Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love Happens) part-16

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Part 16

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He kissed the flush tissue of hers near the neck area, she moaned

Hmm Maan…

He came ahead facing her and smirk seeing his effect on her, he just loved his effect and praying she would always like that, geet , he lifted her chin with her hands and securely saved her beautiful face in his manly palms, she opened her eyes, it was all blurry, her mind was nt able to code any of his words…

Sweetheart, would you like to come with me for date tonight, and here again his bahisht felt she was flying on the cloud, with his love all around her.

Geet’s uneasy breathing was all saying her internal havoc, and Maan was all feeling aroused with her reaction,

bahisht something is waiting for u there… he said and left the place, it took some more minutes to geet to understand his words, and dark colour of hue flushed on her face,

Oh God, geet jhalli tujhe kyaa hojata hai wo ssamne aatey nahi aur teri saanse ruk jati hai, who bas dekhtey hai aur aisa laghta hai wo aankho se mujhe choo rahe hai, Unke touch karne ki bhi zaroorat nahi padti aur teri hont kaanpne laghtey hai, Sudhar jaa geet, sudhar jaa, Maan kyaa sochenghey tere baarey me…

She was cribbing to her own self mentally slapping her self Nth time, when Maan again came from behind and Hugged her tight, Yahi sochenghey aapke Maan ke unki geet, sirf unke liye bani hai, aur unke hare k act kaa unki geet par react hota hai, whith that he kissed her jawline area and left and feeling shy geet hided her face in her palms,

It was simply churidaar suit, maan gifted her with matching ear ring and other accessories, Geet was reluctant to wear it, according to her, as till now Maan and she is in not strong relationship, how could she take something from him,  being from conservative family, she herself was bit narrow minded, according to her engagement relation is nt that strong compare to other husband and wife relation, she was checking her other dress to wre when Maan entered in her tent, but was shocked to see her in same dress in which she was before, Geet u haven’t changed yet, What happened u didn’t like it kyaa, you want me to buy another for you, wiat if u didn’t like then I will change it , I will be right back, He really felt bad, though geet was highly impressed with his royal choice,  but still the hesitation was something not leaving her,

Maan who actually I liked this dress, Maan stopped at his spot, and turned a bit slightly facing her, but Maan shaadi se pehle aisa sab gift, I never thought like engagement and all… she was all confused what to tell him wht if it hurts him… she faced her and the pain on his  face suddenly pierced her heart,

He was angered, It really hurt him deep, she is not yet accepted this relation, he bought gift for her she will look like an angel in that dress, he seen the bin near the entrance and he threw that wrapped pack in it,

Ohh so u didn’t accepted this relation hai na Geet, he was slowly coming towards her, she took some step behind and he came ahead, you still think Im Nothing to u,

He pulled her towards him and she was just mere inches away from him, he grabbed her from her elbow, she hissed in pain,

Jaanti ho Geet, Mai bhi nai manta iss rishtey ko, he paused a bit and looked into her eyes, it was all teary  and hurt was evident in it , Me jaanta hu toh sirf ek baat, that Damn it I love you, and this is the only thing which matters to me, which matters to me more than any damn so called realtion of yours, no date, thanks for giving me such an amazing return gift, his voice was filled with ragged, he left her and she felt her life leaving “They say love needs a second to realize, what its way, either it take seconds to decide or not even in sanctuaries” . That was a moment for geet to decide what is her destination, It was nothing , nothing but her Maan, If he is angry with her thn yes she failed him, she failed him, she pained him, she hurted him, that was enough reason for her to kill her self, “when you hurt your love ones it hurt you more than it hurt them, she went to bin and picked up that pack again, on the front it was beautifully written with his amazing handwriting, for my bashisht, I know You are beautiful, I want u to accept this small gift, Bahisht iss tohfe ko qubool karke isse apne layak bana do, geet blushed with this lines, he was damn happy geet and u spoiled his mood like anything, Kyaa zaroorat thi itna sab karne ki, chup chaap pehan leti dress, chal koi nahi Galti me ne ki hai sudhaarounghi bhi me , Mr. Maan singh khurana geet handa aapko manane aa rahi hai so be ready with that she blushed, (Uff geet itna blush q??? ab tak toh KUCH bhi nahi huaa 😛 socho jab maan kuchh karegha how will u react uff now me blushing *wink )

She came out of her tent, trying to find maan , when she seen their  group was sitting near the fire busy in talking and she can see only mandu was talking all were looking at him, with damn bore expression, Ufff Ye mandu bhi toh naa ahhh

She went towards them and seen, Ranbir was damn busy in his own badaayi, telling prem , heer and meera a story of his college when he patched up a couple, making boy J … geet smiled naughtily looking towards him and sit next to him,

Arey mandu kyaa kar rahe hoo,

arey Geet me apni college ki vaishaali aur manas ki love story bata raha hu, How I made J Manas ,

geet cut him in mid, arey toh tum ne in sab ko bataya, How manas beat u black and blue when u were according to u try to kiss vaishali and according to vaishali wa actually kissing her, arey tumm ne yeh bhi bataya hogha naa after that the whole month ur left arm and right leg was fractured and so many small small wounds here and ther on your body, arey haa tum ne who bhi batay hogha, u were on bed rest, arey aur fir woh usske baad whenever u used to see Manas in the college u just hied yourself behind some pillars, Ranbir was all flabbergasted, geet was not even breathing, she knew if she stops for a breath also he will start and wnt stop at all, he tried to open his mouth several times, but geet raised her voice and poor ranbir again closed his mouth, Trio were looking geet with amused expression, this was the first time when geet was talking so much infront of them, aur haa Mandu usske six moth baad roopali and Jigar ka patch up who nahi bataya chalo me batati hu. Aap logho ko pata hai Roopali was damn beautiful gal of our class, and Ranbir was all behind her every time, usske 5 brother they, Nahi nahi 6 umm mandu,kitno se khaya tha tu ne yaar me toh bhool gayi , kitney bhaai they, she stopped a bit and was looking randir with devil smirked, when Ranbir almost pleaded

Jaaney de naa mandu aaj ke liyeh Itna kaafi hai and with that trio burst out in laughter, Wowww geet u remind me of something in our college me and heer were like this , U remember meera the way always heer left me speechless, it was prem who was laughing like maniac  and they laughed again remembering all those beautiful memories, sometimes memory either worked as a painkiller if its sweet, or it left some more unsaid and unseen wounds on the heart of mind,

Actually guyz ek problem ho gayi hai chhot si, geet said ,now she was tensed she wanted to go on date with Maan,

Foursome  looked at her with questioning face, actually woh, Hmm who,

Ab mandu bol bhi de aakhir hua kyaa hai, it was ranbeer, Umm kya hua kya hua haii ruk naa mandu Im telling naa, she was bit annoyed now, God why I cant ask someones help easily, God, why its so much difficult bass itna toh batana hai ke Maan naraaz hai aur mujhe unn ko manana hai ,

Wohh ha actually meri ek friend ka call aaya tha sshe was asking me ke usska ek umm who hmm special friend ussey gussa ho gaya hai , how to manaofy him, she lied, privacy is something which always meant everything in every coupes life, either its their romantic moments or small or big fight , and relation can be strong till the time, when there is no intervention of third heartbeats inbetween of two hearts 

She very scared while looking ranbeer and as expected he was looking hre with narrowed eyes with one raised eyebrow, as if asking which friend you talking about,

Kyaa  mandu don’t give me that look u diont know my that friend ,

Ranbir : Oh Ok Toh geet tumhaari frnd ko use manan chahiye naa

Meera: Haa but who mujhe bata rahi thi ke she don’t know how to maanofy him, umm she can make up with a beautiful dinner

Heer: and haa if the person is like a Prem then who toh ek kiss se bhi patt jaaygha, she smirked

Prem: Hawww now its gonna be a difficult for u to manaofy me Mrs. Juneja , he bite her ear and geet looked away feeling emberassed and heer bludhingly slapped him on his arm playfully, stop it u jerk we are in get together,

Aur agar banda Maan jaisa ho toh…

And the ranbeer who was observing geet since long, his face shined with the smile of victory, he was giving her I knew it look and geet trying her level best to ignore him at this time…

Meera: agar banda maan jaisa ho toh, umm Geet its difficult to please a person like maan, Umm he is like a heard rock stone, jo kisi ke liyeh hi narm hotaa hai,

Yeah I swear, sameera used to cry if maan ever gt ang… heer shut herself quickly as she realized what a big mistake she had done, but it was too late to undo, it caught rabir’s attention instantly, but he was quite for the sake of Geet, as he already knew how much geet is upset already, and this is the best quality of a freidns , They never show up anything which mau hurt you, least they know this was the only thing which is going to hurt us in future like anything, More than they expected, because the pain gt doubled, First that the thing which hurted us second the ethought that friend hided something whicb we should know at that time, geet left the place and came to her tent, Maan was in the house, as they tied tent out of the farm house near the seashore, She was pacing restlessly and BINGO she finally gt what he wanted, haa Geet issbaar to khud se hi maan ke paas jana padegha, you shouldn’t have done this at first place ab maan ko ghussa kar diyaa hai, toh itnaa Manaya jaana toh unka bhi haqq hai , Hai na Geet so Mission manaofy angry singh khurana Starts Now , with that she grabbed Ranbir’s camera which was on the table and Move towards the maan’s room inside the farmhouse,

Maan was in his vulnerable stage, he was working out restlessly and his each move which wa hurting him, actually hurting him or sootyhing his painful heart, Geet’s each and every word was echoing in his mind, He sliced his arms in the air and puched the balloon of invisible air, slicing the  space into infinite pieces with his leg’s moves, He was kicking and punching like anything, he seen the wooden log was in the corner, He took it in the mid of the room , and with one swift move the log was breathing its last time in the world, the feeling to ruined this whole world with the bare hands was  flooding in his mind, jab Pyaar apnaa naa ho who itnaa dard nahi deta jitna who apnaa hokar dejaata hai, To love somone and never gt it is not that painful compare to when u love someone , found it and lost again, he was standing his each and every muscles of his body was expressing his internal turmoil, he wanted to crush get under him and desperately wanted to ask why she still not accepted him, was there anything left which she should know and she wasn’t, was there any right which he wasn’t obliged to give her,

AAA, he closed his ears with his palm, inorder to come out from his misery, but there she was standing infront of him, shivering a biit, he started walking towards her, She was taking steps behind, but to her astonishment the area where she was standing was the last path to move out which she closed in her own stupidity, Maan came and took her in his cage, Without a word , without a single noise or voice, he was bit relaxed with her feeling only., he aroma forced him to forgt all her deeds, Her presence was something he wasnt imagined in his room without his enforcement, her presence was something  he never thought would be until he wnt force her, yet again she is His bahsiht, his both the hands were parallel to her head and she was totally stuck between him and door,

Q aayi ho geet yaha , bataya toh hai, tum nahi maanti toh me bhi nahi manta,Bataya toh hai agar tumhe farak nahi padta toh me bhi effected nahi hu,

Maan she trembled, his words were painful, she never expected that she could hurt her life partner, her life partner that too like a maan, muture understanding,

Maan me sorry bolni aayi thi, there faces were just mere inches away, both could feel each others breathing,

Bol diyaa na ab jaao, though he liked her moved that in their relation first time she came to him , for him , first time he was angry with her, and it matters to her, he was feeling happy yes if my anger can effect her, My love also…

He removed his hands and turned , Now geet was facing his back, his sweety body was creating havoc in her by just a visualization, God Geet tu unko manane aayi hai khud seduce hone nahi arghhh

She took out the camera and went infront of Maan,

Maan suniye naa

Hmm, Bolo,.

Mujhe naa aapki ek photo leni hai, well It llitearlly took sometime for Maan tp realize what she was saying, he looked at her with perplexed expression,

Geet smiled naughtily, Time to implement plan no. 2 suddhaarofy Maan’s Mood,

She was in her usual self now, arey maan eh mujhe ek photo leni hai aapki, taaki me humaarey bacho ko bata sakoo ke aap humaari shaadi se pehle kaise gusse waale angry singh Khurana theyLOL(Oops Now she again done something which she shouldn’t)

Wahttt???geet kyaa kaha tumne, wel he was first on cloud nine with her sweet confession of HUMAAREY BACHEY, and HUMAARI SHAADI , but her next set of word just threw hi from cloud nine to earth, Angry singh Khurana, Gosh nobody ever dared to say anthing like this to MSK.

She   bite her toungue oops, Sorry naa Maan, please naa Maan jayiye naa, Galti se nikal gaya swear me aapko Angry singh khurana haw nahi nahi Maan bilkul nahi, Sorry naa , sory, she was continuously chanting sorry, such a jerk U are geet, ektoh itni mushkil se thodi si smile di thi who bhi huhhh…

She directly sat on her knees, and tied her both the hand infront of him and looked at him with a baby faces, Sorry naa Maanu please, awww such a darling she is , she and her cute antics, maan desperately wanting to took her then and there only, but somehow control his urges,

Hmm Okk, he said and truned to leave when she was again started

Ek aur baat maaan,

Hmm, he turned and looked at her , she was still sitting on her knees, she walked on her kneed and came inffront of him and said

Sweetheart would u like to come for date with me tonight, Maan’s heart escape several beats as it was something really unexpected for him,

He was looking her blankly, he was too shocked to react, Does geet asked him for date , FOR DATE…

Maan jaldi bolo naa please my knees paining he smiled and sat pareallel to her, he came near her, both of thems faces were just mere inches away, and geet was statued when he cupped her face in his manly palms and both were just mili inches aways his lips brushed her soft one rose petals, he whispered huskily, why not sweetheart,

Only if u will agree what I M gonna ask u today on date, and smiled mischeviously, he grabbed her hand and snaked his hand around his waist,  embaracing her in his strong cage, his whole body was crushing hers, his one hand hand entangled hers another, he lifted her hand, It was left hand of hers, Ek rasam toh tumhaare saamney leking tumhaari anjaane me hui, ab kucch rasme saath me karle bahisht, with that he kissed ring of hers which was evidence of world, that she belong to him, Geet lowered her gaze instantly and blushed hard, today something is going to be happen big,Her maan wanted to ask something, But what, he came ahead and kissed her forehead,

Taiyaar ho jaao geet, after all its our first official date…   


She came clad in white Churidaar, her beauty was shining with his gifted love, she was looking mesmerizingly angel, she was looking his love in his gifted love, his Bahisht, Maan’s bahisht.  She eneterd into that area, the whole area was compelling beautiful, he was right behind  her, observing her expression,  she was looking nave, innocent and what not, he came and hugged her from behind, snaking his hands around her waist, emberacing her love in his arms, she smiled blushingly and put her hand around his, he kissed on his neck, and she shivered with his touch, he trailed a line of soft kisses on her soft fleshes, a shiver ran down through her spine, she was feeling jelly on her knees, but his support was something giving her strength to live those beautiful moments.

zindagi se chura ke zindagi me basa ke

zindgani banaya hai tujhe

roothe rab ko mana ke aasman ko jhuka ke

zindgani banaya hai tujhe

tu mila jis tarah saba mile tu mila jis tarah sila mile

tu mila jis tarah duaa mile  bakhuda

tu mila toh jaise mai jee gaya tu mila mukam mal mai ho gaya

tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda

zindagi se churaa ke zindagi me basa ke

zindgani banaya hai tuje

He came side ways and kissed her cheeks, going down to her jawline and stopped right next to lower lips her lips stretched a bit into smile he smiled mischeviously and kissed her both the eyes, she opened and seen him, he was standing smilingly , she blushed hard and looked down, OH MY God, his bahisht is so much shy, her shyness is smoething driving him crazy, lets play a game geet, lets see would u be able to find me, lets see how much do u know, was that better than me, he kissed her both the eyes again and put a blindfold on the beautiful hazel shells on hers, which was mirror of her heart,

mehfooz tu mehsoos kar tere paas hoo mai sada

tujhse nahi ho sakta mai pal bhar bhi ab juda

ab saath hai hum is tarah aankho ke sang palke

waqt ko yeh baat hum ik baar phir se keh de

sare gham se chupa ke, har nazar se bacha ke

Zindagani banaya hai tujhe

Maan main, woh,

She was surprised with his such behavior but again she did happily accepted, Her all demand was more than his, her wishes, he kissed her forehead insuring her , his love was something which nowadays became inseparable part of her life, she was scared to even think how the life used to be without his love, it is owesome feeling to realize yes you are around the protection of someone’s loving gaze, It is heavenly feeling to  recognize that someone is right beside you, all set to protect you, to fight for you, with whole world, he kissed her behind the ears and whispered

Geet, Mujh par bharosa toh hai na,

Bhagwaan se bhi zyada , she said even before thinking

Aur Pyaar Geet?? He was as if asking , his voice was trembling a bit, as if pleading to gt the positive answer,

tu mila jis tarah saba mile tu mila jis tarah sila mile

tu mila jis tarah duaa mile bakhuda

tu mila toh jaise mai jee gaya

tu mila mukammal mai ho gaya

tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda

baaho me aa ho jayenge shiqwe sabhi khud fana

hotho se mai tujh ko sunu aankho se tu kuch suna

tu aks hai mai aaina  phir kya hai sochna

ik doosere mei kho ke hai ik doosre ko pana

kismato ko jaga ke, har jaha ko hara ke

zindagani banaya hai tujhe

Apne aap se bhi zyada, sabse zayda, she replied with same anthu, he left her and moved away a bit captured her each gesture, her smiling face, her skin which  was shining in moon light, he emberace her again and move inside the area which he chosen for their special moments. He removed her fold and kissed her eyes again, isn’t it amazing feeling that somebody is pampering you like you are the most precious thing, she was his possession, his love and it meant to be pampered and loved by him, but by him only, she opened her eyes she was impressed with his selection of place,  The place was perfect, calm,  cool breezes were touching their bodies, but she realized chairs were invisible their,  the  natural lamps were on the floor, she came ahead, and was stunned with his preparation…


tu mila jis tarah saba mile  tu mila jis tarah sila mile

tu mila jis tarah duaa mile  bakhuda

tu mila tto jaise mai jee gaya

tu mila mukammal mai ho gaya

tu mila toh phailaa hai noor sa bakhuda


 Precape: what was that preparation about, How it could be ???

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