Keepsakes of love – chapter 1 (yaad e maazi)

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Chapter -1 (memories are curse)

Yaad e Maazi Azaab hai yarab

Chheen le mujh se hafiza mera

(past memories are painful cursed my lord….

Please snatch my memories of past)

He entered in the room, limping, fracture on his left leg was still paining, he winced as  standing without support was still abandoned for him, but who could order MSK…

He glared to servant who came to help him, seeing his boss in pain, more of a duty it was his humanity, as Khan Family was honorable and respected family of  UK, being in a western culture Mr. sajjad Khan made his own Identity, and he was famous for his honesty, modesty and humble nature…

His family, they were total five peoples, Maan Sajjad Khan, New MD of Khan’s Technologies,


And at last Aleena


only daughter of  Shaima & Sajjad khan…

sajjad Khanimages

And finally the last and oldest person of the family , their dadu , mother of Sajjad Khan….


Maan lied down on the bed, head injuries were still paining like hell, but the only thing which was disturbing him was emptiness of the room and blank space of his heart, he was strongly feeling something was missing, though his memory not at all supporting him, well what he suffered was not less, first accident on the UK highway and at last ending up in coma….

Well that’s what they told him..


They were not someone Maan, they are your family, they said they used to live together..

They said na but do I remember this all…

I forgot my own existence, how can I remember them…he sighed and tried to divert his attention,

He stood up went towards the  closet, he opened the door  and trying to search something, something he was not sure himself, when a he felt he found his happiness, he grabbed that book and wrapped out,


It was the main title of the book, he opened it, It was diary neatly wrapped in colorful scrap paper and beautifully decorated with original rose petals and pearls…

Two smiling eyes were patched those eyes were beautiful double lined with kohl, saying saga of its own beauty…


He smiled and had hugged book as if it was his only life left….

The name was familiar, as if it was close to his heart, as if he heard it many times…..

He came to his bed and opened the diary with shivering hands……..

The first page was beautifully designed in heart shape with rose patels filled wd and above those patels some  drops of wax, from far it was looking fresh rose patels with drop of dew above it…

He turned the next page, it was her handwriting, his heart pounded and contended with glee and he caressed page with soft hands, as if that page was new born baby and the harsh and soft touch would hurt it…….

(Diary part in purple)

Dt: 21/10/2012


Never knew it, I would be writing something like this for someone *blushing hard*

Do answer me please I m very confuse

Have you ever felt how it feels when u become life of someone???

 Have you ever felt how it feels when someone called u with so much authority, with so much possessiveness without any relation and still it all feels so right, and so much divine….

Have you ever felt the belongingness to someone …..

Have you ever felt hell in heaven ???

Well if you felt that , Than I can say YOU ARE IN LOVE…

Well, not specifically you, its me more than you, which is falling in love , every fraction of second….

Falling in love with every coming breath of mine….

Falling in love with “YOU”….

“YOU” a word of three letters but certainly became my whole existence.

You, its only you, I am hopelessly, crazily in love with ….

Its only you I want to be with Its only you who become important in my life, more than my own existence….

I know you might be pleasantly surprised while reading this…

Heheheee Com’on my PROFESSOR don’t go crazy…

Hey have u remember the day maan, when we met first time…

Chaddo ji me bhi kisko baat karne bol rahi hu, aap se toh sirf aankho se baate hoti hai haaye aap pe sach me kitni ladkiyaa marti hoghi naa college me (dekho clear the wrinkles of ur forhead , oyee stop there only don’t make this face, it increase my heart beats hehehehe now don’t smile like fool oopsss, sorry sorry gussa naa karna please arey…. aap phir shuru ho gaye, mujhe likhne do na aise imagination me aakar don’t disturb me  )

Maan smiled with tears, and chuckled feeling something really incredible, though he had unaware of every fact but he was feeling, he lived those moments…. but with whome…



His reverie broke with the scream , he tried to move but felt strong contradiction in his same leg, he was getting annoyed with this handicappedness….he somehow managed to come out of the room taking support of pillars he stood near the railing looking down in hall…

It was dadu, calling ghazal,  he stood there silently hoping to see the girl, whose name is GHAZAL,  but felt dejected when seen his mother coming from kitchen hurriedly and she literally shook Dadu to not to shout and they were talking in whispers, then he seen Dadu shedding silent tears as soon as his mother left, she took out one long scarf and kissed it numerous times and clutched as if it was dear to her….

Maan came into his room, he was strongly feeling pain due to pressure on plaster,….

He hold diary and sat back…     

 He opened the same page and read remaining lines…

All were beautiful, romantic, anyone could feel special after reading those lines with thought in mind that  those lines written by their lover for them….

But he smiled sadly, the feeling to emptiness started roaring badly, it intensified the pain in multiples…..when he had read,


He looked the date again and it did strike him, 21-10-2012, it was date of previous year, his last Birthday, 21st October was his date of birth, this piece of information he had get when he was hospitalized, and his parents were so much worried for his health, knowing he was suffering from AMNESIA due to major head injury …….



She opened the door of room, It was cool and breeze were soothing but how something can give comfort when is burning with unsaid and untamed desire, when something brutally snatched away by others….

He smiled sadly and caressed her 5 months visible bump..

She went near the mirror and switched on the lights….

ghazal  geet

thanks to sumaiya for this Edit 🙂

She removed her BURKA and sat on bed for sometimes to catch the breath, as it was suffocating to hold burka *hijaab* and take care of own self with unborn baby residing inside her, she took glass of water, sat on the chair took glass in right hand and drank in three breaths… saying Alhamdullillah (Praising Allah) she got up to palce the glass on table, she lied down on bed, waiting for Isha Salah (prayer after sunset) somewhere from far, prayers were echoing, Mosque was far away from her place, she placed a clean carpet to offer the prayers First, after competing her salah she was praying, she was sitting in courtyard , it was her daily routine, fter him life became numb, she was living like a zombie…

Her clinic and after that this small house was her life , nothing extra than this, no one except ….

Her chain of thoughts broke with knock on the door, she looked at the person who just entered in the house and smiled, aa gayi aap Daai maa ..

She smiled when daai maa came and kissed her forehead effectively and both smiled..

Aaj aap late ho gayi beta?? Daai maa looked at her with concern,

Dair se toh aaj aap bhi aayi hai daai maa, Kaha gayi thi aap?? Geet looked at old lady with small smile trying to lighten the situation… they both smiled and than started laughing…

With her Geet was also laughing, her laugh, Daai maa stopped , once their was a time when her voice used to chime in whole house, she was jaan of whole house, and now with her life her laugh also became empty, just an empty voice, without emotion, without happiness…

Daai maa left the room with heavy heart, commanding geet to take rest and not to do anything even after knowing the fact, she will end up in doing something if not for house than for her baby…..

 She sat on the bed, with a frame of photo in her hand, actually clutching that frame close to her heart, trying to get solace in those lifeless pictures, rejoicing those beautiful passionate moments of togetherness……

she closed her eyes pretending to sleep but it felt soothing balm to her tired wounded soul, she was damn exhausted due to her pregnancy weakness and hectic clinic schedule,…..

Closing the door from inside daai maa cursed herself, as Geet slept without a food…. she washed some fruits and kept on geet’s side table… and left to have some sleep..

he turned the page , there was some curiosity in him, curiosity to know who’s this girl, where she left, why she left and what was her relation with him, that her belonging,  her diary was here….

If I ever want to wish you I would wish….

Long life, happy life with your family,

Health of yours and ours love ones and…

You should be with me

You should be with me

I really need you…

You should be with me….

Our togetherness is the only thing I would wish u forever, because its is sole aspect which will make u satisfied (silly me it will make me satisfied and contented more than you)  

He was dumbstruck   with the intensity of the feeling of person who wrote these lines, how someone could love anyone beyond imagination, beyond sanity, yet still had patience to wait and left when he was fighting with his life…

If she loves me a lot than where is she???

Where she left and more than all these questions why she left???

So many questions and no answers …

He was feeling helpless….. the tear of feebleness left from his eyes, driving its way towards down….

He turned the page:

~Yes I felt special~

Yes I felt special

The moment you said

I’m capable to change your mood

Yes I felt special

For the first time when you confessed

I am your love for

 Whom you were waiting since childhood

  Yes I felt special when you announced

I am the most important person….

Yes I felt special when you told

Just by looking you I always wish…

You are a chocolate cake of mine and I want to pounce

And make u mine, in each figure,& each call, and in each ounce

Yes I felt special

When u were with me, when I was sad..

& sadness of mine effecting u making u mad,

Yes I felt special,

When you talked about us

In front of your family for the first time…

 & announced infront of all

That I am your life line…

Yes I felt special

When ever your single gaze roamed over my body,

That the heated effect made me blush hard

It always helped in make our relation strong

 And move it forward….

Yes I felt special whenever you expressed



(Eza 🙂 ) 

How’s that poem I wrote, I know you’d laugh over it that such a stupid girl I am, you’d smack your head saying “kaha phass gaya yaar, kaisi pagal ladki hai yeh”

But believe me I love every emotions of you showed up for me…

Either its anger…

Either its irritation….

Either its annoyance…..

Either its happiness…

Either its your pouting lips & cribbing sounds (very rare 😉 )

OR your LOVE…

Kyaa karu I am crazy for you more than you are crazy for me….

Hopelessly and helplessly in love with you…




she opened her eyes as soon as Daai ma left the room, sighing she sat on the bed and rested her back on bed board….She took  out the album which she had hide under the pillow, and kissed it…

It was their picture, a beautiful memory of togetherness…

It was picture of his last birthday…


How much he craved that day to see her in that saari, and  listen those three magical words from her, but being a stubborn geet, she naughtily denied all his demands…but the evening was memorable when she wore that saree in their room and beautifully confessed all in front of him, how much he was shocked that time, she chuckled and the way he was gaping on her,her lavish white saaree, and slim bare waist, was creating havoc inside him, how much she blushed when he grabbed her waist and kissed her bare back and whispered, aaj toh ghazab dhaa rahi ho ghazal, tum  se door rehna bohut hi mushkil lag raha hai… How she made him understand being a bahu of the family she has to maintained the dignity and such types of wear might have embarrassed them infront of all

than her mind drifted to her Family as she flipped the album…..

Her family her love ones…..

her abbu , Ahmer Siddiqui


her mother, her care taker, her guidance, her first friend, her ammi, Hira Siddiqui, she chuckled , ammi aap ab bhi itne hi khubsoorat dikhtey hoghe hai naa??  she questioned and kissed the picture sadly…

Hira siddiqui

her bhaai Azhar siddiqui, how much he was reserve, hehehe bilkul maan jaise… he caressed his picture, it was picture of his first project succes party, he was very happy that day….

Azhar Ahmer Siddiqui

and at last……  she smiled with tears her Jaan, her shona, her sweety pie small sister, anya Siddiqui , naughty devil yet cute angel, her partner in all  mischiefs, her best friend, her worst enemy , hehehehe sh miled remembering how they used to fight like cats….


Closing eyes, she again started hallucinating those moments, started living all those memories, beautiful smile crept on her lips, and she soon drifted to sleep in same position….

Precape: Sneak Peak in past 🙂 😦

hullaaaa posted part 1 seriosuly very much nervous yet excited do let me know hows it please please please reply karnaa as Im already scared with this storyline but cant help as what we say here likhne kaa keedaa kaata hai Okhh and do wish my frnd on her Bday please … after all its party time …

Respsonse on this chapter will decide the future of this story



54 comments on “Keepsakes of love – chapter 1 (yaad e maazi)

  1. wow what a start dear
    i just loved it
    so beautiful , but so painful
    what happened how they seprate
    so many question but will wait (sigh)
    please cont soon

  2. Great update
    so beautifully written..What happened why they separate???
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    Loved the poem a lot. But i wonder y she is away from maan!!

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    n y she not with her family.. it was confusing bt lvd it
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    doesn’t remember his ghazal
    tumne mujhe rolaya ,…why? why are they separate for?? ;(
    the poems once again they’re beautifully written, it depicts her love for him.
    awwe Geet’s pregnant as well.. stress n sorrow isn’t good for pregnancy, un dono ko mila do *lolz*
    Continue soon, Very soon hehe

  7. nyc part….so maan hs anmesia… den y geet is away from him??? they were married na…. kya maan ki fmly ki wajah se???
    n geet ka naam ghazal bhi hai….hmmm n she is preg….

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    Deepa (spvd)

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    hats off to u 1st part hi itna saddy…saddy…..!!!
    u bandariya…..yaar frst part me hi mere maanu ko rula diya tune….:'(

    aur geet ummm…nai gazal is more sweet n lovely as per geet’s character…..!!!
    i reallly luv’d geet’s character her way of expressing herslf….actully whole diary part….!!!

    yaar if i talk about update…..den

    wat had u done……yaar…
    maan ka fracture n den dat amnesia…..
    i m sure sum1 had defintly taken chance of dat…..!!!!
    diary part i jast luv’d it…..!!!
    gazal’s love for maan was really crazy….bt d sad part is dat he didn’t even remember even a bit of it…..!!!

    geet’s (maan’s gazal hayee kinna accha lagta hai….) condition is also not so good…..den why d hell is dis sepration….wat was dere in d past dat lead dem here….none is happy wid it…..!!!

    maan’s dadu was calling gazal…….n even she cried for her….dis shows dat she mst b luving her too……..

    uff ye na families k wajah se hamesha lovers ko suffer krna padta hai….
    bt yaar dey both were married na……n even geet is preggy too……phir aisi kaun si qyamat aa gai k dey have to depart………

    now about u………

    well dear eza….u sach me dayan hai……:p
    waise d update was really awesum……
    n i luv’d each n every word of it…….
    waise to i never lyk poems…n even i use to avoid dis poem part in all stories….bt bt bt…..yaar d poems which u had written in dis update were realy awesum…….n d i m fida over dat diary contents……

    aur ha…….i m egarly waiting for nxt part….so u better jaldi update kar de….wrna…*bas smjh jaaa……**
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      n pics mt denaaaaaa……
      pics ki wajah se lagta hai update bada hai……….bt hota pidda sa hai……

    • ufff uff uff Deeps :O pehle hi beginning with BANDARIYA 😛 see jitnaa u will irritate me more I will cry u all wd ds story 😉 So u better be good wd me or U know I m EVIL DEVIL 😛 😛

  10. hei hei hei first of all i wannna say i need more to read i am not full….i guess when will i be full with it’s updates now O.o this is really new and a wonderful start will be waiting to see what you have in store for future now please do it soon na waiting
    and for the update so maan has lost his memory while geet…hmm she have left maan what was that? she loves him? than why she left him? to confusing for me to get out and now want more n more n more plz 😀

    • hahahah 😛 😛
      Haash finally u are loving any of my work 😉 hehehehe Im in devil mode love it divzi love it Im going to make u cry in this 🙂 😀
      Love yeah for the comment 😀 muaaaaaaaahhhhhh

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