Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part- 22

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Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 22


 @Shradhha Happy Bday sweetu and this update is dedicated to u  and @Devil (Devanshi  Maaneet)   all the Very best for ur boards  Friends please wishh her luck as she is going to give her FIRST BOARD this year and my sibling too as well as my Kamini aka Anyaa (Kon) but she is nt appearing for board though three of them in board   chalo now off to update


They broke hug, when geet looked at him …..

You will miss me na….. she said with a cute puppy face…

Aww such a mishty she is … he straightened her face and looked in her eyes directly…

Her almond eyes… with lots of hopes, lots of expectations gazing him….

People say don’t expect from anyone , expectations always hurts… lease they know whne we love some one dearly, when we accept someone part of our life, we start expecting from them beyond our own will, beyond our own imagination, so was she….

Aankho me sapne liye , aur dil me mohaabbat pata nahi kab aur kaise usse apna maanne laghi, uss se expectations rakhney laghi, beyond her acknowledgment …

They both were gazing each other, her almond brown eyes were all set to drown him in the world of love, from eternity till eternity, and he….

He was more than willing to die, to drown …

He was willing to drown in her eyes, willing to die in her heart…

Nahi….  he said without emotions…. her face’s color changed , dissappointment, pain hurt was visible on her angelic book… with lots of care and love he cupped her face… kissing her forehead her whispered in here ears….



Her face lightened with those words, as if a person who was dieing gt the life with happiness again…….

Their sweet moments disturbed with Ranbeer’s entry, arghh geet cursed that idiot a lot for disturbing them…..

She sat in the car and looking out side the window….

A stranger you were once.
Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and i held both your hands.
Now that times have passed,
ours souls have indeed become one.
How fortunate we are
that we have found the love so true
that everyone dreams about.
– (Laura Veronica Merodio)

She kissed the ring which was in her finger, smiling, blushing, feeling butterfly in ger stomach, and rying to hide the hue of her face…

They reached HP…

Every one was tensed, depressed, scared….

Daraji was still bed ridden and unconscious …. The main reason behind his heartattack was still unknown to all….

Maaneet were upset being apart from each other digging something in their heart … was that pain of being apart, or was the reminiscence of their togetherness…

Was that happiness , or was sorrows…


He entered from the enterance in his usual way according to him, whereas everyone was sitting in the hall around, having fun, when someone pounced on him in excitement….


He stumbled , Ohh fish the hold was really strong on his neck….

What the heckk…

He gt annoyed Bhaii I am so happy for u …

The person whom he was trying to shoo away again pounced on him with another sentence….

Okk Okk Pratik relaxxx … I understood how much happy u are….

He broke apart…

Gosh man…. Ur hold was fish yaar… now maan hugged him, with gentle care and love… It was prateek, his youngest brother studying in Oxford and  ame back from UK to attend his favourite brothers wedding …

All were sitting on the sofa, enjoying their sweet little family time…

Laughing cracking jokes, pulling each others leg…

Maan was sitting with daadi maa one side and his mother another…Prateek was sitting on the floor with head on his mothers lap Whereas savera mom was playing with his hair…

Maan seen all this antics of prateek and chuckled knowing how much he missed family in all those years when they were nt around and now prateek definitely going to make everyone’s life difficult with his all tantrums and nakhra’s …

Such a child he was….

Bhaaai suno….

Maan was in his thoughts when Prateek shook him…

Hmm bolo…. He silently prayed with in and asked him…

Aap bhabhi se miley??? He asked mischeviously….

Umm woh..

now all were looking them attentively Daadi maa smiled teasingly, where as his maa shook her head in disbelieve….

Aap bhi kyaa baat kartey hai prateek??

Kaise mileghe woh Geet se ??  he not even seen her, app ko nahi  pata geet ki family kitni conservative hai ??

Dadi was trying to muffle her laughter seeing Maan’s expression…

He was looking everywhere except them..

Haa sawera maan toh bade hi sharif hai u know naa … with that they all laughed embarrassing him more and more…


Its one in night when she was sleepless rolling on the bed, thinking or should I say dreaming with open eyes about their trip and fun she had, When her cell beeped…

She checked it was whatsapp… she check the message was from unknown no. but her heart beats raised knowing unknowingly it was him… it was him…

It is him… it has to be him only… she was damn sure, exactly like without seeing GOD we believe yes He Is … He Exists… 

She opened the message with heaving heart beats….

Maan: Hii 

She was afraid to reply to unknown umber at this hour of night but the faith on him of her made her fealess, worriless….

Geet: hello

He was sitting on his bean bag in the room, after completing his all office work he was taking rest when he realized there is someone who might be waiting for him…. was she waiting ??  or not …

He was reluctant to message first than realized if  there is love ther shouldn’t be a thing known as Ego…who is calling first to whome doesn’t matter what matters them is that yes they are together… they talking with each other… they listening the breath of one another….

Maan: So have u reached??

Geet: yeah by 9.00

Though She was a fond user of whatsapp but yes she was feeling awkward and strange to chat with him like this….

Maan: all fine there??  I mean Daraji

Geet: hmm just he is still unconscious…. he asked bit formally, he was hating thism formal conversation between them, he wasntyed to tell her how much he was missing her, how much he was craving, longing for her, her twinkling eyes, her beautiful face which know its way to capture the person’s heart, her soft petite hold on his arms…..

Maan : Missing you…

He dared and texted, still fearing in heart of her reply

Her heartbeats rised and blush crept on her face, she smiled within trying to control her own breathing, she took deep breath in order to reply, her fingers were trembling to reply, she wanted to answer this in long pages….

She wanted to answer him how much and when she did miss him….

Geet: hmmm … she was hesitant to answer, though each and every tissue of her body was screaming, reacting on his words, sending goose bumps on her soul, but the natural shyness of a girl was way to strong to confess the mutual feeling…

Maan: Kyaa?? The light flashed and she grabbed the phone impatiently with smiling face…….

Geet: Kucch nahi…





precape:  kucch nahi ??  parr Kyaaa

kucch toh haii

more to come but …..


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