O saiyaa (maaneet OS)


One shot on Magical couple Maaneet 🙂 😉

Song- O Saiyyan
Movie Agneepath

The click sound of Knob on the door and the harsh sound of Door man

King Maanveer is here (raja Maanveer aa rahe hai)

The best room of the women’s portion in the palace was decorated as if the whole world is there in the room. It was first night of king Maanveer and his queen Geetanjali. King maanveer the king of delhi, its approximate the middle age of Indian history, when the Chandra gupt morya lost his kingdom, it was maanveer his son, who became king after the insane death of Morya, for whole world he was King Maanveer Morya but for his mother he was maan, his maan, who always sat on the floor, whenever she was around, who loved to put his head on her lap.

After the proper growth of the kingdom, his mother always wanted maan to married the Rajkumari Geetanjali, a rajkanya of the neighbor state, she was daughter of  his enemy, who killed his father, her mother wanted maan to merry her so that they can get the Kingdom of their enemy,

Rajkumari Geetanjali was far away from such politics, maan first time saw her when she came for the day out with her friends, it was love at first sight for maan, Maan was mesmerized with her beauty,

Her angelic eyes, her curvy lips, whenever she smiled dimple on her cheek which enough for maan to drawn her in her mesmerizing beauty,

For maan she was like venom, the person may die with her one glimpse, that’s the only reason nobody in the kingdom allowed to see her. Her killer eyes and naughty smile made maan crazy.

He wants her only her, he wants her to panting heavily under him, moaning her name again and again, clutch his bare back. He wants to be wild with her; he wants to do all the things with her which he always used to do in his wildest dreams.

That was not easy for maan to win her heart, she was Rajkumari a daughter of a king, but still far away from the politics, she was as nave as first drop of Rain, she was fragile like a dew. But he won her, won her with his love and intelligence, and now she was his and her kingdom too.

Maan opened the door, the whole room was decorated with different colors of rose and violet orchids and the work of light is done by Moon and Candles.

Its 15th of moon, the full moon hiding behind the curtain, and trying to peeped in  when ever the cool breeze trying to came inside throughout the curtains.

He saw she was sitting in the middle of the bed, fully dressed in the Bride in the veil on a head.

He just wants to grabbed her and ripped her cloths and make love but somehow he control his desire, as he knows very well she may be don’t know the Relation between the man and woman with physical contacts, but he wants to make love today only today itself, its their first night and he knows that in the early morning her nurse will come to check her whether they are in relation or not, and above all its all about his family wants the other prince to make their family strong, to make their kingdom strong, but still it’s a long long process the first thing here is his desires, his pleasures, his imaginations for this girl. Yes she is his wife, they are in relation now, she have all the rights on him, so that he.

He took the first step inside the room, it’s her usual room where he is living since his childhood, but it seems like tonight it also become special to witness their love. To witness their togetherness.  

Geet was sitting middle of the bed, she knows that now she is not a Princess Geetanjali  Handa, Now she is Queen Gitanjali maanveer, a queen of kingdom so that her husbands heart too.  A daughter in law of most well honored family of the Royal world. She very well knows that maanveer loves him; it was evident from his eyes. The day only when she saw him for the first time when he came for the shikaar in her kingdom’s Forest. After wards when her Daai maa (nanny) make her understand the relation between the Husband and wife, whenever she saw any dream it was him in her dreams.  She saw he was stood rooted near the door, as he took his first step Geet felt like it was not on the floor but on her heart, she was breathing heavily, as he come near her she was nearly stopped breathing. He come near her and sits near the edge of the bed. He lift her veil up and smirked and simply said : Breath, Breath Geet,

“Geet” she opened her eyes in surprise just to find him,  starring her lovingly, she lowered her gaze feeling shy, not able to resist his intense gaze anymore.

He came near,

Kyaa aap jaanti hai aapko hum ne Geet naam kyu diya??

She looked at him with questioning look.

Hum bataayeinghe aap ko lekin abhi nahi, he smiled naughtily and placed a kiss on forehead and she closed her eyes in acceptance.

He liked it, actually loved it, its like a pleasant surprise for lover, to whom we love the most is ready to accept us the way we are, the way we lived, the way we care and the way we treat them.

Maan being a king, the king of a royal kingdom, the girl always ready to give her selves to him, to surrender themselves to maan, but maan being a man of his words, he actually promise himself that neither he will drink, nor he will sleep with keep, the way his forefathers used to do. And till now he is on his words.

Geet hum aapko humaarein rishtein ke baaarey me batana chahtey hai, he wants to clear her all the doubts and make her understand their relations.

Dekhiye Geet, ek pati patni ka rishta sirf dukh dard, aur saat vachno tak ka nahi hota, being a human we have some needs, some desires, and its duty of husband and wife to fulfill the desires of others.

Ohhh”’.. huhhh

He actually unable to tell her that what he actually wants to say, Geet  humaari emotional needs se aaghey bhi kuch zaroorat hoti hai, pati patni ke rishte ko mazbooth buniyaad den eke liye yeh zaruri hai, hum yeh nahi keh rahey ke yah hona hi chahiye leking humarey rishte ko yeh ek dusrey level par le jaayegha

A small smile crept on her face, she understood what he wants to say, and how she cant understand, her each heart beat is for maan, each and every breath possessed by maan, so how she failed to understand him.

He saw a glimpse of smile, her lips curved in the shape and her dimple become deep. She put her hand on maan’s hand and replied.

Maan aapko kuchh kehne ki zarurat nahi hai hum jaantey hai, aap kyaa kehna chah rahe hai,


Her marvelous melodious voice, he just want to listen her voice again and again.

This the first time she said something after their marriage and this is the very first time he is listening to her, and what she just said that she can understand him,

Ohhh maan was above cloud nine.

Maan: Ohhh toh aap sab kuch jaanti hai, she lowered her gaze instantly.

And her pink cheeks turn into crimson red. Toh yaani humein thoda aur time miljaayegha jo hum ek dusrey ke saath bita sakeunghe.

She shuddered with his touch, his hand snake into her waist, which was bare, the cold touch on her waist gives her Goosebumps, she closed her eyes, and start breathing heavily.

Geet, he called her in husky voice, can we start love? He asked her, 


Meri adhuri kahani

Lo dastaan ban gayi

Tu ne chhua aaj aise,

Me kyaa se kyaa ban gayi,

Ohhh his touch was so special, really unique, and yeah sensuously amazing too. Being touched by any man, it was her first experience so that his, but she was really don’t know about it.  She was really feeling shy, as he start undressing her, she being Rajkumari , her values never allowed to be naked in front of any one, but again, he is not just any random person, he is her Husband, the one who have all the rights on her, the rights which she reserved for him only for so long.

Sahmey hue sapne mere

Hole hole anghdaiyaan le rahe

Thhehrey hue lamhe mere

Nayi nayi gehraaiyaan le rahe

Being with Geet is nothing but his wildest dream, which is going to be in reality soon, his love is with him, what he need more, what he can ask to god more than this, he lived his whole life till now was nothing but just a mere war of existence, but as she is with him, life seems so easy within moments. He start kissing her madly, from shoulder to her finger tips, from her foreheads to her chin, he parted her legs and kissed under thigh, Ohh that was amazing, she is already feeling wet under her legs.

Zindaghi ne pehni hai muskaan

karne laghi hai itna karam q na jane

karwat lene laghey hai armaan phir bhi

hai aankh nam q na jaane

Ooo saiyyann””..

 Geet being a princess she always have some sketch about her prince charming, but to her mere luck, he is not just a princes he is a king, a king of his word, a king of her life, whose single touch, ohhh”’.

She starts feeling special, the tickling in her stomach and burning sensation in her body making her crazy, and his response driving him Insane. He undressed her and then himself but to his utter shock, when he stuck with his buttons, she came ahead and helped him, he don’t know was that her effect or there mere togetherness which was effecting her, he can clearly see her hands were shivering. As soon as she open up the buttons he grabbed her hands and kissed them again but this time with some concern as if her hands tired because of just opening up the buttons.

Odhu teri kaya

Solaah Shingaar me sajaloo

Sangam ki yeh raina

Iss me tyohar me manaloo

Khushboo teri choo ke kastoori ho jaoonn

Kitni phiki thi mein sindoori ho jaoon

Both were naked. Geet was feeling shy as she is experiencing all this for the very first time. Maan understand her hesitance, he pulled the duvet and cover both till their chest, with one swift turn, he came up on her, his weight was totally squeezing her body, but she thoroughly enjoying their togetherness, this was something really unbelievable which never exist in her life before. She was their in her original self, Without an jewelry, in her birthday dress, hyperventilated, breathing heavily and feeling goose bumps, with his sweet torture of caressing , he was kissing her madly on her face and while his hands were busy in caressing her  body, making patterns on her fragile figure. But now its becoming unbearable for her, his sweet torture became something unbearable for her, she scratched his back with her nails, and her moan become demands and she finally said,

Maan make yours, love, I want to be marked by you, I want you touch my soul.

Her simple demand is become order for maan, he gently enters in her and her scream followed his action. He holds for sometime to adjust in her, so that she can also adjust with his size.

Sur se zara behki hui

Meri duniya thi badi be suri

Sur me tere dhalne laghi

Bani re piya me bani bansuri

As soon as they hit their first organism together, they both shuddered with immense desire and energy, maan’s head was on geets chest, listening her pounding heart and feeling heavy breath.

He lifts his head and looked into her eyes, which was reflecting his love and only his reflection. She smiled looking at him, he turns and put his back on bed and lift her n his arm, and now she was above him, her hand was on his chest for support

 geet hum ne aap se kaha tha na hum aapko geet keh kar bulaayenghe

She nodded her head and then asked with eyes, why is that so,

He understands and replies,

Aap ek Geet ki tarah hai, puri ki puri.

Jab aap saans leti hai toh aapki madham madham saansein humein ek dhun ki tarah sunaai deti hai

Jab aapki dhadkanein humaarein paas aane par zor zor se shor machaati hai yeh shor humein Samundar ki lehron se bhi zyaada lagne lagta hai,

Aur jab humareey choone par aap ki ankhein band ho jatii hai aur ek halki si ahh sunaai deti hai waisi madhur awaaz hum ne aaj tak kisi sangeet me nahi suni,

Zindaghi ne pheni hai

muskaan karney laghi hai

Itna karam q na janeey

Karwat lene laghi hai

Armaan phir bhi

Hein aankh num q na jaaney

Geet smile shyly and hug him tight and close her eyes as it was nothing but just a sweet dream, maan looked at her and then at window where moon was witnessing their togetherness, a tear escaped from his eyes, a tear of happiness, which tell him, that now life will be perfect and easy for him, he is not alone to face everything, somebody is there beside him, and the tear is not of sorrow its of happiness, its of togetherness.


8 comments on “O saiyaa (maaneet OS)

  1. hayee…!!
    it’s a story of a king n princess…!!!
    so dreamy…

    firstly d concept which u had choose is awesum’.!!!
    In old era’..dis typ of alliance happens btwn two kingdoms’.!!!

    You had described each n everything’..really beautifully’.!!!
    Maaneet’s interaction as well as deir love n affection for eachother is amazing’.!!!
    U are really gud n amazing wid ur words dear’.!!!

    Dis song is my favrt song of dat movie’..!!!
    Dis os is sweet jst lyk song’.!!!
    Well atlast i want to say dat’.

    Me looking forward for more os’..!!!

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