all tha pain and misery he was going through. Something sparked in her, she felt he heart doing summersault on its own way without a single word she left the room,

She came down and headed towards the bar area, she started drinking , without any hesitation, that was a time when she used to hate such drinks, but seems now its only thing in her life left, on which she could trust. She was drinking like a maniac today, he again created havoc inside her, some flames of desire which were left cold again burning her inside out with so much intensity as if the knife of passion slicing her mind, her emotions whom she made sleep for never to wke up seems again coming to her ways, she dnt wanted this, It will weaken her, she would fail in her revenge then, she didn’t wanted to fail on this point, he was on verge of breaking down, she wanted to see him, But yet again he was the one only one who still have ability to make her go jelly on her knees, his one glance still managed to skip her heartbeats, which type of love is this, which kind of relation is this, where two persons are near yet far, when they love yet hate, was that life they dreamt ever, she wanted to see maan breaking , but now at this point of time she was on the verge of losing the control.

She stand up on her foot with jelly legs, she somehow managed to come into the room, and there he was sleeping, sleeping with so much peace yet restlessness was evident in his gesture.

She sat next to him, and caressed his cheeks, she brushed his hairs and kissed his forehead, I lost maan, I lost, Ive lost myself in your personality, aap se pyaar kartey karety me  ne khood ko haar diya, aur phir jab nafrat kit oh phir se haar gayi, yes maan aapse nafrat karte karte me haar gayi, aap ki mohabbat ko mehsoos kartey karety me haar gayi,lekin, leking kyaa karu maan jo aap ne kiya uss ke baad mere liye mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai ke me aapse pyaar karu, me nahi jaantey Mohabbat ki intehaa kyaa hai, but me ne yeh maan liya hai ke Nafrat ki inteha mohabbat hai, aap se me ne itne nafrat ki ke me aapse ussey kayi gunaa zyada mohabbat karney laghi, lekin aaj bhi mere liyeh , mera aatm samman, meri dignity both maayene rakhti hai (My self respect, My dignity still matters to me) she was sitting idle near him, according to her he was sleeping but he was wide awake, listening each and everything from her mishty, she was totally drunk, but yes again it was best for him, as finally she was spitting out her pain infront of him, he was longing for this since long, he was craving for this, every night he wanted to tke his mishty in his cozy emberace and wanna let her fly in beautiful dreamland with him, but she never allowed him, and he kept himself under control, for his mishty


~~~~~~~~~~~~Party evening~~~~~~~~~~

They both were getting ready for the party today, It was one of Maan’s movie’s success party, where he was going to proposed her, she was unaware of the fact, was more than happy to be with Maan, each and every moment of her life she was expecting him to be with her… (for ref. u can read previous –part-11 )

He entered in the venue, It was rather a big day for him, and going to be biggest for her too, as soon as he will proposed her in front of the whole world, he was damn sure she couldn’t refuse, Well No one can refuse and infront of charming Maan singh Khurana does anyone left with the ability to think over anything. He wanted to things go accordingly he planned, after the success of his another upcoming movie he wanted to gt married with her, he don’t wanted to live without her even for a second, in very less time she became his life, she become his centre of world, where he happily wanna roam around the clock without any failure, people worshipped him, and he wanted to worship hers, Both were Insanly  in love with each other, its very difficult to measure who was more in love, they accepted each other but what about destiny and love, destiny wanted to play some more crucial game and love wanted to test them before the final call, after all the honour of call Lover is nt a small designation of love,

He was standing with his co-star cum ex- girlfriend Raina, Raina was in love with him, and while working with him she also realized that Maan is in love with some girl name Geet, Maan though Raina as a good colleage, sometimes he spend sometime with her In CCD or sometimes somewehere other on Raina’s insatancee, raina was crazily in love with him, and Maan also shared his plan about Proposing geet in the party and raina was all burned out in jealousy, she planned a new game, she couldn’t stand a single girl with maan, and she executed plan very well.

 As soon as geet enterd reached venue, Maan left every thing abruptly and went to receive his lady love, Raina burned with jealousy, but smirked evilly as this is the last time they gonna be together after this party Maan will belongs to one that is me Raina Malik, she smirked and called someone…

Yes so everything is ready

Yes Ma’m

Good you may leave the party now, you will gt your amount in your house,

The person greeted her and left,

She went towards maaneet, where maan and geet were standing a bit dark corner, might be maan was kissing her, Raina felt disgusted, she cleared her throat to gain the attention,

Maan, can we please start the function after all the life of yours is here,

Maan smiled full heartedly and looked towards Geet who was looking to raina, Yes off course Raina lets go,

Geet u stay here I will be back soon with that he left, but raina was standing there only. she looked at geet, anger was visible in her eyes, geet was confused with her gesture, she smiled weekly towards Raina where as she raised her eyebrow, So you, you are the gal named Geet Handa hmmm, she said in taunt, geet looked at her and smiled genuily and raised hand to shake, Yes Im geet handa, raina looked at her hand and then again on her face, Well this is Raina , Raina malik, Maan’s co actor and offcourse his best friend cum gril friend, geet’s expression changed drastically, the wrinkle on her forehead was visible ,

Sorry, geet said as if trying to understand,

Yes Im maan’s girlfriend and soon going to be fianc,geet felt as if sky was turning on her, Maan’s girlfriend, her would be fianc, her eyes bcame blurry with the layer of tear of threating  to fall from her beautiful hazel shells, she composed herself soon and smiled, Oh congrates ms. Raina ,

And You are Geet naa I know maan told me about you, yup according to him another stupid fan of his, who wants to spend some beautiful nights, geet felt like her whole world crumbled down, well she was nt trusting that gal, but soemewhere her heart was on her own perplexity, she left from that Raina’s sight soon, when she heard somebody calling raina and said Maan was calling her in room no. 312, Geet wanted to know whats going between Maan and Raina, she also left behind her, Raina seen her following, she  smirked on her plan and headed towards the area, Rest when geet opened the door she seen Maan in compromising situation with Raina, why maan was ther what he was doing was  no more matters to her, the only thing which was hurting her badly, that the love which she thought was always hers and alas the destiny what played with her, that was the only love which never meant to be hers. She run towards the outside area crying bitterly and Maan seen her, he ran behind her, wheras Raina was standing there with evil smile, yes what she wanted she finally gt, she wanted to seed the bee of misunderstanding in their hearts and she succeded, she also left room behind them and wha she seen from the corridor was enough to send her on cloud nine, infront of whole media and all guest geet slapped maan, not once or twice, it was infinite, geet was cursing her and maan was all listening calmly, he wanted her to calm down, he wanted her to bit relax, he was trying his level best to calm down, but he lost his own temper when he heard her bitter words, you are a son of bitch, u broke my heart Mr. maan singh Khurana somebody will definitely gonna break your heart, Not only you in your whole family, then you will realize what is the actually meaning of ditching someone, then only you will realize the real meaning of pain and hurt, you are definitely and son of b*** that was end of maan’s patience he raised his hand on her jaan, and fingerprints all left its sign on her cheeks, You have to pay this geet handa, you will pay for this heavily.

Precape: Maaneet honeymoon…


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