My Bahisht… (meri tasauwuraati jannat)


My Bahisht my paradise …… (Intro of author )

Sometimes loneliness makes great changes in personality as well as in life of one …….

Sometimes It just scattered your life like dry leaves in autumn and sometimes it make us adjust so well that person become something he/she never though of…..

I think loneliness is nothing but a hot steel cup in which human life act as a soft wax and it mould the way person thinks…….

Some words , millions, or billions changed the way we think……

change the way we interpret, anticipate and imagine the life…..

this is what I think about my all FF’s and OS and Poems….

It is nothing but the way I interpret the life and its ways …………

to be honest never thought, I will be able to manage my studies with my job and writing too but yes I did it…

Gosh I just checked the visiotrs view its crossed 3000 great groing frnds love yeah all for this *a BIG HUG * plese shower your love like this on me forever

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Where love was divine, serene and beautiful, something brutally killed all the relations of MAANEET does the keepsakes of love survive their love or it will die its destined death ???
thought of a simple gal……


where love is animosity, its a game of emotions which will drown u till death


100% mine (HPM)
a story of girl who want her life partner only to be hers …
and what she gt in is HARDCORE betrayal but FROM WHOM???


Magic of Maaneet (Road to one shot)

all OS creations 🙂


:) will wait for ur all reviews here…

Poetic world of mine

My All poems here ….



Do read like and comment and have fun 🙂


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