Dreams Beyond Imagination (love Happens) part- 24

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2013. All rights reserved
Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 24

In beginning I’m saying sweets, from now onwards update will be short but frequent, even u can expect twice in a day so enjoy LOL and story is moving to its crucial face, be with me and support me I really need it Wink (M I sounding like Neta ji *politician’s* Tongue )

Daarji was sitting in his room, in deep thoughts, it was the only solution to come out of this poor time, if they didn’t accept their demand, they would be on road. It was the time when geet’s father came inside along with the her mother, rano and beeji..

Darji, yeh galat hogha, hum ne geet ka rishta pakka kar diya hai..

It was rano, shivered with fear, it was first time she was opposing darji or dared to oppose him, but her motherly love overpowered the fear.

Rano, humaarey paas geet ki shaadi Vishnu se karne ke alawa koi aur chaara nahi hai, hum ne geet ki shadi unse nahi karwayi toh humarey paas kucch bhi nahi bachegha,

Mohinder was helpless, saying infront of his father, he never dared, nor he wanted to disrespect him by pointing finger on his decision.

He agreed with his fathers decision, it was only rano who was disagreeing with their decision knowing her daughter’s heart which started beating for her Maan.

Kal raat ka mahurat shubh haii iss shaadi ke liyeh , hum kal hi saadghi se shaadi karwadenghey ..

Aap khurana’s ko bata dijiye key eh rishta abb nahi ho sakta..



Both were sitting under starry  twinkling sky, when he stood up saying its time for being apart, both were drenched in rain of love, rain of water…

Kabhi kabhi koi aapki zindaghi me kyaa mayene rakhta haii yeh batane ke liyeh alfaaz phike padh jaatey hai, harr action kam lagne lagta hai, yeh batana ke aap zindaghi me maayene rakhte ho bass itna kafi nahi hai blaki aap ho toh zindaghi hai, aap ki muskurahat hai toh dil ki dhadkano ko sukoon milta hai, aap ki aankho me chamakti khushi rooh ko aasudaghi (peace) deti hai…

That was the same case with maaneet, in such a short period of time they became life of each other, geet was no where near the though about life without him, and for maan the mere thought itself heart wrenching…

Both were standing infront of each other as usual talking with their eyes and gazing eachother lovingly… maan kissed her forhead and her lips shivered with some more expectations..

He smirked knowing his cute bahisht well, slowly he came near her ears and whispered…

Expecting more bahihst??

She smiled but that single drop of rainy water which was lingering over her lips angered him, how dare this sole water…

How it is possible

this was the place where his lips meant to be lingered and not that worthless water…

rain was still pouring with its strength , he took out his coat and hold above her head, she looked at him confusingly and that was the moment when he captured her lips into his…

shed of fabric which was above their head had protected them from wicked rain drops so was the same coat act as a sheilder of their divine moment…

he kissed her like he possessed her , she closed her eyes in agreement knowing there is no place in this world except his heart where she could find solace…

he left for delhi, knowing its early morning … waiting for sun to rise… waiting for another day of seperation to come and let them understand how much do they need each other and miss each other


 meko batana haa update kaisa lagha this idea was of Devil , oyee my devil see this is what u wanted naa ??
chal ab short update ke liyeh long comment de LOL


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