Keepsakes of love -prologue

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Keep sakes of love

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They loved each other, they get married to each other, he was an apple eye of his parents, she was life of his, they were living happily, there was no sorrow, no regret, she used to write diary, he had always unknown to this fact, a single storm in their life and everything changed,

his life, her existence…

his memory and her love….

Allah witnessed his love, pure, sinless…..

Her diary witnessed her craziness for him….

They changed their life style for each other….

Where love was divine, serene and beautiful, something brutally killed all the relations of MAANEET does the keepsakes of love survive their love or it will die its destined death ???  

will she able to hide herself from his love…..

will he able to find out his love with help of one single keepsake of love and some broken tarnished memory…..

Lets start the journey of hide and seek, where hatred had proved its strength and love had defeated badly…..

Where one single storm tarnished their paradise …..

Maan sajjad Khan aka MSK:

Some keepsakes of love

Left for their love…

To never forget the togetherness

The glee moment and sorrow

The time which we did borrow

From destiny of yours and destiny of mine

Will u never come back to me

Even if I am dying

I lost everything when I lost u

Do come back jaan

I will find everything in you…..



 Geet ghazal siddiqui aka his *Ghazal*:

Some keepsakes of love

Always meant to leave for love…

Love can betray…..

Memory can betrayed

Family can betray….


That too when its alive…

The keepsake of our relation

Growing inside my womb,  

A gift from you,

Which never let me forget

I belong to u ….

P.s. those who dont know the meaning of Keepsakes:

it means a gift, a gift that evokes memories of a person or event with which it is associated. Hope u all clear now

 Now Fingers Crossed a really unique Idea I guess, not sure will u all accept it or not Please Do like, rate and comment and let me know should I go ahead and I seriously have no Idea how me going to manage all 4 FF’s with extra OS’s but seriously as soon as i gt Idea i failed to stop my self and just penned down I seriously need motivation from u all 


65 comments on “Keepsakes of love -prologue

  1. wow i loved this idear
    and i have sooner or later love will win
    love have to win because hatred never live long
    But Love is meant forever ,,,,
    May hatred become powerful for sometime like darkness engulf eveything but it did not that light never apear .
    i will wait for the story 🙂

  2. Itssss just awesomee…..Most unique Prologue….<3 Tunne maaneet ko alag hi andaz mai laya…
    Wait for CS n Part 1

  3. Awesome prologue..
    <3<3<3<3 Loved it!!! <3<3<3<3
    so they're muslim and interesting concept..
    The povs were beautiful… I feel like I will be crying for this =$
    is it gonna b a sad n painful one??? In Sha Allah its not..
    will be waiting.. jus one req plz pm me for this coz i hardly come to blog honey..x
    thanks for letting me know about this 🙂

  4. Awesome Prologue..Loved it alot
    And Maaneet Name different
    waiting for start….continue soon
    Thank u for PM 🙂

  5. lvd the copncept
    n hate yaar this stupid hate cant come in between my maaneet
    n me sure lv will win at last
    hayee kitna maza ayega to read this hate lv story waiting

  6. ohkiz so this was wonderful the way you describe everything actually left me in shackles that i need more and more to live these updates 😉 must say u wonderful darling and the poems just fab 😀

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