Keepsakes of love chapter 2 ~tujhe chahna meri bhool thi~

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Chapter 2- “kuchh bhool thi”

Next day, fresh morning, Geet woke up with heavy heart still smiling lips, patience, this is what Islam insist, in every bad or good moments, you should have a faith on Allah, smilingly you have to face every hurdle, and Praise Allah in every good or bad, HE was, is and will be creator of destiny, She Offered her Fajar Salah, completing daily house hold chorus she left for clinic.

She reached in mid of the way when something grabbed her attention, It was a small kid, sitting on the shallow corner of road, crying, he was in school uniform, looking nice yet crying face of his was startled restlessness,

Arey Kyaa hua aapko bacha, she said, sitting next to him, she smiled a bit, Kisi ko hasana bhi toh Sadqa e jaariyaa hai, (make someone smile is a virtue whose return never stops, it’s a good investment.)

Meh… main ap….apne am…ami abbu se na…. Naa … Naraaz  hu, he said sobbing more, she looked at him in pain,

arey arey arey aaiye humaarey paas aaiye. She felt like to embraced that small baby in her secure arms,

 baby was reaaly cute, approximate age of 5-6 years,

ammi ne mera naam MAAN rakha hai, saarey dost mujhe tease kartey hai, Koi NAAN (bread) bulaata hai toh koi PAAN (leaf ), Mujhe school nahi jaana sab mujhe tease karenghey, he cried more and smile of geet’s face vanished in fractions….

The boy said and lowered his head on her , trying to feel the warmth of motherhood, he rested his head on her lap….



It was another morning of after their engagement, man somehow managed to enter into her room by on of the common used window,


She was terrified, The whole house was crowded with Family and relatives, she was sharing the room with Aleena, and Anya, his sister and her sister, Girls  had great fun whole night by teasing each other, Aleena and geet both were engaged day before only… It was exchanged marriage, Maan’s sister was going to marry with Geet’s brother so that Maaneet…

Maan and Geet both was first cousin, geet was his aunt’s daughter , Hira aunty, sister of his father,   their marriage was fixed when they were at the entrance gate of teen age, Azhar and maan both was of same age, so that Aleena and Geet, it was their Dadu’s wish to tie the knot and secure the relations of her children forever…..

He somehow grabbed & cornered her hiding from everyone’s view,

Ghazal, Kal khoob lag rahi thi, be ready to be Mrs. Ghazal khan….He whispered in her ears, instantly increasing her heartbeats and coloring her beautiful face with blush of his love,

Huhhh Mrs. Ghazal khan nahi Mr. maan, Its Ms. Geet Siddiqui, she naughtily chirped and showed him tongue.

He raised his eyebrow arghhh…
geet yeh Kaisa naam hai, he teased her,

Aur Maan yeh kaisa naam, she got annoyed and irritatingly exclaimed, He loved to call her ghazal, he hold her soft hand and turned it on her back, It was first time they were talking openly after the approval of their alliance, she always used to play hide and seek, uff she was such a shy that whenever he came from UK to India, she never met, whereas Azhar and Aleena used to talk a lot ….

Knowing his shy nature, maan never forced her to talk,

He turned her and her back was glued to his taut chest, whereas her hand was still in his hold which he twisted on back. He pulled her near him, and whispered, Maan kaisa naam nahi ghazal accha naam hai….

She got irritated with his dominance, yeh accha naam nahi hai maan, It sounds so stupid, In Marathi it means forehead, she retorted,

And in Arabic it means PROFESSOR, he  replied calmly.

Arghh whatever,

Geet don’t say whatever, I will teach u EVERYTHING, very soon, he answered in husky voice, she was having goose bumps with his voice, with his tones…she pushed him and ran away, promising herself never to come in front of him ever ….

And he chuckled somewhere feeling contented having her in his life….


aap boliyeh naa didi aap bolti kyu nahi …

Aap ko bhi lagta hai Maan is nt a good name... her chain of thought broke by a small and innocent voice, she smiled and cupped his face,

She was filled of love, and kindness, she couldn’t see anyone in pain, and yeh toh naam hi uski zindaghi tha, phir iss naam ko who dard me kaise dekhti….

She kissed her forehead affectionately and wiped his tears, she opened her bag and gave him a chocolate… being a doctor and migrane patient, she always carried chocolate with her…

The boy smiled little and accepted the small bar, hmm toh maan aap ro kyu rahe they kyu ke aapka naam accha nahi hai??

Hmm … he nodded innocently…

Awww , she hugged him again…

Aap jaantey hai aapke naam ka meaning sabse accha haii, sabse alag, do u know in different languages it carried different meaning…

Now boy was really curios to know, as till now he only heard teasing tone for his name and for the first time, he had heard someone appreciating his name…

The meaning of this name in Arabic is professor, I mean teacher, u know naa teacher is one , who teach us good things, she smiled and asked and boy felt better….  he was waiting for more looking her eagerly to open up the secret of his name..

The meaning of Maan in Marathi is Forehead, it indicate the fortune and good will of a person , so u are a fortunate one baby, she kissed his left cheek…

The boy smiled little with her gesture; he was actually feeling good now….       

The meaning of Maan in Hindi is Respect, and in punjaabi it means self respect and in Persian it means Respected Sir… she pinched his chin and gave her cheeky smile…

And at last in Indian origin it means Masculine like you, she tickled the small boy and he laughed out loudly, the last traces of sadness was vanished, ….she smiled and kissed his both the cheeks, chalo abhi jaldi se school ke liyeh bhaago, aur suno koi ab tease karey toh bata dena How superior you are…

Aisa kisi ki baato darr ke apne raastey nahi chhodtey beta, she put her hand on his head and smiled…

She turned to leave, when she seen Daii jaan standing behind her, with painful expression…. dusro ko batana aasaan hotaa hai meri bachi khud bhi usko Implement karo…

She touched her cheek and plead painfully...those who love us, our moods matters to them , they feel contented by looking our gleeful face, sadness of our face wrench their heart, I guess that’s called love, True love…

Geet smiled painfully and screamed in horror, Daii maa aapne late karwaadiya …

Patients must be waiting for me….

She rushed towards the direction of clinic when stumbled a bit, and the name which came in her mind first was ….


Whom we love most, why we always anticipate them to come in our troubles? Why we always expect them to come and save us from the world, though the person was not even bothering to know how the hell we are living the life without them… 

She left for clinic smilingly on the small child who was now smiling and glowing with zeal….


It was afternoon timing, she was in clinic, alone, thus the loneliness matters now, when she knew that whole life is going to be alone, her life and darkness of vacant heart, emptiness and obscurity which was a vital part of her life, seems eternal and unbreakable part of her verve.

She opened her diary, and started scribbling her heart on the blank paper….


~Mere humsafar tujhe chahna meri bhool thi ~

 Mere Humsafar mujhe kyaa khabar

Tujhe chahna meri bhool thi

Tujhe unn duwaao me maangna

Tujhe harr dafa youn dekhna

Meri bhool thi meri bhool thi

Tujhe kya mila mujhe kyaa pata

Mujhe gham ki soorat me dil mila

Mera dil kabhi tha mohaabat bhara

Usse tod kar marod kar

Tujhe kyaa mila, Mujhe yeh bata

Mere aankho me they khuwaab kuch

Unhe karchi karchi khwaab kar

Tujhe kyaa mila , mujhe yeh bata

Mujhe apni mohaabat pe guroor tha

Ghamand tha

Ussey reezah reezah bikhair kar

Tujhe kyaa mila

Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar

Tujhe chahna meri bhool thi

Tujhe sochna meri bhool thi

Ab phir bhi meri hai yahi duaa

Tu khush rahe ab harr jagah

Tanhaiiya meri humnawa

Tujhe saath kisi ka mile sada

Mere humsafar tu jo maang le

Mere paas ab who haqq nhi bacha

Tere Raasto me saath hu

Yeh weham mujhe bhi tha kabhi

Woh hawa hua


Yeh mohabbato ka ziyaa bana

Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar

Tere raasto me me ab nahi

Teri manzilo se ab mera nishaa ab mitt gaya

Tujhe chahne ka gumaan bhi khatam huaa

Meri Zindaghi me tera wajood nahi hai ab…

Harr raat me, harr baat me tanhaaiya meri humnawa

 (Eza 😀 )

She sighed and closed the diary, what she could do more than writing , what she could do more than sharing her heart with non existing diaries, she was never good in expressing herself from mouth, she would have kept quite rather than expressing what she felt, and that’s what she done, she kept quite, rather defending him, she kept quite when she needed to speak up….

She left all rather asking him for explanations….

She closed her eyes and sighed, rubbed her face trying to shoo off the unsaid, undesired thoughts…


She rang the bell of the house, she was annoyed, damn irritated…

Again Fight with Ahrar was sending her on verge of insanity, he was mad, he was crazy, he was possessive , she love him crazily , Damn but it doesn’t mean she would follow each and every command of his, that too without a legal relation…

Bhabhi its me Anya Darwaza khole please….. She shouted bit loudly, Allah miyaa when they repair this damn camera of the door, and being ALEENA BHABI,  fattu as usual wnt open the door till the time she won’t believe its me Arghhhh ……

Aleena opened the door and smiled sweetly, whereas Anya smiled scarstically and eneterd in the room,

With her facial expression Aleena realized anya isn’t in a good mood …..

She rushed to call Mazhar, knowing storm is on the way….



It was dinner time at maan’s place when Mr. Sajjad khan entered in the house, all servants rushed to took briefcase from his hand..

He smiled and answered the Salaam of his servants….

The name and fame which he gained demanded the same treatment he was having now, like a king…

Maan seen him entering inside the mansion, the huge and lavish , mansion decorated like a newly wed bride, the huge walls and large windows, saying nothing but a dignity of Khan’s in the city….

Maan was feeling all unfamiliar, seems the strange feeling, the strange aroma was tying him in its magic, he was feeling strange to himself, he was dying to be in embrace, he was longing for the familiar warmth, unknown to himself he was desiring something which he had swear to himself to not to desire… he was Desiring her, he was missing her, he was missing his Ghazal….


He felt his breath choked, why he was feeling she was his, she belonged to him, he possessed her??

Why he was feeling she need him, she did cried for her, and he was helpless….

I need to talk to ammi aabu, ghazal Kon hai?? Kaha hai?? Agar yah nahi toh q nahi??

 He rushed towards the Room of mr. and Mrs. Sajjad Khan..

He was about to knock on the door, when he heard her name  again…    


she was doing bed sheet, all set to have some sleep when he came from behind…she was in night gown with a net jacket tied with thin string, he hugged her passionately, kissing her shoulder, nape and squeezing her waist, he was showing his passionate yet demanding side, she turned around and hugged him with same fervor,

he started kissing her forehead, than a trail of kisses from forehead to chin in curvy way from upward to down on left side as well as righ side…

she closed her eyes and clinched his shirt, holding him tightly for support she indulged more in him…

he was insanely kissing her, she was madly falling for him… the passion, the burning desire was much more to handle…

Bhabhi …… it was anya on the other side

They breakaway feeling dejected, they wanted to spend time together….

AZHAR frustratingly brushed his hair while  Aleena giggled….



She reached home in evening, it was night time, she was having rest after Isha prayers, they say right, the moment u start believing in almighty things change, things changed drastically, the pain replaced with satisfaction and the restlessness turned into patience, it is free of cost, but human nature….  we desire only those things which show its value, an intangible asset, which resides in our own self, we never appreciate it, but we evaluate all those things which show its own value, might be that’s the reason nowadays morality, loyalty, trust, honesty all these assets deceiving its value, whereas all stuff which showing its monitory value gaining people’s attention …

She was sitting on the bed with so folded hands on her chest , again all beautiful memories of past started surrounding her, started drowning her in its own pool of happiness and sorrows,

Six year ago when Maan first came to her place, their first meeting, though he was her cousin but she always maintained appropriate distance, which always increased the worth of her dignity, what he was maan, even being a first cousin he was just a mere stranger for her..

She always treated him as a stranger only, though she knew he was going to be her life partner, but she never giggled with him, she never met him, she never played with him before her engagement…

she smiled with reminisce of their pre wedding meeting, when she not even looked up, he was damn annoyed, he wanted her to talk the way Aleena used to talk with Azhar, but what she could do, her shy behavior, yet the way she grew up , never allowed her to come infront of him, yes she was the one who named as Typical orthodox in the family, she liked to read books on Seerah and loved to implement it on her life, she prefer to be in love with Allah rather than human being, her philosophy of love was damn different from Maan’s logic of love……     

she blushed when her fingers brushed with each other and the feeling of her ring ……..

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  4. Hey dear, it’s a nice one… Poem was very nice… Just to make u aware,Maan in Marathi means Neck n not head… Head is doka…. Maan in Marathi also means respect… :)) plzz do the needful… :)) baki it was good… I’m a bit confused with the events, Ivan guess when gazal is speaking but otherwise kon Bol raha hai, kuch samajh me nhi aaya… Plzz don’t take this all in a wrong way, but told u the truth do tht u can improve n write properly… Love u loads… :)) <4

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