Wo Daikhne me kaisi Sidhi saadhi laghti (Maaneet OS)



It was their Last year in the business school together, and also a last visit to industries mutually for inspection and report making for their university results,  and off course for the memorable last event. It was over night industrial visit and yes off course chandi hi chandi for couples like Maan and Geet, but it was not that lucky trip for them, as Geet was tremendously angry with maan because of some reasons and for Maan it becomes impossible to enjoy without his Mishty. It was moony night with lots of stars in the sky,  they all were sitting around the fire in an open area on the grass, feeling cools breeze and enjoying the last trip at the same time  playing Truth & dare and it was Maan’s turn, and the Maan singh khurana won’t ask less than a dare,  maneet sitting opposite each other, Geet with a grumpy face, the only thing in her mind was How the Hell can maan enjoy the evening without her, she was pouting lips in ornery and maan smiling with his eyes, adoring his princess’s nakhra.


Wo Dekhne me kaisi sidhi saadhi laghti

Hai bolti ke who toh kuchh nahi samajhti

Andar se kitni tez hai

It was dare for maan and his friends wanted him to sing a song with playing Guitar, He started singing while playing guitar when his friends forced him to play the guitar. Geet smiled a bit listening to his song,as she realized that song is dedicated to her only,  but then pout again twist her lips as soon as she heard his next line. Haw is she really that smart, no not smart arrogant, no ignorant, huhhh what the hell he meant by Tez………………. Maan you have to pay for this, I am tez……. achha ji me batati hu……


Kabhi ajeeb si kabhi haseen laghti

Kabhi kisi kitaab ka hai scene laghti

Philosophy ka craze hai

Kehti hai yeh ek phase hai

Maan looked at her again and smiled she was trying to read some fiction; actually pretending to read it but her all mind and ear was on Maan. He know his mishty well, she can’t avoid him, at any cost, at any cause, She looked at him and glared he smirked and looked away.


Yeh kaha me aa gaya bolo kaisa yeh dayar hai

Dil kisi ka ho gaya na kis pe ikhtiyaar hai

Geet looked away and try to put hands free in her ears and started listening song from radio, when one of her friend snatched the hands free from her ears and threw away in exasperation and asked her to pay attention on the song, Maan was playing guitar and starring geet in amusement, no matter from how long they are together but still he just loved to adore his princess, her each and very Nakhra, each and every naughtiness, her every childish act, is like an only entertainment source for him an only thing which have power to spread the smile on his face. He just loved to admire her in her each and every gesture in each and every motion.

Karu to kyaa karu kahu toh kya kahu

Yeh gana bhi toh usko paas lane ka bahana hai

Geet now looking here and there trying to avoid the eye contact with maan, when she heard the lines she looked at him, and then directly looked down, trying to hide her beet root flushed cheeks. She smiled realizing this is nothing but just another trick to manaaofy her, Haww such a sweet heart he is.


Wo chup chup mere dil ke raaz kholti

Ha takiye me mere khwaab bhi tatolti

Possessiveness ka case hai

He looked at her and sang, she was searching something inside her bag, and he knew what she was searching, as soon as her lips curved into a smile he realized she found what she was searching. It was their mutual diary cum slam book which they filled by time to time, when ever they felt something special about another, inside her bag which was having their sweet photo together. She smiled full heartedly when she saw there picture, it was there picture, There sweet memory of togetherness, But as she heard the line she closed the diary with thud and glared at him.  Maan smiled mischievously.

Jaane jaa jaane man toh har gaane me aata hia

Parwana romiyon har ladka hi ban jata hai

Here he was dying to talk with her, to kiss her madly, to hug her tight, very tight, to pull her into his embrace, to pull her , pull her more till there no space left between them, and here she is only and only doing nautanki, trying her best to make him restless with her cute gestures. But still he love every bit of it, each and every mili second of their love, of their togetherness, of their memories of love.


Likhu toh kya likhu banu toh kyaa banu

Yeh filmo me ladka hi q ladki ko phasata hai .

 Maan made baby face and said sorry with lip movements. Geet looked away didn’t want to see him but as she listened these lines made an O shaped lips. Hmmm so he even he didn’t want to manaofy her, hmm okh me too not going to manaofy him, IDC she thought and get up from her place.

Na chahoo bi toh me sabhi wo kar jaata hu

Woo aaye saamne toh me sudhar jata hu

As soon as she left the place, sheena who was sitting there get a chance and grabbed the opportunity and sat near maan and tried to kiss him infront of the whole gang. But maan was to lost in in Geet, as soon as he realized it , he literally throw her fron his side, but to her astonishment  geet was standing there, fuming in anger.

Ladki ek full on chase hai

Ohh kehti hai yeh ek phase hai

Geet  started walking towards him, and Maan gulped hard, not wanting to create any scene in front of the whole college, what if she slapped him, Ohh…. No.. no….. no….. hell the maan singh khurana cant be yaar, purey college ke saamne izzat ki waat, nahii……

But again her mishty is not just a mishty, she is was still a mystery box for her, she lift him up by his collar, all the gang were just starring them in shock, nobody knew the relation Of maaneet till now, Maan gulped hard and plead from his eyes, but he was shocked after seeing her eyes, the anger, jealousy and rage were now replaced with care, love and lots of mischief spangle. She slammed her lips on his and started kissing him in front of whole gang, with feeling of possessiveness, feeling possession, feeling of tenure.


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