Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part-15

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(Important Note: I replaced Arnav Khushi with Armaan and riddhmina because of some personal reasons )
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Note : Its live update I typed whole part but because of my stupidity i lost whole update This projects driving me crazy so I will update as soon as I will gt time in whole day
Riddhima and geet both were arguing  and that was the time when Armaan came near them, he sat near the riddhima on  his knees Riddhi looking her with teary eyes… She pushed him and said she never loved him, it was just a friendship and started walking towards the beach, Armaan was totally broken. Riddhima and geet both were arguing  and that was the time when Armaan came near them, he sat near the riddhima on  his knees Riddhi looking her with teary eyes… According to geet, riddhima have full right on her life, she can also live her life happily like she used to live before that dreadful incident, Yes Riddhmia once used to fun living gal , but her all dreams shattered with in just matter of few seconds, her Fiance rahul, Met with an accident after the next day of their engegment , and Now riddhima only think that she don’t deserve a good and happiy life, least she know, God gave everyone birth, right to breath and live their life peacefully in their own way, , Riddhima don’t wanted to ruin armaan’s life with her unfortunate though she denied her love infront of all, and left the place, she was walking on the beach restlessly , her heart was burning with unsaid desire, why love is so much difficult, she was feeling for armaan, yes she was in love with that charming boy, but alas, she cant put his life in danger because of her so called love, she wanted to hug him tight and wanna say, Armaan Im scared please don’t leave me , yet she was holding her self back and staying apart, she was sobbing it was approximate 4.oo in the eveving, when she found the same parrot sitting on her shoulder which arman bought for her on her insistence , she lifted it infront of her face and caress its wings with her cheeks, You know what Mittu, I love Armaan, I really do, and u know my misery is, I neither live with him, nor without him, What I will say to him, I was once in love wd my fianc, who died because of my silly wish of eating icecream in the early morning near the highway Dhaba, what I would tell him, because of me he died, because of my stupid demand he left his life, he was true lover, I lost him, because I dnt deserve him, I will lost armaan to because of my silly  demand…

You wnt lost armaan, riddhima, he truly love you, he deserve you really, and you deserve her, what happened with Rahul wasn’t your fault riddhi, it was his own destiny, it was geet sitting beside her trying to make her understand that love is the only guest who knocks one in a life , and she was the lucky one who gt her love again , she was trying her level best to make her understand, they both failed to realize when parrot flew away…

Here Armaan was sitting with Maan, whereas all left to their respective rooms, all were sad, because of Riddhima’s denial but as Ranbeer knew the reason behind it, he was trying to make environment light as much possible.

Armaan was in his own thoughts and  maan was just sitting with her, giving him a warm of his presence, sometimes just being with someone that matters a lot, the warmly presence of your love ones give you strength to fight with the toughest situations. When paarot fly ahead and sat on the armaan’s lap, armaan smiled and caressed it, it remind me of hers, her smile, her sweet gesture while she was cribbing for it,

Mitthoo she doesn’t love me, it was just a friend ship and what I was thinking about  us, we were never together for her, and we were never apart for me, why love is so much painful, he was talking with mitthhoo, trying to pour out his frustration, his happiness left no bound, when he heard

Parrot:   Riddhima loves armaan, riddhima loves armaan

Maan who was sitting silently there looked at the parrot with the jerk , Ohh damn what he is saying, why its so much confusing, armaan I guess you should go and ask her whats wrong, Gaya toh thaa naa maan , she refused to talk with me haven’t you seen, that’s the time ranbeer enterdd in the tent,

Those who know what is the pain of being apart, they never wants to gt into any relation haii naa armaan, he directly addressed armaan, Maan was looking at him intently, trying to figure out what he wanted to say…

Once , she was in love with her boy, he was Rahul, armaan looking at him with blank expression, if u would say she was madly in love with him… it wnt be wrong, they were going to gt married in a week, just a next day of their engagement, Rahul met with an accident and died , Riddhima was totally broke down that time, she was almost in hospital, she didn’t wanted to live anymore, that’s because of  his family and her friends she is still alive, finally she is in love with u armaan, I seen that feelings in her eyes, but she is scared, I always felt sisterly love for her, she is simply like a Geet and pari for me, (maan’s heart was doing bhangraa now, not for armaan at all but for ranbeer as he already stated that he felt sisterly love for Geet too 😛 😛 ) Possessive Maan arghhh

Does love wants a security, does love wants a words of  assurance, does love ever wants someones words to sooth the painful hearts, I guess love is the only feeling who never needs any words, who is above all any expressions, it satisfied us with the feeling of another loving gaze of your love, that’s what with armaan and Riddhima, in the eveving Armaan again went to Riddhima and  this time with full confidence with full surety , that he wants her in his life, He couldn’t leave her for sulking whole her life, if  he want her, She needs her, then why this unnecessary distance, Maaneet were more than happy for their friends, In the night only Armaan proposed Riddhima infront of all with very romantic way and riddhima accepted with shy smile and hue clolur of blush, there was no reasn for denial, maano armaan ne apne pyaar ki boondo se usske tann mann ko tar kar diyaa ho


In the same evening Riddhima and Armaan get married, it was riddhima’s scared heart which armaan wanted to calm from his actions, waise bhi in riddhima’s family ther was no one who could object on it and Armaan was totally independent since he went to USA .

Geet was looking stunning in white saari with matching Diamond studded platinum earring, and Maan as usual looking dashing as usual, Geet was watching each and every costume with awwstruck expressin, and maan was looking his bahisht with amusing expression, she was imagining Maan and him when they both were agreening with preiest, Maan knew very well what is going on in hsis bahisht’s mind, he wanted to capture each and every sweet gesture of his bashisht, How much a person can love someone, beyond sanity, or till the edge of insanity, beyond any limits or above all the limits, beyond any boundaries of human approach, or above all of it, They were Maaneet, They bound to be together , But maan wanted to make each and every moment of his bahsiht special with his passionate and romantic moves, Armaan and riddhima were left for hotel , which maan reserved for them already, Geet was standing in the corner, smiling on her own imagination, when came from behind, snaking his hand around her slim waist, pulled her bit towards him, her bare back of backeless blouse was touching Maan’s chest, his hot breath was fanning on her cheeks, he was caressing her waist and securely took her in his embrace, she was looking breathtaking today, and without a word the affect which he has on her, she was shivering with his touch, he seen a rose which was on his coat Meera put, he removed that flower, and with his hands first he caress geets cheeks with back of his finger on Geet’s check then the fingers replaced with the flower, Geet was breathing heavily, he whispered in her ears with most husky voice,

I  am confused geet, Mujhe bataao, who is most soft, who is most supple, this flower which belonged to world or the flower which belonged to Maan Singh Khurana He bite a her earlobe and kissed it sooth the pain , but least he know , he was creating havoc inside her, she was breathless with his touch, she was yearning for more,

, Bolo Geet, Bolo naa , here geet almost forgt to breath how could she reply, he squeezed her waist a bit and again asked, Geet tumhe kyaa lagta hai, Kon sab se zyada deligate hai,

He kissd the flush tissue of hers near the neck area, she moaned

Hmm Maan…

He came ahead facing her and smirk seeing his effect on her, he just loved his effect and praying she would always like that, geet , he lifted her chin with her hands and securely saved her beautiful face in his manly palms, she opened her eyes, it was all blurry, her mind was nt able to code any of his words…

Sweetheart, would you like to come with me for date tonight, and here again his bahisht felt she was flying on the cloud, with his love all around her.

Precape: most awaited very first special one Date & the reason behind their  marriage ??

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