A Rangrez Mere … (Maaneet OS)


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A Rangrez Mere

Movie Tanu weds Manu


at Khurana Mansion backyard,

It was maneet’s First holi celebration together after their arrange marriage. It’s only 6 months after their marriage. Even after such a long time, Geet like a new Bride, still hesitant to open up infornt of family, except maan, But in this only maan’s effort was there, only he knows how much he worked to make her feel comfortable. He very well understood her nature, and trying his level best to comfort her.

A Rangrez mere A Rangrez mere

Yeh baat bata rangrez mere

maan started singing as soon as he saw geet elegantly coming towards him, In white saari, no make up simply in her self only some sindoor on her forehead. It’s their first Holi together, and his friends wanted to make it special for both of them, so they just mixed some Bhaangh in his Drink.  

tu ne kon se paani me yeh konsa rangh ghole hai

yeh konse paani me tu ne kon sa rang ghola hai

ke Dil ban gaya ssodaai  mera basanti chola hey

maan went towards her, as soon as he started singing, every body was first shock but soon their expression changed and they were pleasantly surprised to see him out of his shell.

Geet was feeling shy, Its first time after their marriage that he was publicly showing his love towards her, she was feeling bit embarrassed too, as in front of the family, he was singing for her.

Ab tum se kyaa me Shikwa karu

Me ne hi kaha tha zidd karke

Rang de chunri phinke rangh me

Rangh de rangh de chunri ke rangh

He came near her, and caresses his cheek lovingly, everyone was gaping at them, but soon their starring session turned into admiring session, as they saw, he was actually putting some color on her cheek, and geet was already beetroot red with blush.

Par mouee kapas par rangh ye na ruke

Rangh Itna gehra utrey ki

Chain o jigar tak bhi rangh de

Jigar rangh dey

Maan started dancing around her,(imagine he was doing Bhangra dhabe wala)  as he was totally tally because of Bhanng, every one soon join him, now Geet was standing in the middle and every one was dancing around him, then maan broke the chain and came inside the circle and hug her dearly. Geet was first feeling shy, but finally she dared a bit and hug back him, as if she was there where she actually belongs to.

Rangrez tu ne afiim kyaa hai khaali

Jo mujh se tu yeh pucchey ke konsa rang

They were standing in the corner, when maan asked her for kiss by his gesture, and geet being innocent as usual asked him what,

Rango ka kaarobaar hai tera

ke tu hi toh jaane konsa rangh

Maan dragged her near the table, where all the colors plate was lying and started throwing color on her.

mera balam rangh

mera sajan rangh

He threw red color

mera khaatik rang

mera agahan rangh

He threw yellow color

mera khaadin rangh

mera sawan rangh

He threw Blue Color.

Here she was continuously trying to save her self from his colorful rain, and after realizing there is no escape in the world except his arms she hugged him, and hides her face against his broad chest.

pal pal rangh de rang de

mere aatho pehar man bhavan rang

Geet was standing near the window, he came from behind and hug her from back, and snaked his hands around her stomach, she put her hand on his hand and closed the distance between them.

ek boond ishqiya daal koi tu

ho hoh ho ek boond ishqiya daal koi

mere saaton samandar jaaye rang

They were standing near the Sea, the sunset view near the chowpatty is something out of this world, they both sitting on the seashore and geets head resting on maan’s shouler, both were starring to sun, who was going to die in few seconds. Maan look at her with Bedroom eyes and she shied and hide herself in him.

meri had bhi rang

sarhad bhi rang

behad range de

unhad bhi rang de

mandir masjid me kat rang

Its early morning, geet was in hush bush situation, Doing work fast fast and finally reached near mandir area with her thaal. Maan looked at her from passage of the bedroom and smiled and feel proud of his Dadi’s choice.

Rangrez mere Rangrez mere Rangrez mere

Rangrez mere do ghar kyu rahey

Ek hi rang me dono ghar rang de

Dono rang dey.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Nihar pihar ka angan rang

It was her first visit to her parent’s house after their marriage. She was really excited but as their trip come to an end, she was sad, and actually cried while coming back to her house, maan was driving the car, he looked at her worriedly and stop the car and Finally kissed her tears, their togetherness is always a magic on her, which force her to forget whole world.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Mere aathon pehar man bhavan rang

Nindein rang de karwat bhi rang

Aaho pe padein salwat bhi rang

Yeh tu hi hairat rang dey

Aa dil me sama hasrat rang dey

It’s early morning approximate 4.of the morning, maan’s sleep disturbed and he woke up but his lips stretched into a big smile as he realized there position, they were nude inside the duvet, and geet sleeping peacefully hugging and crawling like a baby between his arms.

Aaja aur waslat rang dey

Jo aa na sakey toh furkat rang dey

Dard e hijraa liya dil me dard e hijra liye

Me zinda rahu

jurrat rang dey

It’s another day without her, she went to her maayke and here he was missing her badly actually like anything in the world.

rangrez mere rangrez mere

tera kya hai asli rang

ab toh yeh dikhla de

Sometimes he got confused with her behavior, where somewhere she blushed like anything and somewhere she became seductress for him.

mera piya bhi tu

meri sej bhi tu

mera rang bhi tu rangrez bhi tu

meri naiya bhi tu manjhdhaar bhi

tujh me duboon tujh me ubhroo

teri har ek baat sar aankhon pe

They were in the mall, doing shopping for some households, there was a ladies section near the vegetables session, and geet silently admiring the saari which was there on the model as a sample piece, the liking was evident in her eyes. Maan asked her to get into the car, and purchased that sari for her,she was feeling out of this world after having such a sweetheart husband. 

mera malik tu

mera sahib tu

meri jaan meri jaan tere hatho me

mera qaatil tu mera munsif tu

tera bin kuchh sujhe na

 tera bin kuchh sujhe na

Maan  was getting ready for the office and stuck between two ties, that which one to wore and here his savior  came and tie him a really different tie which was perfectly complimenting his shirt.

meri raah bhi tu mera rahbar tu

mera sarvar tu mera akbar tu

mera mashriq tu

mera maghrib tu

zaahid bhi mera murshid bhi tu

ab tere bina me jaaon kaha

jaaon kaha

tera bin ab me jaaon kaha

Finally they came out of the hug and sweet memory of their togetherness, their journey of last 6 months marriage when somebody tapped maan’s shoulder; he turned and surprised to see Dadi glaring him. Geet was hell embarrassed he ran from there, and finally dadi and maan looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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    deepika khude
    May 12, 2012 @ 16:58 [Edit]
    ohoooooo ji mast hai…. kaash mera bhi maan jaisa koi rangrez hota

    angelic’s World
    May 12, 2012 @ 17:19 [Edit]
    HEy Deeps Thanks Dears 🙂
    Love you sweets

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