Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part 25

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Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 25

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Morning arrived with so many beautiful memories of love for maaneet and so many evil plans around geet…..

She came down from her room and seen so many hustle bustle types situation in the house, she got bit confused, but her confusion turned into terror when she heard her mother crying infront of babaji

Mehar karo babaji, meri bacchi pe reham karo, who toh abhi se maan ko hi apna jeevan saathi maan chuki hai who yeh sab bardaasht nahi kar paayeghi, who maan ke ilawa kisi aur ki nahi ho payeghi…

She shivered with unexpected happening around her, she wanted to run to her maa and ask her what is wrong, why maan’s name came in mid, why she is saying like this… she stepped towards her but being stopped by rajji who called her and informed that daarji wanted to talk to talk with her,

She terrified , few seconds before happiness were dancing around her and now this is the moment when fear of being apart growing with its strength….

Babaji mehar karna, she prayed silently and marched towards darji’s Room…

You are my life


You are my soul


I am nothing without you


Just wanted you to know

Life is you


Death is you


Air is you


Breath is you


You are my life everything is you 


What I am Who I am


Nothing matters to me


When I m around you


Don’t leave me my love,


I can’t be without you….

She was fearing for something really bad to happen, she was fearing of her own family , rather than going to darji’s room, she wanted to run in her Maan’s arm , she wanted to runaway , where her maan will hold her, where her maan would take care of her…

She enetered in Darji’s room, where he was sitting in his royal style though some wrinkles on his forhead assigning his deep thoughts…

He asked her to sit, she smiled to him and sat uncomfortably, she was feeling suffocated, she was feeling being choked, clogged..

Geet aap jaanti ha, handa parivaar ki izzat, rutba , naam iss shehar me hi nahi aas paas ke bohut saarey pindo (villages) me hai,

Aur isi naam ki suraksha ki zimmedari aaj aap par hai, her heart drummed  like anything …

Nahi daarji kuchh aisa matt maangna jise lene me aapki khushiya toh ho but dene me meri zindaghi khatam ho jaaye, she prayed slowly..

Aaj aapko yeh farz poora karna hogha geet, he came near her kept his hand on geet,

she feared the announcement of being in pain throughout her life is going to be formed, the decision taken by her parents was, is and always being an important and integral part of her life, Darji kaa liyaa hua faisla pata nahi kyaa maangheghey woh, she closed her eyes in fear, her sixth sense just dazzled with the thought of being apart from maan, First maa was saying something and now daraji just fearing her like anything….

Aapki aaj shaadi hai geet, lekin maan khurana se nahi Vishnu vashisht se, humara both sara qarzaa hai joh sirf issi surat me utar sakta haii ke hume apni beti waha biyaahni hoghi…

She looked at him with blanked eyes…

What??? She was blank totally blank,

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6 comments on “Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part 25

  1. oh no they were so close just a day b4 and now this
    does maan know abt this
    waiting to c wat geet is gonna do

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