A Rangrez Mere … (Maaneet OS)


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A Rangrez Mere

Movie Tanu weds Manu


at Khurana Mansion backyard,

It was maneet’s First holi celebration together after their arrange marriage. It’s only 6 months after their marriage. Even after such a long time, Geet like a new Bride, still hesitant to open up infornt of family, except maan, But in this only maan’s effort was there, only he knows how much he worked to make her feel comfortable. He very well understood her nature, and trying his level best to comfort her.

A Rangrez mere A Rangrez mere

Yeh baat bata rangrez mere

maan started singing as soon as he saw geet elegantly coming towards him, In white saari, no make up simply in her self only some sindoor on her forehead. It’s their first Holi together, and his friends wanted to make it special for both of them, so they just mixed some Bhaangh in his Drink.  

tu ne kon se paani me yeh konsa rangh ghole hai

yeh konse paani me tu ne kon sa rang ghola hai

ke Dil ban gaya ssodaai  mera basanti chola hey

maan went towards her, as soon as he started singing, every body was first shock but soon their expression changed and they were pleasantly surprised to see him out of his shell.

Geet was feeling shy, Its first time after their marriage that he was publicly showing his love towards her, she was feeling bit embarrassed too, as in front of the family, he was singing for her.

Ab tum se kyaa me Shikwa karu

Me ne hi kaha tha zidd karke

Rang de chunri phinke rangh me

Rangh de rangh de chunri ke rangh

He came near her, and caresses his cheek lovingly, everyone was gaping at them, but soon their starring session turned into admiring session, as they saw, he was actually putting some color on her cheek, and geet was already beetroot red with blush.

Par mouee kapas par rangh ye na ruke

Rangh Itna gehra utrey ki

Chain o jigar tak bhi rangh de

Jigar rangh dey

Maan started dancing around her,(imagine he was doing Bhangra dhabe wala)  as he was totally tally because of Bhanng, every one soon join him, now Geet was standing in the middle and every one was dancing around him, then maan broke the chain and came inside the circle and hug her dearly. Geet was first feeling shy, but finally she dared a bit and hug back him, as if she was there where she actually belongs to.

Rangrez tu ne afiim kyaa hai khaali

Jo mujh se tu yeh pucchey ke konsa rang

They were standing in the corner, when maan asked her for kiss by his gesture, and geet being innocent as usual asked him what,

Rango ka kaarobaar hai tera

ke tu hi toh jaane konsa rangh

Maan dragged her near the table, where all the colors plate was lying and started throwing color on her.

mera balam rangh

mera sajan rangh

He threw red color

mera khaatik rang

mera agahan rangh

He threw yellow color

mera khaadin rangh

mera sawan rangh

He threw Blue Color.

Here she was continuously trying to save her self from his colorful rain, and after realizing there is no escape in the world except his arms she hugged him, and hides her face against his broad chest.

pal pal rangh de rang de

mere aatho pehar man bhavan rang

Geet was standing near the window, he came from behind and hug her from back, and snaked his hands around her stomach, she put her hand on his hand and closed the distance between them.

ek boond ishqiya daal koi tu

ho hoh ho ek boond ishqiya daal koi

mere saaton samandar jaaye rang

They were standing near the Sea, the sunset view near the chowpatty is something out of this world, they both sitting on the seashore and geets head resting on maan’s shouler, both were starring to sun, who was going to die in few seconds. Maan look at her with Bedroom eyes and she shied and hide herself in him.

meri had bhi rang

sarhad bhi rang

behad range de

unhad bhi rang de

mandir masjid me kat rang

Its early morning, geet was in hush bush situation, Doing work fast fast and finally reached near mandir area with her thaal. Maan looked at her from passage of the bedroom and smiled and feel proud of his Dadi’s choice.

Rangrez mere Rangrez mere Rangrez mere

Rangrez mere do ghar kyu rahey

Ek hi rang me dono ghar rang de

Dono rang dey.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Nihar pihar ka angan rang

It was her first visit to her parent’s house after their marriage. She was really excited but as their trip come to an end, she was sad, and actually cried while coming back to her house, maan was driving the car, he looked at her worriedly and stop the car and Finally kissed her tears, their togetherness is always a magic on her, which force her to forget whole world.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Mere aathon pehar man bhavan rang

Nindein rang de karwat bhi rang

Aaho pe padein salwat bhi rang

Yeh tu hi hairat rang dey

Aa dil me sama hasrat rang dey

It’s early morning approximate 4.of the morning, maan’s sleep disturbed and he woke up but his lips stretched into a big smile as he realized there position, they were nude inside the duvet, and geet sleeping peacefully hugging and crawling like a baby between his arms.

Aaja aur waslat rang dey

Jo aa na sakey toh furkat rang dey

Dard e hijraa liya dil me dard e hijra liye

Me zinda rahu

jurrat rang dey

It’s another day without her, she went to her maayke and here he was missing her badly actually like anything in the world.

rangrez mere rangrez mere

tera kya hai asli rang

ab toh yeh dikhla de

Sometimes he got confused with her behavior, where somewhere she blushed like anything and somewhere she became seductress for him.

mera piya bhi tu

meri sej bhi tu

mera rang bhi tu rangrez bhi tu

meri naiya bhi tu manjhdhaar bhi

tujh me duboon tujh me ubhroo

teri har ek baat sar aankhon pe

They were in the mall, doing shopping for some households, there was a ladies section near the vegetables session, and geet silently admiring the saari which was there on the model as a sample piece, the liking was evident in her eyes. Maan asked her to get into the car, and purchased that sari for her,she was feeling out of this world after having such a sweetheart husband. 

mera malik tu

mera sahib tu

meri jaan meri jaan tere hatho me

mera qaatil tu mera munsif tu

tera bin kuchh sujhe na

 tera bin kuchh sujhe na

Maan  was getting ready for the office and stuck between two ties, that which one to wore and here his savior  came and tie him a really different tie which was perfectly complimenting his shirt.

meri raah bhi tu mera rahbar tu

mera sarvar tu mera akbar tu

mera mashriq tu

mera maghrib tu

zaahid bhi mera murshid bhi tu

ab tere bina me jaaon kaha

jaaon kaha

tera bin ab me jaaon kaha

Finally they came out of the hug and sweet memory of their togetherness, their journey of last 6 months marriage when somebody tapped maan’s shoulder; he turned and surprised to see Dadi glaring him. Geet was hell embarrassed he ran from there, and finally dadi and maan looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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Jo bheji thi duaa (Maaneet OS)


Jo bheji thi dua

From Movie Shanghai

Kise puchhoo hai aisa q

Bezubaa ssa yeh jaha hai

She was walking on the wet sand near the sea, it has been a four month like this, who was she, what was she doing there, why she was there, So many Questions but no answers, not an answer of single question, except one thing, The chain in her beautiful neck and craved beautifully on It, Maan ki duaa, she touched her 8 months raised baby bump…

Khushi ke pal kaha dhundoo

Be nishaa saa waqt bhi yaha hai

He was sitting in the garden, actually lying on the grass, doing “her” favorite work, watching the stars in the night, with the moon shining with its all power,

She was in his embrace, resting her head on his toned solid chest umm actually near his heart, Maan akela chaand hi q chamakta hai, taarey bhi toh hai na??? she questioned , again her one more question without head and toe, still he loved it ….

Jaan q ke chaand sab se alag hai, sab se anokha bilkul tumhaari tarah, he said calmly nuzzling his nose in her familiar aroma of her hair, Hmm no matter how old their relation get, The magic of their love seems always ready to fulfill their world of romance…

Esshhh…., she exclaimed, it was her unique style whenever she wanted to deny anything in front of him she used to say Esshhh …

Ab kyaa geet, he asked trying to embrace her more, if it could possible, only to find she smiling mischievously, he knotted his eyebrows raising it one in assertive way….

Wo maan me ne kahi parha tha never say moon to your spouse , she sat excitedly, maan too sat beside him now nuzzling his nose in her hair, smelling her exotic aroma,  and took her in his secured arm, her back was resting on his chest, actually her whole body was plastered on him, she was in cozy and favorite place …..

 and why is that so??? he asked confusingly.

Okhh let me tell you first that don’t be angry on me after listening it…

Maan rolled his eyes on her antic,  she was always like this, childish yet mature, …

Umm say, but don’t give me that lame reason like chaand pe bhi daagh hota hai and all… 

Because bohot saarey logh hai jo chaand par chad chuke and one was dog in it… she said naughtily and tried to escape only gt strong hold of his hands on her waist in return…

He smiled and trying to engulf her in his arms, and the cruel reality him so hard, she disappeared in thin air, he gt up in jerk, and she was standing far away from him asking him to come and took her in his secure arm…

He seen her leaving him… the cloud which was playing hide and seek with moon was on the earth now… she was smiling and moving backward, he took one step ahead , she took two step behind… he raised his hand to snatch her from this nasty world and she disappeared……

He knelled on his knees and broke down


He screamed in most horrifying voice possible…  

Jaane kitney labon pe gile hai

Beta sochney ki koshish karo, kucch toh yaad aayegha… who is Maan??? the older women who gave her shelter asked again with a tinge of hope, Since last four month she was asking her same question, the day they found her, and geet being same answer-less like before, moved out from the house , and sit outside the door, near the garden area, watching all the innocent flowers of the gods garden playing in the beautiful garden of the men…

Who is Maan ????

 who was he???

What was my relation with him?????

was he my husband?????

was he the father of my baby?????? She was again caught in the same den of horrendous question whose answer was invisible to her mind and eyes too…

But still somewhere , deep deep deep  in her heart, she knew that Maan is none other than her life… her own life… who is in misery…

Mujhe Maan ko dhundhana hogha… kaise bhi kahi bhi…

I can’t live without my life… I can’t live without my Jaan…


Zindaghi se kayi faasle hai

He headed towards the dining area, when he saw devansh his nephew playing with his father dev, their cute spoon fighting,

Bade papa aap…

he stopped in mid and scared a bit, he dipped his head and started eating sacredly… he was really much terrified of Maan nowadays, Maan’s heart was cried with this, seems the beautiful flower, an innocent glee of this house was also wants to be away, How much Geet will hate me for this, she always pampered devansh like her own child, How much she will hate me …

No No my geet wnt hate me… his trance broke with his continuous ring…  What the Hell… say… he said in sheer annoyance…

What’s the status…

We can’t find her, the detective said with the a bit scared tone,…

How the hell you can’t… Huhhh…

His words caught in throat when he saw the terrifying expression on Devansh face, he was always scared of his anger and nowadays with the missing of geet it was getting worse day by day…

I call you later with that he disconnected the call…

He got up from his seat and sat on the floor infront of devansh, He was looking him with scared innocent eyes…

He was always poor with words, never gt courage to express his emotions infront of his love ones, It was only Geet in front of whom, he could talk flawlessly, but after her, he became same numb, ruthless Maan Singh Khurana… he looked into his eyes which were now scared,

he smiled, a fake smiled that was for this fake world, his geet was only one who was pure, innocent, serene, divine, who belongs to the world of fairy lands, who didn’t belong to this indifferent world, she was the one who know the magic to make Maan singh khurana smile, smile that too full heartedly… He kissed Devansh’s Forehead and walked away from that empty, haunting house, No just a den , a haunted house, well without his geet nothing seems worthless, neither his huge empire, nor his Beautiful decorated home…

 Bas jitey hai sapne q aankho me

It was their 1st wedding anniversary, Maan was all set to give her an amazing surprise, but the gift which she gifted him was so precious and amazingly priceless for him… they both were getting ready for the party, when she tapped his shoulder,




Hmmm jaan…

Suniye na …

Hmmm mishty bolo, I m all here only

She didn’t said anything, he turned only to find out the beautiful gift of this universe, he could ever ask …

Well the Maan singh khurana, richest man of the town, why he would ask for any gift at first place from anyone, but still she was her mishty, not anyone, how could he not asked… he had, have, and will all right on her, so that she …

She was standing with their wedding picture and it was edited picture of maaneet, where both were in the picture with a small baby, geet standing there with dipped head and blushing furiously, her crimson red cheeks were saying it all…

He got up in jerk and pulled her with force, but then stopped in the mid, sat on the floor and kissed on her still flat stomach, he looked at her with teary eyes, and she smiled slyly he kissed on her stomach umpteenth time, and she was all feeling tickle with his touch, he got up and kissed her forehead…

After enjoying their sweet moments they headed towards the venue…

Seems life was never perfect than this… The love, the craziness for their love, the new bundle of joy in their life…

Maan used to talk hours and hours with his baby inside her flat stomach he named her Dua…

Maan aapko kaise pata yeh ladki…

Bilkul waise hi geet  jaise me jaanta hu ke duniya me suraj maghrib se nikal sakta hai lekin meri geet ka pyaar har din mere liye suraj ki chamak, usski roshni se zyada hogha… usske pyaar me ek zarrah barabar bhi kami nahi aa sakti, he said and gave the soft peck on her lips , which soon turned into passionate one, and within next moment geet was moaning his name with heavy breathing… 

Lakiren jab lakiren jab chhutey in hatho se yun be waja

It was just an another day when geet was really silent and upset,

Geet chalo aaj hum dargaah par chaltey hai, as Maan was not at all religious types, but just he wanted to geet to come out from her mood swings, he planned to pay the visit to Nizaamudin auliyaa… he wanted to cheer up her, least he know that destiny was setting up the scene for the most horrible incident of their life…

Both were in the car, geet was resting her head on his shoulder and maan being a geet maniac enjoying her closeness…

Maan …

Hmm jaan bolo… 

Hum dargaah par q jaa rahe hai… she was dressed in crme and purple color suit, she was looking gorgeous as usual without make up in her natural beauty… her dupatta fall on the gear she tried to hold it but maan  was quick enough in naughtiness… …

Taake humaari dua ki har dua poori ho… he said in smiling voice, nowadays it seems his each and every cell wanted to dance in a joy, his duaa is going to fulfill, his dua was on the way coming for him, from so long…

Their car stopped in a jerk on the bridge and the destiny started with its cruel game…

Maan was checking the engine, when something he felt on his neck… he turned to see and his heart skipped several beats in fear; some goons were standing there with mask covered their faces… It’s not like he scared because of them, if it just an another day, he would had definitely beat them black and blue, but this time geet was with him, and he knew that his deewani can go to any extent to save his life, and not only geet but his little dua…

And she really did what he feared of, she put down her life in danger for him, he could save her, definitely would save her, if she didn’t gave him her qasam, if she didn’t asked him to do whatever they asked , and the next moment when he found himself was laying on the highway unconscious, the last thing he remember, that something very hard hit his head, and all black out appeared and he fall down but he heard the scream of his mishty, asking him to get up, asking him to save her, alas, he failed … He failed to save his own jaan,, his own wife, his own life…

Jo bhaiji thi duaa

Who jaa ke aasmaa

se yooun takraa gayi

kea aa gayi hai laut ke sada

they found her in the forest, she was unconscious, the older lady, whom all people call Amma , saved her, she was very nice with her, they learned may be she was with her husband going somewhere, they found her with sindoor in her maang, that’s the time they realized she is married, they found a thin chain in her neck with the pendant craved in it Maan ki duaa, those peoples were really kind to her,


Jo bhaiji thi duaa

Who jaa ke aasmaa

se yooun takraa gayi

ke aa gayi hai laut ke sada

Geet Im again feeling the same suffocation, Im again feeling the same fear, Come back jaan, Come back mishty, I can’t live without you, I will Die…
I will surely die, It’s like somebody stabbing my heart with knife , with an open bare, sharp knife, without you these oxygen working like venom, this air is like tied around my neck, its forcing and getting tighter with each second…

Come back jaan, Tell me what should I do to get back you, you are not alone jaan, Our Dua, My dua is with you take care of her, Mishty I will find you soon, I will get you back… he said smilingly to her picture which was nicely framed in his wallet, it seems last four months… 

Every day, every single damn day, he talked with her picture like this, put brave face infront of the whole world ,but breaking down with each fraction he was breaking down, with each moments

Damn , where are you geet, where the heck are you, You know naa I cant live without you, you know na how much I love you, You know na how much I felt suffocating when you are not around… 

        saanso ne kaha rukh mod liya koi raah nazar me na aaye

dhadkan ne kaha rukh mod liya

kaha chhode in jismo ne saaye


No matter what, if she forgot everything, each and every moment in her heart with him saved just like it was of , romantic, passionate, light family moment, each and every thing was craved on her heart, but the faces were not clear, she always use too see dream, a man standing beside her with a chain in his hand, that was the same chain…

She woke up in jerk and she was sweating, something something she saw different today, what…

What what was that…

And it started, she was in labor pain, screaming horribly but what she screamed first was



yahi baar baar sochta hu tanhaa me yahaa

mere saath saath chal raha hai yaado ka dhuwaa

he was practicing tai chi cruelly, his each and every veins were aching in pain, but the pain which was in his heart was much more intense than the pain he was bearing physically…

He was feeling very much restless today, seems his heart & mind was not in his control… well when it comes to geet nothing seems in control… neither he, nor the atmosphere around him…

Just like geet is just a soft breeze and maan wanted nothing but to dashed in this fresh breeze, he continued with more force, breaking wood logs and Ice bars, his body gave up, but his mind was working, his will was working ruthlessly, that was the moment of dismay for him when he broke 3 wooden logs following another set of Ice bars, but with that another moment he felt relax, not only relax but some tinge of happiness too in it… he saw his ring “gifted” by her was lying on the floor, he grabbed it in one go… and kissed it… Inside  the ring wall craved with diamonds…

Geet ka maan…

Maan me ne aap ke liyeh kucch liyah hai… she came from behind and tell him, when she was applying “her favorite” cologne…

Geet laya toh me bhi hu… he tuned and smiled to her and grabbed her from waist…

Accha toh pehle aap bataiye

Yeh dekho this is for My dua… he said teasingly, it wasthe think golden chain with a goden pendant, craving on it with Diamonds… Maan ki dua…

Okhh, if it is for your dua, then this is for my maan, My jaan, seems she was in good mood that’s why she ignored his mischief to calling their child only his… Maan started unlocking the chain and  trying to increase the value of mere metal by tying it in his jaaan’s beautiful milky neck, lekin maan aap myjhe yeh q pehnaa rahe ho yeh toh dua ke liyeh hai na…

Geet dua ko hi pehnaa rahaha hoo…

TUm meri dua ho geet, mere bhagwaan ne jise poora kiya…aur maan ki har duaa geet se hi poori ho sakti hai, dua hi q maan ka har sukh, har dukh, har khushi, har gham, har din har raat, har subah har sham har saans, har aansu, har muskaan, sirf geet se hi haiii, sirf geet se hai…  

Jo bhaiji thi duaa

Who jaa ke aasmaa

se yooun takraa gayi

kea aa gayi hai laut ke sada

Beta kyaa naam rakhna hai iska, amma asked, kissing baby’s nose, 

Huhhh jisey khud kaa naam yad nahi who kisi aur ka naam kyaa rakheghi, pata nahi yeh Jayaz bhi hai yaa kisi ka…

Nisha’ Amma’s daughter said but cut off by Geet when she snapped in mid…

Geet, Geet maan singh khurana hai mera naam… Maan ki geet, maan ki mishty… Khurana Empire ki 51% ki co- owner, Maan singh khurana ki legal , jayaz patni, I think that much is enough for you Nisha…

All were shocked at first place then presently surprised when they realized she finally gained her memory back,

And she gained it that night only, the thing which she saw in the night was maans clear face asking her to come back, yelling her name, screaming in pain, seems he was in so much pain, and definitely he was in…

Amma hugged her happily, finally ussey yaad toh aaya, she was damn sure Maan would be really worried for them,

Jo bhaiji thi duaa

Who jaa ke aasmaa

se yooun takraa gayi

ke aa gayi hai laut ke sada

Its been a year, he was sitting restlessly in the main hall, he tried everything each and every damn thing but it was of no use, every one was gave up, even her family wanted to complete her final rituals only to gained the same ruthless maan, cruell ready to destroy each and every thing, he was thinking what all incidents happened in his life in this spam of one year, a tear escaped, a tear of pain, a tear longingness, a tear of craving, a tear of fear, a tear of missing someone, a tear of helplessness, a tear of wanting someone in your arms right there and then and then again receiving same emptiness,   when something caught his eyes, a small baby gal, who was approximate 8 months old was sitting with so many soft toys around her, she was looking an angel, he was in trance he went near the baby and sit on his knees, why he relating the baby with her dua, yes his dua already entered into this world, he caressed her cheeks, aww it was so soft like a cotton ball, a tear escaped from his eyes, his baby agar who yaha hoti she would be like her only, when something caught his eyes,

bhaiji thi duaa

the same chain, Maan ki dua, her happiness seems no bound with he kissed the baby so many time and hugged her dearly… he took her in his arms and ran towards the main door, his life, his jaan must waiting there for their love to fulfill,

bhaiji thi duaa

she may be sitting from so many hours, he ran towards the door, there she was standing there in hope that her  maan will come to her, that her maan will again kiss her with the same passion, with same desire, she was dying to be in his arms again and he didn’t wait to breath he just took her in his tight embrace,

bhaiji thi duaa

No Question, where she was how she is nothing, they were together and that was all matters to them, Why love is always like that, we don’t need  explanation whom I love, we don’t need even a word to understand what our love is expect from us,

 bhaiji thi duaa

Couldn’t you come to search me…

She hit his toned chest with her tiny fist, Maan was still in moment, Baby and Geet is in his arm, what more he could ask …

He hugged her more dearly, she is still same crying baby, all set to crib with pouting lips and wrinkled forehead, and she again gt lost in their World , Yes their World Maaneets World, which was now completed with their Duaaa…

As God send their Dua to fulfill all their Dua (Wishes)

bhaiji thi duaa

My Bahisht… (meri tasauwuraati jannat)


My Bahisht my paradise …… (Intro of author )

Sometimes loneliness makes great changes in personality as well as in life of one …….

Sometimes It just scattered your life like dry leaves in autumn and sometimes it make us adjust so well that person become something he/she never though of…..

I think loneliness is nothing but a hot steel cup in which human life act as a soft wax and it mould the way person thinks…….

Some words , millions, or billions changed the way we think……

change the way we interpret, anticipate and imagine the life…..

this is what I think about my all FF’s and OS and Poems….

It is nothing but the way I interpret the life and its ways …………

to be honest never thought, I will be able to manage my studies with my job and writing too but yes I did it…

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Where love was divine, serene and beautiful, something brutally killed all the relations of MAANEET does the keepsakes of love survive their love or it will die its destined death ???
thought of a simple gal……


where love is animosity, its a game of emotions which will drown u till death


100% mine (HPM)
a story of girl who want her life partner only to be hers …
and what she gt in is HARDCORE betrayal but FROM WHOM???


Magic of Maaneet (Road to one shot)

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O meri jaan (maaneet OS)

O meri jaan

O Meri Jaan

From Movie TUM MILEY


A tear escaped from his eyes, when he remind himself, rude behavior of hers, strange and a harsh words of hers, “Mr. Maan singh khurana , I can’t live with you, I can’t stand your side, I felt suffocating with the thought I am related to you, Hell, even I can’t bear your name behind mine”. He knew very well she didn’t meant those words, His Geet, his Mishty, his Jaan, can’t say anything like this, and above all how could he refuse his heart who knew that his mishty would prefer to die thousand times before spitting out such cruel brutal words before wrenching his word mercilessly .  

Hairan hai hum hue q tum gairon se

Kaisa hai ghum bolona tum honton se

Jab me waapas aaungha  toh me chahta hu, ke mujhe sab se pehle tum milo, sab se pehle tum dikho, jaise ke mere liye India aaney ka matlab hi tum ho, aur India me sirf tum hi ho jis ke liye me wapas aana chahta huu,

Achha ji toh mahashay aap chahtey hai ke me aap ke liye band baja aur haar lekar airport par aaouu aur zor zor se gaaon, Mera piya Ghar aaya O raam ji,

She smiled, her voice was evident of her happiness, seems like her each and every part knew how to express herself in front of him.

Nahi nahi toh me ne yah toh nahi kaha keh tum mere liye gaaon

To phir, she asked innocently and giggled … aur saat samundar paar Maan ko aisa lagha ke dhairo phul khil gaye ho…

Aisi khilkhilaati muskurahat thi us ski…  

Hmmm me toh chahta hu ke tum mujh se sab se special, sab se alag, sab se hat kar style me milo. He said mischievously…

Hmmm aur wo special style, ala gaur hatt kar style me kaise miloo aap hi batayie””.

Well Geet mujhe toh lagha tha ke tum both intelligent ho, lekin phir bhi agar tum chahti hut oh me batata hu,Tum mujh se aisa milna jaise samundar ki lehrein kinaarey se milti hai, tadap kar machal kar, jaise sham raat se milti hai, pur sukoon, khaamoshi se, jaise Nadi aakar samundar se milti bilkul aise jaise nadi ka mitha paani samundar ke khaarey paani me mil jata hai aur kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalta bilkul waise jaise”.

Maan aap both besharam ho gaye ho USA jaa kar, chiii”’

Arey Geet’ Geet suno toh” but  before he could say anything she cut the call, and maan hit the cell on his forehead and cursed himself to tease her at such extent that she actually cut the call””

But his smile wiped off like anything when reality hit him hard, so hard that he became numb for a time. that was a time when they weren’t get enough for each other, they loved to talk hours and hours together and nobody felt to disconnect the phone first, and here he came its 7th day of his arrival and she is nowhere, she became disappear like treasure of king, nowhere not even once in a Blue moon.

Na tum ho bewafa na mein bhi hoo

Phir bhi hai hum juda me kyaa kahoo

“Geet jaan what happen”, It was first time when he was talking with her after her mother died, Geet You know na I too love Bua, she was My own Dad’s sister,

So what should I do, I told you I damn care about it.

Her behavior was sending him to the edge of insanity, edge of craziness, He was trying his best to sooth her pain, he can understand, but she was nowhere to understand, even he was feeling guilty, he wanted to be there but the business contract and work was also important that his father ordered him not to come back till the work ends.

Me ne aap ko letter me likha tha ke me aap ke saath nahi rehna chahti, aap divorce papers par sign kar ke mujhe bhej dijiye.

Kon hai woh jis ke liye tum mujhe chhodna chahti ho bataao kon hai jis ke liye tum mujh se daghabaazi kar rahi ho Geet”””’.

She was stunt by his question, a tear escaped from her eyes, her pain, her anguish, her agony, that’s what all she was bearing since that dreadful evening.

Issey aap ko koi matlab nahi hona chahiye saying that she cut the call’..

 Na jaane waqt ki marzi hai kyaa

Q hai mili yeh duriyaan

He was standing near the window when he saw her, she was sitting on the grass, hugging her knees and her head was resting on it, he finally found her, she was in the same house, but where she was since last seven days, so many questions and answers were nowhere, he escaped so many stairs to meet her soon, he was right behind him when he heard sobbing sound, she was crying, his mishty was crying, he rest his hand on her shoulder, she straightened herself and snapped on him, looking him with disgusting face, and left the place without a single word…

   O meri jaan

He was standing outside her room, door was closed, and it was same like before with a single change which meant a lot to him…It was the same room where Geet used to live before her marriage with maan, both were first cousines’

Geet was maan’s Bua’s daughter’.. They shifted in house when her father Died’..she was bubbly, vivacious girl’….

Her bedroom door was painted with white bright color’ and there were lots of pictures of fairy and barbies’ and in mid of Door the sentence was written by her in bold letters and colorful pens


The paper was missing from there…

You are not good girl Geet… He whispered as if trying to convince himself’

O meri jaan

Why couldn’t she sit with him once calmly, and sort out all the problem, why couldn’t she once just tell him that what was bothering her,,,,,,,,,,, Why’. Why… Why… The disgust on her face for him,  driving him crazy, he was falling in his own eyes, but why , why was that so difficult for her…

Why was she making life damn hell for both of them…

 O meri jaan

What happened to her so suddenly, why she couldn’t stand his sight, when her heart changed with her mind””””., where he could find his own mishty, his Geet, his Jaan, His shona, His maayeri, whom he lost so long””’

 O meri jaan  haaa

He was practicing Tai-chi, actually taking out his frustration by giving pain to him self…

So many questions and the answers were nowhere, he screamed in pain, and a tear rolled from his eyes, leaving a trail of its existence the pain given by her was now became unbearable for him. He was unable to breath, unable to found peace, solace in his life.

 Tere bin jo din aaya

Kaatey na who kat paya

Kami teri khal si jaati hai

He was searching something when file fall down from his closet. It was file of their letters. The letters which witnessed their love growing, which saw how their mutual understanding and friendship became strong. When he was in USA,  Being having all the facilities like Internet, telephone, cell phone, land line, they loved to write letters to each other, they used to write all their feelings on a single page, It was not about what they done whole day , and what they would do another day. It was depended on that how much they missed each other, when they missed most and when they felt another’s existence near them. It was their mutual unsaid agreement that when the one would woke up in the morning the letter of another will be waiting for one, to say Good Morning Jaan”..

 It was their daily routine and was important for both more than oxygen.

 Tere Bin joh sham aayi

badi dil ki tanhaai

meri aankhen bhar si jaati hai

It was raining outside heavily, she was standing near the window when she felt two strong arms holding her tightly, she closed her eyes in anticipation and her beautiful lips curves into smile, tear escaped from her eyes with the beautiful moment she was living, the wetness on her cheeks made her came out from her imaginings, she saw herself, No hands were there her waist was empty without his hand like her heart and life. She looked behind and the door was closed and only darkness was there in the room, like her life, seems after him only darkness is the thing which exist in her life. She closed her eyes and engulfed herself in the darkness.

 kuch tum mujh se khafa kuch me bhi hu

hai kyaa is ki wajah me kyaa kahoo

He went inside the kitchen to make coffee for himself, his wife was in his house, but they were not together, even he didn’t have right to ask for a coffee from her own wife, he taunted himself in the mind and entered into the kitchen, when he saw her, saw his life again, but was she his life, she was looking serene, angelic, beautiful like always”’

Her eyes were innocent like always but the naughtiness which was vital part of her eyes were missing, and it didn’t go unnoticed by him…

How anybody can look so beautiful even after breaking, even after shattering someone’s heart so badly that his entire existence become a question for himself,

Well we can’t judge anyone, Dekhne me toh Saanp (snake)bhi khubsurat hota hai, lekin uska zehrile dant hi kisi ki zindaghi ko khatam karney ke liye kaafi hoteyy hai,,”””””.

The venom which exist in snake was more powerful than his beauty”’..she was engrossed in her  own thoughts that even didn’t felt his presence, till he came really near behind him.  She was stunned because of his sudden closeness; they both looked at each other,her eyes were same, the eye ball were same, the mind were same, the physical existence were same, but something was changed something which changed both of them really deeply, drastically they  both looking at each other,

 Maan , how can he forgive her for being so rude, for being so disgusted, for being so harsh, the deceive in his eyes , the regret in his eyes was evident to loving her so deeply, so crazily, that here she was wrenching his heart every day and he couldn’t do anything more than standing numb and bearing all  the pain given by her.


naa jane waqt ki marzi hai kya

q hai mili yeh duriyaan

Their eyes met, met for a minute, but it seems like eternity, they both were ready to lost in each other””

The plead in Geet’s eyes’. The pain in Maan’s eyes”..

Both were craving for each other’ but both were detach, detach from each other’ Far away far far away from others reach”

Why is that so’..When we love someone does their presence can give us pain’.. When we love someone why we always able to forgive their biggest mistake’.

But why we couldn’t leave them just like we left the others who give us pain’. Why is that so’

Why love became pain just in a fraction of moment”’

Why love become hatred with just a different glimpse of lover”


O meri jaan

He was passing through passage ”.

When her words made him stop at his place’.

As if his body froze’.. His ears were eager to know something, His sixth sense was alarming that something worst was coming’..

 O meri jaan

He felt that the reason of Geet’s behavior is related to the same thing which they were talking about.

Inside the Room”

Geet was talking with her sister in law”

Bhabhi: Geet why don’t you try at once”.Ghar me tumhara relation maan ke saath kaisa ho gaya hai har kisi ko pata hai’.

Agar tum uss ke saath wo saari baatein chhupa kar new start nahi kar sakti than do one thing uss ko sab kuch bata do’..

Har ek baat us raa’..

But before she can complete geet cut her’.

Nahi bhabhi’.. nahi’..   Me nahi kar paaunghi”

She said painfully, that kasak the pain of losing something very precious was evident in her voice’..

Maan was stunned; he understood whatever the reason behind her behavior this is the same thing they were talking about. 


O meri jaan

What they were hiding from me’. The whole house knew about Geet and My relation’. Well jis ghar me khana tak saath beth kar khaatey hai waha itni badi baat kaise chhup sakti hai’.

Maan came out from his thoughts when he heard sobbing sound from her room’

Bhabhi u won’t believe, main aaj bhi Maan se utna hi pyaar karti hu jitna 1 saal pehle karti thi’.

Ya shayad uss se bhi zyada’.

Uss ki bechaini, mere liye uski tadap mujhe sukoon deti hai’

Me uss ko chhodna chahti hu aur wo mujhe pane ke liye bechain hai’.

Me uss ke saath nahi rehna chahti aur wo mere saath ke liye ji raha hai’

Lekin yeh sukoon aur solace sirf thodey time ke liye hi hota hai’

I know how much maan is possessive for his relations”.. aur mere liye toh uski yeh possessiveness junoon ban jati hai’ I know how much he adored his relations, and how much he wanted them to be perfect’.

Jhuut Dhoka, dagha in sab se both duur hai mere maan’.

Itne acche insaan ko mujh jaisi characterless ladki ka saath”.

Nahi nahi bhabhi I don’t deserve him’

Geet its just your point of view, tumhaari soch ki upaj agar yeh sab kuchh us waqt hota jab maan yaha they tab, tab bhi kya tum maan ko chhod deti’

Tab ki baat aur thi tab kismet shayad aisa gandah khail hi nahi khelti’.

Darr laghta hai bhabhi, both darr laghta hai’

Raaton me jab wo sapne aatey hai’..

Me maan ke pyaar ke saharey ji lunghi bhabhi lekin un ki badalti nazrein mujhe jitey ji maar daaleinghi…

Aaj agar meri duniya ujdi hui hai phir bhi maan ki mohabbat mujhe har roz uss din ko jine ka hosla deti hai…

Aaj maan ki nazron me mere liye gussa sahi, dard sahi pyaar bhi toh hai.. me wohi aankho me apne liye nafrat, disgust, loath nahi dekh sakunghi bhabhi 

Jab me yeh sochti hu ke Kya hogha jab maaan ko sach pata chalegha Meri Rooh kaanp uthati hai’.


O meri jaan

A tear escaped from Maan’s eyes. Realization of his mishty’s pain was not giving him space for even breath…

Bas karo Geet bas karo, Boht ho gayi tumhaari bakwaas, Bhabhi said harshly, though she really didn’t intended to but she knew that Geet is in such a fragile state that she needed to do it.

Hum sab tumhey kucch nahi kehtey iskaa matlab yeh nai hai ke hum tumhhari baton se sehmat ho jaatey hai’.

Tum apne dard ki baat karti ho’

Maan ke dard ko dekha hai tumne’.1.5 saal apne ghar, apni patni se dur rehney ke baad jab wo wapas aaya , tab tumney us ke saaamney kaisi sharth rakhi, kyaa manga tumney uss se ”.


Agar us ki jagah koi aur mard hota toh kab ka tumhaarey munh par divorce papers maaar kar chala gaya hota’

Lekin wo maan ki mohabbat thi jo us ko aisa karney se rokti rahi’.

Wo janta tha us ki geet normal situation me uss ke samney aisi sharth kabhi nahi rakhti’.

Apni nahi uss ke mohabbat par toh vishwaas rakhti’.

Jab pyaar kiya tha toh bharosa bhi karti’..

Tujhey dil se tha chaha

Tu hi toh na mil paya

Khushi mujhe ko chhal si jaati hai

Maan actually frozen there, it means whole family knows the truth except me’ certain anger, anguish, feeling of devastation took place’ What happened with his Geet’

Why they all were hiding, what was that truth, Do i have any right on her life’.

When she could share the truth with everyone couldn’t she share it with me’.

Bloody helll…

He was feeling outsider in his own house, just like a guest, in front of whom whole family pretended to be fine’.

And Geet”’.. She was his soul mate’ his life partner’.

They vowed to each other of sharing not only every blissful moments but also poignant moments’.

Why she broke her promise’. Maan was feeling like to choke.

Pyaar toh kar liya Geet Bharosa bhi kar leti’.

Jab purey ghar waaley tum ko tumhaari  sacchai ke saath apna saktey hai toh me q nahi??

Me aur tumhara rishta to un ke aur tumhaarey rishtey se zyada mazbut, zyada atut hai na’.

He asked her in his mind.. As if she was listening to all his words”..’  

Mera tu tha sarmaya

Tujhe paa kar na paya

Yehi baatein chubh si jaati hai


Bhabhi me kyaa karu aap hi btaao mujhey, she said helplessly, the poorness of her mind, the turmoil of her soul was evident in her each and every motion.

Kyaa bata du uss ko ke us ki Gee tab pehle ki tarah pure nahi rahi…

Maan hamesha boltey they Geet u belong to me…

I possess you… Kyaa bolu unn ko Now I m no more urs…

I couldn’t be anyone’s…

Agar meri jagah koi aur ladki hoti to shayad ab tak sucide attempt kar leti but how shameless I am still breathing…I don’t deserve him…

He is best and I am worst…he is a king and now I am no more than a beggar…

He is a sun of a sky and I am garbage…

Kyaa Jodi aisi banti haiii bhabhi…

Nahi na hai na bhabhi aisi bematlab jodiyaa nahi banti na

She said painfully as if she was trying to convince herself.

I read somewhere God made pair according to their nature and characters…

Best get best and worst get worst… Phir aisa kyuu

Agar me accho thi toh mere saath aisa q hua…

Unn darindo ne mujhe chutey hui kuch socha q nahi… Meri rooh tak koh jhinjhod diya… mujh par toh sirf maan ka haqq tha na phir aisa q…

They Raped me Bhabhi… It was not a small thing Bhabhi…

Damn they raped me…

What should I say to maan Bhabhi… Tell me what should…

That Ur geet is no more Divine, No more pure like before…

Mummy is baat ko she nahi paayi… wo muhje chhod kar chali gayi… Maan kehtey they geet tum ek baar bulaana dekhna me foran tumharey paas aa jaaoungha phir…

Phirr… q nahi aaye who…

Issiliye na may be because I deserved that…

Aur agar me buri thi toh maan ko mujh se hi mohabbat hona thi kyaa

maan toh itne acchey hai phir mujh jaisi ladki un ki qismat me …

She was saying and crying bitterly… sobbing heavily…

Maan felt like the sky fall down on him… Ohh God…


He was so numb that the process of breath in and breath out was also become difficult for him… He pushed the door to open…



Dono hai ghamzada me kya kahoo

Naa jaaney waqt ki marzi hai kyaa

The door opened certainly both Bhabhi and Geet became silent for a moment and their eyes widened in horror as they saw person standing on the door with; aghast expression… geet almost stopped breathing… She was horrified totally horrified… She prayed only one thing since last one whole year..

Maan was unaware of the truth and she was praying that he never make out with that truth… The horrible, terrified truth which change her life devastatingly…

Maan was coming near them… His each step was geet feeling on her heart…



Q hai mili yeh duriya

Maaa… But before she could utter a single word he lifted his hand in front and stopped her by saying anything…

Geet’s heart shattered into pieces seeing him like this.  His red blooded eyes and heavy breathing is showing his internal turmoil, his havoc was nowhere to end as if the lawa which was burning him from inside from so many days was going to burst out today and it will burn the whole world including both of them…

But his Eyes… What was that… Something which was unreadable… The  Geet was shocked, really heart, the deceive; the pain was evident in his eyes… Suddenly he stopped in the mid… and took the steps back… his mind and eyes were nowhere except her… her petite fragile figure, as if he wanted to burn her with his intense gazed. Swiftly he turn and Geet’s mind too, He started walking fastly so that Geets mind started made new decision with full confidence.. He started running and her heart shattered seeing her life slipping from her hands as if it was sand.



O meri jaan

The Room was empty so that her life, her heart, the tiny miny hope, ray of sun of life which seems rose in her life drowned, drowned sarcastically. Her life and Fortune was again laughing on herself, teasing her with their cruelty. She saw him leaving home… and she felt like her life was living her body…

She decided living without him is nothing but to die every day… so why not to die at once…

Everyone will cry for 3 days and that’s it…

The chapter would be close for ever… she tookSleeping pills and  emptied the whole bottle of sleeping pills and drank water butt why… Why death is slow… She didn’t wanted to take a single breath after this… she took out the blade from the side corner… and with the dizzy eyes she cut her wrist.. she fainted immediately on the spot leaving  shock and horrified bhabhi and Bhaiya on the door who just came to see her after Maan left without a single word…



O meri jaan

He drove crazily…

He drove madly…

He drove insanely…

They raped me Bhabhi…

He accelerated…

What should I say him…

 He increased the speed…

The speed of the car was indicating her internal havoc…



O meri jaan

He came back…

After whole 1 week…

And the whole week was like hell for the family member…

Geet was mostly on the death bed… The will power of living life, the willingness to enjoy her self was almost disappeared like maan, her Maan , who was nowhere to trace…

They called to his each and every friend and they were literally shocked with maan’s absence like this…

He entered into the gate…

Wohi Ruk jaao Maaan …

His father stopped him on the door… he was standing there with dipped head… lawa was bursted out in last one week… He was burning in his own hell

Kyaa samajh rakha hai tum ne pati patni ke rishtey ko ??

Mazaq hai… Jab chaha apna liya aur jab chaha chhod diya…

Hum ne tum se pehle hi kaha tha …Agar ussey apnana chahtey ho toh bina kuch pucchey apna lo…

Pehle to tum uss ko paaney ke liye bechain they aur phir phir kyaa hua us ski sachaai jaan kar chhodna chahtey ho…

Maan lifted his head … The thought of leaving her is something beyond his imagination

How how can he left his life…
How can he wish to left the breathing…

Bas kijiye dad bas kijiye…

Aap ko uss ke dukh ka andaaza hai mere dard ka nahi…

Maana jo uss ke saath hua wo galath tha … Par aap logon ne mere saath kyaa kiya …

Mujhe dhoke me rakh kar aap kyaa paa lete…

Jab aap log sachhai jaan kar ussey apna saktey thy to kyaa me nahi apna sakta tha … Itna hi samjha tha aap logon ne aur uss ne mujhe…

Me kaha tha ek hafetyy

Aap mujhey batayiye sach jann ney ke baad meh kyaa karta uss ke paas jaa kar uss ke saamney dukh ka izhaar karta

Jis sadmey me wo picchley ek saal tak thi kyaa me ek haftey nahi reh sakta tha…

He said and went towards their room …

When Bhabhi stopped him in the mid…

Maan bhai she is in next to your room…

He was stunned … That room was simply like a hospital ward…

Whyy… Why she was there…

She attempted to kill her self…

He was looking her blanky…

Sleeping Pills…she said with dipped head

He closed his eyes in order to reduce the pain which certainly occurred in his heart…


O meri jaan


He opened the door, and there she was sitting and crying …

A tear slipped from his eyes … while he looked at her …

She was pale her hair was massive and the dress … anyone can estimate more than two days she might be in same dresss…

Hugging her knees… her head was totally inside the hollow of her knees … and the certain motion was indicating that she was crying…

Maan swept his hand on his face in order to calm himself…

In order to calm his anger which were having no bound after looking her…

But he has to strong for her… For the sake of his Geet…

He smiled a bit and went near her…

Geet heard all their heated argument with maan, she was crying continuously and registered one more undid sin, in her life…

Maan came… Came for her… the thought was giving her life again…

She actually feeling alive with the thought only…

He put his hand on her shoulder and she turned and hugged him…

Hugged tightly as if fearing to lost him again.. she clutched his shirt and her tears wetting his shirt…

Hum jin ko kaanch se zyada naazuk tasawwur kartey hai aksar zamana un ke saath bura sulook karta hai…

He thought and a tear escaped and disappeared in her long black hairs.

Why Maan… Whyyy Love hurts a lot…

My love hurt you,…

Your love make me weak.. Why is that so… she said with heavy sobbing…

Maan feeling helpless because of her condition but he again put all the strength together… He have to strong for her… to make her out of that hell of guilt and rumorse…

No Geet…

Jaan … Love never hurts mishty…

He was using all the words together, all the name which he gave her,  to his mishty …

Love never hurts…

Loneliness hurts… Rejection hurts…Envy hurts…Everyone gets these things confused with love … But in reality love is the only thing in this whole universe that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again…

And Love , My love my care, My worship for you would make you mine once again…

I was so scared Maan… I…

Shhh Geet no love… Forget all the things… I am with you na baby…

We will start from the beginning we will live our life once again…

And they slam their lips in each other’s as if there was no tomorrow…

O meri jaa haaa haaa



O saiyaa (maaneet OS)


One shot on Magical couple Maaneet 🙂 😉

Song- O Saiyyan
Movie Agneepath

The click sound of Knob on the door and the harsh sound of Door man

King Maanveer is here (raja Maanveer aa rahe hai)

The best room of the women’s portion in the palace was decorated as if the whole world is there in the room. It was first night of king Maanveer and his queen Geetanjali. King maanveer the king of delhi, its approximate the middle age of Indian history, when the Chandra gupt morya lost his kingdom, it was maanveer his son, who became king after the insane death of Morya, for whole world he was King Maanveer Morya but for his mother he was maan, his maan, who always sat on the floor, whenever she was around, who loved to put his head on her lap.

After the proper growth of the kingdom, his mother always wanted maan to married the Rajkumari Geetanjali, a rajkanya of the neighbor state, she was daughter of  his enemy, who killed his father, her mother wanted maan to merry her so that they can get the Kingdom of their enemy,

Rajkumari Geetanjali was far away from such politics, maan first time saw her when she came for the day out with her friends, it was love at first sight for maan, Maan was mesmerized with her beauty,

Her angelic eyes, her curvy lips, whenever she smiled dimple on her cheek which enough for maan to drawn her in her mesmerizing beauty,

For maan she was like venom, the person may die with her one glimpse, that’s the only reason nobody in the kingdom allowed to see her. Her killer eyes and naughty smile made maan crazy.

He wants her only her, he wants her to panting heavily under him, moaning her name again and again, clutch his bare back. He wants to be wild with her; he wants to do all the things with her which he always used to do in his wildest dreams.

That was not easy for maan to win her heart, she was Rajkumari a daughter of a king, but still far away from the politics, she was as nave as first drop of Rain, she was fragile like a dew. But he won her, won her with his love and intelligence, and now she was his and her kingdom too.

Maan opened the door, the whole room was decorated with different colors of rose and violet orchids and the work of light is done by Moon and Candles.

Its 15th of moon, the full moon hiding behind the curtain, and trying to peeped in  when ever the cool breeze trying to came inside throughout the curtains.

He saw she was sitting in the middle of the bed, fully dressed in the Bride in the veil on a head.

He just wants to grabbed her and ripped her cloths and make love but somehow he control his desire, as he knows very well she may be don’t know the Relation between the man and woman with physical contacts, but he wants to make love today only today itself, its their first night and he knows that in the early morning her nurse will come to check her whether they are in relation or not, and above all its all about his family wants the other prince to make their family strong, to make their kingdom strong, but still it’s a long long process the first thing here is his desires, his pleasures, his imaginations for this girl. Yes she is his wife, they are in relation now, she have all the rights on him, so that he.

He took the first step inside the room, it’s her usual room where he is living since his childhood, but it seems like tonight it also become special to witness their love. To witness their togetherness.  

Geet was sitting middle of the bed, she knows that now she is not a Princess Geetanjali  Handa, Now she is Queen Gitanjali maanveer, a queen of kingdom so that her husbands heart too.  A daughter in law of most well honored family of the Royal world. She very well knows that maanveer loves him; it was evident from his eyes. The day only when she saw him for the first time when he came for the shikaar in her kingdom’s Forest. After wards when her Daai maa (nanny) make her understand the relation between the Husband and wife, whenever she saw any dream it was him in her dreams.  She saw he was stood rooted near the door, as he took his first step Geet felt like it was not on the floor but on her heart, she was breathing heavily, as he come near her she was nearly stopped breathing. He come near her and sits near the edge of the bed. He lift her veil up and smirked and simply said : Breath, Breath Geet,

“Geet” she opened her eyes in surprise just to find him,  starring her lovingly, she lowered her gaze feeling shy, not able to resist his intense gaze anymore.

He came near,

Kyaa aap jaanti hai aapko hum ne Geet naam kyu diya??

She looked at him with questioning look.

Hum bataayeinghe aap ko lekin abhi nahi, he smiled naughtily and placed a kiss on forehead and she closed her eyes in acceptance.

He liked it, actually loved it, its like a pleasant surprise for lover, to whom we love the most is ready to accept us the way we are, the way we lived, the way we care and the way we treat them.

Maan being a king, the king of a royal kingdom, the girl always ready to give her selves to him, to surrender themselves to maan, but maan being a man of his words, he actually promise himself that neither he will drink, nor he will sleep with keep, the way his forefathers used to do. And till now he is on his words.

Geet hum aapko humaarein rishtein ke baaarey me batana chahtey hai, he wants to clear her all the doubts and make her understand their relations.

Dekhiye Geet, ek pati patni ka rishta sirf dukh dard, aur saat vachno tak ka nahi hota, being a human we have some needs, some desires, and its duty of husband and wife to fulfill the desires of others.

Ohhh”’.. huhhh

He actually unable to tell her that what he actually wants to say, Geet  humaari emotional needs se aaghey bhi kuch zaroorat hoti hai, pati patni ke rishte ko mazbooth buniyaad den eke liye yeh zaruri hai, hum yeh nahi keh rahey ke yah hona hi chahiye leking humarey rishte ko yeh ek dusrey level par le jaayegha

A small smile crept on her face, she understood what he wants to say, and how she cant understand, her each heart beat is for maan, each and every breath possessed by maan, so how she failed to understand him.

He saw a glimpse of smile, her lips curved in the shape and her dimple become deep. She put her hand on maan’s hand and replied.

Maan aapko kuchh kehne ki zarurat nahi hai hum jaantey hai, aap kyaa kehna chah rahe hai,


Her marvelous melodious voice, he just want to listen her voice again and again.

This the first time she said something after their marriage and this is the very first time he is listening to her, and what she just said that she can understand him,

Ohhh maan was above cloud nine.

Maan: Ohhh toh aap sab kuch jaanti hai, she lowered her gaze instantly.

And her pink cheeks turn into crimson red. Toh yaani humein thoda aur time miljaayegha jo hum ek dusrey ke saath bita sakeunghe.

She shuddered with his touch, his hand snake into her waist, which was bare, the cold touch on her waist gives her Goosebumps, she closed her eyes, and start breathing heavily.

Geet, he called her in husky voice, can we start love? He asked her, 


Meri adhuri kahani

Lo dastaan ban gayi

Tu ne chhua aaj aise,

Me kyaa se kyaa ban gayi,

Ohhh his touch was so special, really unique, and yeah sensuously amazing too. Being touched by any man, it was her first experience so that his, but she was really don’t know about it.  She was really feeling shy, as he start undressing her, she being Rajkumari , her values never allowed to be naked in front of any one, but again, he is not just any random person, he is her Husband, the one who have all the rights on her, the rights which she reserved for him only for so long.

Sahmey hue sapne mere

Hole hole anghdaiyaan le rahe

Thhehrey hue lamhe mere

Nayi nayi gehraaiyaan le rahe

Being with Geet is nothing but his wildest dream, which is going to be in reality soon, his love is with him, what he need more, what he can ask to god more than this, he lived his whole life till now was nothing but just a mere war of existence, but as she is with him, life seems so easy within moments. He start kissing her madly, from shoulder to her finger tips, from her foreheads to her chin, he parted her legs and kissed under thigh, Ohh that was amazing, she is already feeling wet under her legs.

Zindaghi ne pehni hai muskaan

karne laghi hai itna karam q na jane

karwat lene laghey hai armaan phir bhi

hai aankh nam q na jaane

Ooo saiyyann””..

 Geet being a princess she always have some sketch about her prince charming, but to her mere luck, he is not just a princes he is a king, a king of his word, a king of her life, whose single touch, ohhh”’.

She starts feeling special, the tickling in her stomach and burning sensation in her body making her crazy, and his response driving him Insane. He undressed her and then himself but to his utter shock, when he stuck with his buttons, she came ahead and helped him, he don’t know was that her effect or there mere togetherness which was effecting her, he can clearly see her hands were shivering. As soon as she open up the buttons he grabbed her hands and kissed them again but this time with some concern as if her hands tired because of just opening up the buttons.

Odhu teri kaya

Solaah Shingaar me sajaloo

Sangam ki yeh raina

Iss me tyohar me manaloo

Khushboo teri choo ke kastoori ho jaoonn

Kitni phiki thi mein sindoori ho jaoon

Both were naked. Geet was feeling shy as she is experiencing all this for the very first time. Maan understand her hesitance, he pulled the duvet and cover both till their chest, with one swift turn, he came up on her, his weight was totally squeezing her body, but she thoroughly enjoying their togetherness, this was something really unbelievable which never exist in her life before. She was their in her original self, Without an jewelry, in her birthday dress, hyperventilated, breathing heavily and feeling goose bumps, with his sweet torture of caressing , he was kissing her madly on her face and while his hands were busy in caressing her  body, making patterns on her fragile figure. But now its becoming unbearable for her, his sweet torture became something unbearable for her, she scratched his back with her nails, and her moan become demands and she finally said,

Maan make yours, love, I want to be marked by you, I want you touch my soul.

Her simple demand is become order for maan, he gently enters in her and her scream followed his action. He holds for sometime to adjust in her, so that she can also adjust with his size.

Sur se zara behki hui

Meri duniya thi badi be suri

Sur me tere dhalne laghi

Bani re piya me bani bansuri

As soon as they hit their first organism together, they both shuddered with immense desire and energy, maan’s head was on geets chest, listening her pounding heart and feeling heavy breath.

He lifts his head and looked into her eyes, which was reflecting his love and only his reflection. She smiled looking at him, he turns and put his back on bed and lift her n his arm, and now she was above him, her hand was on his chest for support

 geet hum ne aap se kaha tha na hum aapko geet keh kar bulaayenghe

She nodded her head and then asked with eyes, why is that so,

He understands and replies,

Aap ek Geet ki tarah hai, puri ki puri.

Jab aap saans leti hai toh aapki madham madham saansein humein ek dhun ki tarah sunaai deti hai

Jab aapki dhadkanein humaarein paas aane par zor zor se shor machaati hai yeh shor humein Samundar ki lehron se bhi zyaada lagne lagta hai,

Aur jab humareey choone par aap ki ankhein band ho jatii hai aur ek halki si ahh sunaai deti hai waisi madhur awaaz hum ne aaj tak kisi sangeet me nahi suni,

Zindaghi ne pheni hai

muskaan karney laghi hai

Itna karam q na janeey

Karwat lene laghi hai

Armaan phir bhi

Hein aankh num q na jaaney

Geet smile shyly and hug him tight and close her eyes as it was nothing but just a sweet dream, maan looked at her and then at window where moon was witnessing their togetherness, a tear escaped from his eyes, a tear of happiness, which tell him, that now life will be perfect and easy for him, he is not alone to face everything, somebody is there beside him, and the tear is not of sorrow its of happiness, its of togetherness.

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