Angna Me Fir aa ja rey (Non Maaneet Fic)


O ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angna mein phir aaja re

It was Asma in the backyard lawn of her house, sitting on the rest chair, starring at nowhere in the sky, her mind was totally preoccupied by the thoughts and what not…
All those evil deeds done by her, by her family, by her husband was now flashing infront of her, her daughters Muskan and khushi… her happiness, her family, her husband, her son, everything just shattered in her worst nightmare.
She was frightened to think about it, but still somewhere in her subconscious mind everything run like a film, and alas again a tear escaped from her brimmed eyes…
And soon her sobs turn into hiccups and weep. Her khushi gone long long gone and with HER her muskaan too…
Khushi and Muskaan two apples of her eyes, happiness in her life that’s why only she named them like this…

Asma aap ko samajhna hogha aise kab tak chalegha aap ko apne baitey ki taraf bhi dhyaan dena hogha, aman aapki hi aulaad hai jaise ke muskaan aur khooshi they… It was her husband Faisal, again ready to arrest her in the norms of life.
Muskaan aur khushi ki baat kartey hai aap, Faisal kyaa bhool gaye who gunaah joh aapne kiye apne ghar waalo ke saath… and she broke down again infront of her soul mate, but was he her soul mate at first place, The soul mate is one who know you very well from your heart to your soul, and he, he always taken her for granted. Her husband was a murderer of his own daughters and not only his daughters but also his wife, he killed her without weapons just with his words and blaming gaze.

Humne tujhpe hazaro sitam hain kiye
Humne tujhpe jahan bhar ke zulm kiye

Faisal M Pregnant, she said with shy expression, It was their second wedding anniversary, celebration of their two whole year of togetherness and the gift what she wanted to gift her husband was ready, nourishing in her womb, and its just fourth week of her pregnancy, He just looked at her and hugged her tightly and left her confused with his abnormal reaction.
But within a week she was laying lifelessly in the hospital bed because of no one no one except her husband, what he asked to her, to abort THEIR child, and she didn’t do anything except nodding silently, well what she could do, if she argue with them , he wouldn’t think twice before saying those three cruel words(Talaq, Talaq, Talaq) , and his family, Well it was only his and the one who vowed to her for together forever was never hers, he was all greedy and ready to run behind his ambitions, his dreams, his love, his life and she was nowhere in his plans, she was an extra burden on him given by his parents for the sake of play with his children and their grand children,

Humne socha nahiTu jo ud jayegi
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jayegi
Kiske dum pe sajega mera angna
O Ri Chiraiya, Meri Chiraiya
Angna mein phir aaja re

That was the third time when she said to him with horrified expression, Faisal I am pregnant again and she sat on her knees infront of him and hugged his feet…
Allah ke waastey Faisal Dobara yeh zulm mat karna, me mar jaaonghi, humaari shaadi ko paanch saal hone aagaye hai, aap samjhtey q nahi, well that was the biggest problem in Muslim community (In India), (I really don’t understand why in laws start expecting from their daughter in laws that she will give them their hope of old age, their toy to play with him, and why it is always he never she???? and Damn that woman is also a human being and not a machine to born babies)

Tere pankho mein saare sitare jadooN
Teri chunar dhanak satrangi bunoo
Tere kajal mein main kaali raina bharoo
Teri mehandi mein main kachchi dhoop maloo
Tere naino sajaa doon naya sapna

And finally he agreed don’t know how, but for the very first time in their five years marriage life, he did agreed to her, but alas she was really happy, really very happy to realize the storm which was on its way..
She actually hugged in front of her in-laws to her husband when Doctor said that she was carrying Triplex, It was not twins but triplex child, and she thought it’s their those two children whom they killed before because of planning and somewhere there reports which showed them that fetus is of girl…
She was praying only one thing to Allah all the while.
Yaa rab mere unn do baccho ko mere paas bhej de, meri mamta ki pyaas ko Tar (Fulfill) karde, yaa rab mere bacho ki hifazat kar, but her destiny is ready to betray again, that was a horror evening when faisal realized its one baby boy and other two are girls… though he couldn’t say anything because she was carrying his Son, his iklota waaris, but he discussed it with her, and she was horrified after hearing his thought…
Asma hum in teen bacho ko nahi paaleghey, aakhir itni mehangaayi hai sab kucch kasia hogha, It was like his each and every word was stabbing her heart and the she was feeling to die then and there, as if death was better than this life.
Aur betiyon ka kyaa hai, padhaao likhaao aur apne pero par khada karna sikho aur bhej do shaadi kar ke, and investment with no return, business where profit is equal to nil

O ri Chiraiya, Meri Chiraiya
Angna mein phir aaja re

And finally they arrived, but the differentiation, the unusual behavior with their princess was sensed by bundle of joys too,
Asma aman ko dekho bacha ro raha hai, Asma pehle aman ko feed karo ussey bhook lagi hoghi, asma aman ko acchey kapdey lena yeh dono toh ladkiya hai kucch bhi pehnaao kya farq padegha, asma humaarey rajkumar ka dhyaan rakhna …..
And they were really engrossed in their rajkumar, their apple of eyes, they forget that they have those two princesses who look like live doll, smile like an angel and wanted to play with their family too…
They took them for granted, and allah took them for granted, all the prayer of Asma all her wished just went in a vein.
They went, went away from her and she couldn’t do. She failed to protect her own daughters, she asked allah to protect them in her Womb, Allah did but when it come to her about protection she failed, failed miserably. And now there is nothing in her life, her family asked for son of their family, SUN of their family she gave them, and now left alone with their guilt, those two abortion of her small life is not letting her rest in peace.
May be Allah is angry with her that’s why only He snatched away her happiness. She gave happiness to all the family and now standing alone with burden of their sin. Praying every day and night to get their daughters back…..
But again scared she knew that her husband and his family will kill them like they killed Muskaan and Khushi.
(My point of view about this Story: sab ne suna, girl feticide ke baarey me, argue kiya, morchey nikaaley, debate kiya, lekin kyaa uss maa ke baarey me socha jis ki kokh me uss ke bacchey ko mara gaya 😦 😦 😦 )


12 comments on “Angna Me Fir aa ja rey (Non Maaneet Fic)

  1. i can’t believe that a Muslim can do like this . If they do they are such a shame on the name of Islam . Dear you really hi-lightened the issue that is creeping in muslims . Just feeling disgusting about the family . Great effort dear .

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