Mujhe Tum yaad aatey ho …. (poem)

blossom and bench

Mujhe tum se yeh Kehna
Bohut tum door lagtey ho
Bohut masroof lagtey ho
Tumharey paas do pal ki
Ghadi mere liyeh nhi milti..
Tum apne Hoke bhi mujh se
Bohut anjaan lagtey ho
Mujhe tum yaad aatey
Magr waada tumhara yeh
Mujhe tum yaad karkey bhi
Kabhie, aansoo bahana a matt
Mujhe yeh rok leta hai
Yeh Dil ke band par
aansoo ki boonde baandhdeta haii
KABHI faarig milo mujh ko
Tumhe kuch lafz kehne haii
Tumhe Baate batani haii
Mohabbat ki shiddate meri
Jo mehfooz tere liyeh haii woh
Saari tujh par lutaani haii
Kaha hai fursat me tum milna
Guzaare waqt jo hum ne
WO yaade dard deti haii
Tumhe yeh bhi batana haii
Tumhari woh jaanshee Baate abhi sone nahi deti
Tumhe yeh bhi batana haii
KABHI faarig milo humko
Abhi kuchh aur Baate haii
JO tum Se kehalwaani haii
KABHI JO saamne aao
Tumhaare aahani halqe me kuchh ratein
Abhi aur bhi bitaani hai
KABHI tum yaad kar bhi lo
Koi faryaad kar bhi lo
Ke mujh ko bhi yaqeen aaye
Gumaa ko bhi sadaqat ho
Yeh jazbe yaktarfa nhi janam
Me tum ko yaad aati hu..
Tum mujh ko bhool mat jaana
Dekho badguma nahi hona
Me tum se pyaar karti hu
Tumhari yaad ko aksar me Dil ke paas rakhti hu
Ke tumhara Hoke naa hona
Mujhe bhi dard deta haii
Yeh ahsaas tu nahi haii paas
Rooh tak ko meri janam yeh zah jhinjod deta haii
KABHI tum lot kar aao
Mujhe tum se yeh Kehna haii
Bohut tum door lagtey ho…
Meri jaa lot kar aao
Tumhari yaad aati haii
Tumhari yaad aati haii
Tumhari yaad aati haii
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Uss Shaks ko Chaha tha (poem)


Ik shaks ko chaha thaa

Kuchh is tarah se youn…

Jazbey bhi they lafaani

Aur akal bhi hairaa thi…

Kucch dard bhi thaa dil me

Kuchh uss se mohabbat thi….

Kuchh aisa chaha tha usko

Dil o jaa me who bastaa tha

Who gar subah kehta

Dil suraj ki dua karta

Aur raat jo kehtaa who

Dil maah me panah leta…

Ek shaks ko chaha thaa

Duniya se bhi badhkar tab

Imaan se bhi badhkar tab…

Ek shaks ko chaha thaa

Har jaa se bhi badhkar tab

Rishto se bhi badhkar tab

Uss zaat se bhi badhkar tab

Kucch dil me mohabbat thi

Kucch dil me dagabaazi

yeh meri siyah kismet

 us dil me daghaa thi bas

aur is dil me basti thi

sirf us ki mohabbat….

us shaks ko chaha thaa

har dil se bhi badh kar you

kuchh aisi khwaahish thi

ke saath me mere ho

har baat me mere ho

uska hi fasana ho

who mera zamaana ho …

fir saath mohabbat ho

humsaath mere who ho

kuchh is taur se chaha thaa

ke jaan bhi deti toh

woh kuch na kam lagti

who dil me basa le baass

yeh dil ki duaa thi tab

ab khaas nahi hai kuch

har baat poorani hai

har raat ki meri ab

bedard kehaani haii

who pas ab ho toh

layaani safar hai yeh

bemaani safar hai ab

bas yeh hi zindagaani haii

us shaks ko chaha thaa

lafzo se bhi badh kar kuch

nazro se bhi badhkar kuch

iss dil se bhi badh kar kuchh

uss shaks ko chaha thaa

ek shaks ko chaha thaa

bedard se insaa ko

me ne kabhi chaha thaa

A Rangrez Mere … (Maaneet OS)


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A Rangrez Mere

Movie Tanu weds Manu


at Khurana Mansion backyard,

It was maneet’s First holi celebration together after their arrange marriage. It’s only 6 months after their marriage. Even after such a long time, Geet like a new Bride, still hesitant to open up infornt of family, except maan, But in this only maan’s effort was there, only he knows how much he worked to make her feel comfortable. He very well understood her nature, and trying his level best to comfort her.

A Rangrez mere A Rangrez mere

Yeh baat bata rangrez mere

maan started singing as soon as he saw geet elegantly coming towards him, In white saari, no make up simply in her self only some sindoor on her forehead. It’s their first Holi together, and his friends wanted to make it special for both of them, so they just mixed some Bhaangh in his Drink.  

tu ne kon se paani me yeh konsa rangh ghole hai

yeh konse paani me tu ne kon sa rang ghola hai

ke Dil ban gaya ssodaai  mera basanti chola hey

maan went towards her, as soon as he started singing, every body was first shock but soon their expression changed and they were pleasantly surprised to see him out of his shell.

Geet was feeling shy, Its first time after their marriage that he was publicly showing his love towards her, she was feeling bit embarrassed too, as in front of the family, he was singing for her.

Ab tum se kyaa me Shikwa karu

Me ne hi kaha tha zidd karke

Rang de chunri phinke rangh me

Rangh de rangh de chunri ke rangh

He came near her, and caresses his cheek lovingly, everyone was gaping at them, but soon their starring session turned into admiring session, as they saw, he was actually putting some color on her cheek, and geet was already beetroot red with blush.

Par mouee kapas par rangh ye na ruke

Rangh Itna gehra utrey ki

Chain o jigar tak bhi rangh de

Jigar rangh dey

Maan started dancing around her,(imagine he was doing Bhangra dhabe wala)  as he was totally tally because of Bhanng, every one soon join him, now Geet was standing in the middle and every one was dancing around him, then maan broke the chain and came inside the circle and hug her dearly. Geet was first feeling shy, but finally she dared a bit and hug back him, as if she was there where she actually belongs to.

Rangrez tu ne afiim kyaa hai khaali

Jo mujh se tu yeh pucchey ke konsa rang

They were standing in the corner, when maan asked her for kiss by his gesture, and geet being innocent as usual asked him what,

Rango ka kaarobaar hai tera

ke tu hi toh jaane konsa rangh

Maan dragged her near the table, where all the colors plate was lying and started throwing color on her.

mera balam rangh

mera sajan rangh

He threw red color

mera khaatik rang

mera agahan rangh

He threw yellow color

mera khaadin rangh

mera sawan rangh

He threw Blue Color.

Here she was continuously trying to save her self from his colorful rain, and after realizing there is no escape in the world except his arms she hugged him, and hides her face against his broad chest.

pal pal rangh de rang de

mere aatho pehar man bhavan rang

Geet was standing near the window, he came from behind and hug her from back, and snaked his hands around her stomach, she put her hand on his hand and closed the distance between them.

ek boond ishqiya daal koi tu

ho hoh ho ek boond ishqiya daal koi

mere saaton samandar jaaye rang

They were standing near the Sea, the sunset view near the chowpatty is something out of this world, they both sitting on the seashore and geets head resting on maan’s shouler, both were starring to sun, who was going to die in few seconds. Maan look at her with Bedroom eyes and she shied and hide herself in him.

meri had bhi rang

sarhad bhi rang

behad range de

unhad bhi rang de

mandir masjid me kat rang

Its early morning, geet was in hush bush situation, Doing work fast fast and finally reached near mandir area with her thaal. Maan looked at her from passage of the bedroom and smiled and feel proud of his Dadi’s choice.

Rangrez mere Rangrez mere Rangrez mere

Rangrez mere do ghar kyu rahey

Ek hi rang me dono ghar rang de

Dono rang dey.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Nihar pihar ka angan rang

It was her first visit to her parent’s house after their marriage. She was really excited but as their trip come to an end, she was sad, and actually cried while coming back to her house, maan was driving the car, he looked at her worriedly and stop the car and Finally kissed her tears, their togetherness is always a magic on her, which force her to forget whole world.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Mere aathon pehar man bhavan rang

Nindein rang de karwat bhi rang

Aaho pe padein salwat bhi rang

Yeh tu hi hairat rang dey

Aa dil me sama hasrat rang dey

It’s early morning approximate 4.of the morning, maan’s sleep disturbed and he woke up but his lips stretched into a big smile as he realized there position, they were nude inside the duvet, and geet sleeping peacefully hugging and crawling like a baby between his arms.

Aaja aur waslat rang dey

Jo aa na sakey toh furkat rang dey

Dard e hijraa liya dil me dard e hijra liye

Me zinda rahu

jurrat rang dey

It’s another day without her, she went to her maayke and here he was missing her badly actually like anything in the world.

rangrez mere rangrez mere

tera kya hai asli rang

ab toh yeh dikhla de

Sometimes he got confused with her behavior, where somewhere she blushed like anything and somewhere she became seductress for him.

mera piya bhi tu

meri sej bhi tu

mera rang bhi tu rangrez bhi tu

meri naiya bhi tu manjhdhaar bhi

tujh me duboon tujh me ubhroo

teri har ek baat sar aankhon pe

They were in the mall, doing shopping for some households, there was a ladies section near the vegetables session, and geet silently admiring the saari which was there on the model as a sample piece, the liking was evident in her eyes. Maan asked her to get into the car, and purchased that sari for her,she was feeling out of this world after having such a sweetheart husband. 

mera malik tu

mera sahib tu

meri jaan meri jaan tere hatho me

mera qaatil tu mera munsif tu

tera bin kuchh sujhe na

 tera bin kuchh sujhe na

Maan  was getting ready for the office and stuck between two ties, that which one to wore and here his savior  came and tie him a really different tie which was perfectly complimenting his shirt.

meri raah bhi tu mera rahbar tu

mera sarvar tu mera akbar tu

mera mashriq tu

mera maghrib tu

zaahid bhi mera murshid bhi tu

ab tere bina me jaaon kaha

jaaon kaha

tera bin ab me jaaon kaha

Finally they came out of the hug and sweet memory of their togetherness, their journey of last 6 months marriage when somebody tapped maan’s shoulder; he turned and surprised to see Dadi glaring him. Geet was hell embarrassed he ran from there, and finally dadi and maan looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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Keepsakes of love chapter 2 ~tujhe chahna meri bhool thi~

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Chapter 2- “kuchh bhool thi”

Next day, fresh morning, Geet woke up with heavy heart still smiling lips, patience, this is what Islam insist, in every bad or good moments, you should have a faith on Allah, smilingly you have to face every hurdle, and Praise Allah in every good or bad, HE was, is and will be creator of destiny, She Offered her Fajar Salah, completing daily house hold chorus she left for clinic.

She reached in mid of the way when something grabbed her attention, It was a small kid, sitting on the shallow corner of road, crying, he was in school uniform, looking nice yet crying face of his was startled restlessness,

Arey Kyaa hua aapko bacha, she said, sitting next to him, she smiled a bit, Kisi ko hasana bhi toh Sadqa e jaariyaa hai, (make someone smile is a virtue whose return never stops, it’s a good investment.)

Meh… main ap….apne am…ami abbu se na…. Naa … Naraaz  hu, he said sobbing more, she looked at him in pain,

arey arey arey aaiye humaarey paas aaiye. She felt like to embraced that small baby in her secure arms,

 baby was reaaly cute, approximate age of 5-6 years,

ammi ne mera naam MAAN rakha hai, saarey dost mujhe tease kartey hai, Koi NAAN (bread) bulaata hai toh koi PAAN (leaf ), Mujhe school nahi jaana sab mujhe tease karenghey, he cried more and smile of geet’s face vanished in fractions….

The boy said and lowered his head on her , trying to feel the warmth of motherhood, he rested his head on her lap….



It was another morning of after their engagement, man somehow managed to enter into her room by on of the common used window,


She was terrified, The whole house was crowded with Family and relatives, she was sharing the room with Aleena, and Anya, his sister and her sister, Girls  had great fun whole night by teasing each other, Aleena and geet both were engaged day before only… It was exchanged marriage, Maan’s sister was going to marry with Geet’s brother so that Maaneet…

Maan and Geet both was first cousin, geet was his aunt’s daughter , Hira aunty, sister of his father,   their marriage was fixed when they were at the entrance gate of teen age, Azhar and maan both was of same age, so that Aleena and Geet, it was their Dadu’s wish to tie the knot and secure the relations of her children forever…..

He somehow grabbed & cornered her hiding from everyone’s view,

Ghazal, Kal khoob lag rahi thi, be ready to be Mrs. Ghazal khan….He whispered in her ears, instantly increasing her heartbeats and coloring her beautiful face with blush of his love,

Huhhh Mrs. Ghazal khan nahi Mr. maan, Its Ms. Geet Siddiqui, she naughtily chirped and showed him tongue.

He raised his eyebrow arghhh…
geet yeh Kaisa naam hai, he teased her,

Aur Maan yeh kaisa naam, she got annoyed and irritatingly exclaimed, He loved to call her ghazal, he hold her soft hand and turned it on her back, It was first time they were talking openly after the approval of their alliance, she always used to play hide and seek, uff she was such a shy that whenever he came from UK to India, she never met, whereas Azhar and Aleena used to talk a lot ….

Knowing his shy nature, maan never forced her to talk,

He turned her and her back was glued to his taut chest, whereas her hand was still in his hold which he twisted on back. He pulled her near him, and whispered, Maan kaisa naam nahi ghazal accha naam hai….

She got irritated with his dominance, yeh accha naam nahi hai maan, It sounds so stupid, In Marathi it means forehead, she retorted,

And in Arabic it means PROFESSOR, he  replied calmly.

Arghh whatever,

Geet don’t say whatever, I will teach u EVERYTHING, very soon, he answered in husky voice, she was having goose bumps with his voice, with his tones…she pushed him and ran away, promising herself never to come in front of him ever ….

And he chuckled somewhere feeling contented having her in his life….


aap boliyeh naa didi aap bolti kyu nahi …

Aap ko bhi lagta hai Maan is nt a good name... her chain of thought broke by a small and innocent voice, she smiled and cupped his face,

She was filled of love, and kindness, she couldn’t see anyone in pain, and yeh toh naam hi uski zindaghi tha, phir iss naam ko who dard me kaise dekhti….

She kissed her forehead affectionately and wiped his tears, she opened her bag and gave him a chocolate… being a doctor and migrane patient, she always carried chocolate with her…

The boy smiled little and accepted the small bar, hmm toh maan aap ro kyu rahe they kyu ke aapka naam accha nahi hai??

Hmm … he nodded innocently…

Awww , she hugged him again…

Aap jaantey hai aapke naam ka meaning sabse accha haii, sabse alag, do u know in different languages it carried different meaning…

Now boy was really curios to know, as till now he only heard teasing tone for his name and for the first time, he had heard someone appreciating his name…

The meaning of this name in Arabic is professor, I mean teacher, u know naa teacher is one , who teach us good things, she smiled and asked and boy felt better….  he was waiting for more looking her eagerly to open up the secret of his name..

The meaning of Maan in Marathi is Forehead, it indicate the fortune and good will of a person , so u are a fortunate one baby, she kissed his left cheek…

The boy smiled little with her gesture; he was actually feeling good now….       

The meaning of Maan in Hindi is Respect, and in punjaabi it means self respect and in Persian it means Respected Sir… she pinched his chin and gave her cheeky smile…

And at last in Indian origin it means Masculine like you, she tickled the small boy and he laughed out loudly, the last traces of sadness was vanished, ….she smiled and kissed his both the cheeks, chalo abhi jaldi se school ke liyeh bhaago, aur suno koi ab tease karey toh bata dena How superior you are…

Aisa kisi ki baato darr ke apne raastey nahi chhodtey beta, she put her hand on his head and smiled…

She turned to leave, when she seen Daii jaan standing behind her, with painful expression…. dusro ko batana aasaan hotaa hai meri bachi khud bhi usko Implement karo…

She touched her cheek and plead painfully...those who love us, our moods matters to them , they feel contented by looking our gleeful face, sadness of our face wrench their heart, I guess that’s called love, True love…

Geet smiled painfully and screamed in horror, Daii maa aapne late karwaadiya …

Patients must be waiting for me….

She rushed towards the direction of clinic when stumbled a bit, and the name which came in her mind first was ….


Whom we love most, why we always anticipate them to come in our troubles? Why we always expect them to come and save us from the world, though the person was not even bothering to know how the hell we are living the life without them… 

She left for clinic smilingly on the small child who was now smiling and glowing with zeal….


It was afternoon timing, she was in clinic, alone, thus the loneliness matters now, when she knew that whole life is going to be alone, her life and darkness of vacant heart, emptiness and obscurity which was a vital part of her life, seems eternal and unbreakable part of her verve.

She opened her diary, and started scribbling her heart on the blank paper….


~Mere humsafar tujhe chahna meri bhool thi ~

 Mere Humsafar mujhe kyaa khabar

Tujhe chahna meri bhool thi

Tujhe unn duwaao me maangna

Tujhe harr dafa youn dekhna

Meri bhool thi meri bhool thi

Tujhe kya mila mujhe kyaa pata

Mujhe gham ki soorat me dil mila

Mera dil kabhi tha mohaabat bhara

Usse tod kar marod kar

Tujhe kyaa mila, Mujhe yeh bata

Mere aankho me they khuwaab kuch

Unhe karchi karchi khwaab kar

Tujhe kyaa mila , mujhe yeh bata

Mujhe apni mohaabat pe guroor tha

Ghamand tha

Ussey reezah reezah bikhair kar

Tujhe kyaa mila

Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar

Tujhe chahna meri bhool thi

Tujhe sochna meri bhool thi

Ab phir bhi meri hai yahi duaa

Tu khush rahe ab harr jagah

Tanhaiiya meri humnawa

Tujhe saath kisi ka mile sada

Mere humsafar tu jo maang le

Mere paas ab who haqq nhi bacha

Tere Raasto me saath hu

Yeh weham mujhe bhi tha kabhi

Woh hawa hua


Yeh mohabbato ka ziyaa bana

Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar

Tere raasto me me ab nahi

Teri manzilo se ab mera nishaa ab mitt gaya

Tujhe chahne ka gumaan bhi khatam huaa

Meri Zindaghi me tera wajood nahi hai ab…

Harr raat me, harr baat me tanhaaiya meri humnawa

 (Eza 😀 )

She sighed and closed the diary, what she could do more than writing , what she could do more than sharing her heart with non existing diaries, she was never good in expressing herself from mouth, she would have kept quite rather than expressing what she felt, and that’s what she done, she kept quite, rather defending him, she kept quite when she needed to speak up….

She left all rather asking him for explanations….

She closed her eyes and sighed, rubbed her face trying to shoo off the unsaid, undesired thoughts…


She rang the bell of the house, she was annoyed, damn irritated…

Again Fight with Ahrar was sending her on verge of insanity, he was mad, he was crazy, he was possessive , she love him crazily , Damn but it doesn’t mean she would follow each and every command of his, that too without a legal relation…

Bhabhi its me Anya Darwaza khole please….. She shouted bit loudly, Allah miyaa when they repair this damn camera of the door, and being ALEENA BHABI,  fattu as usual wnt open the door till the time she won’t believe its me Arghhhh ……

Aleena opened the door and smiled sweetly, whereas Anya smiled scarstically and eneterd in the room,

With her facial expression Aleena realized anya isn’t in a good mood …..

She rushed to call Mazhar, knowing storm is on the way….



It was dinner time at maan’s place when Mr. Sajjad khan entered in the house, all servants rushed to took briefcase from his hand..

He smiled and answered the Salaam of his servants….

The name and fame which he gained demanded the same treatment he was having now, like a king…

Maan seen him entering inside the mansion, the huge and lavish , mansion decorated like a newly wed bride, the huge walls and large windows, saying nothing but a dignity of Khan’s in the city….

Maan was feeling all unfamiliar, seems the strange feeling, the strange aroma was tying him in its magic, he was feeling strange to himself, he was dying to be in embrace, he was longing for the familiar warmth, unknown to himself he was desiring something which he had swear to himself to not to desire… he was Desiring her, he was missing her, he was missing his Ghazal….


He felt his breath choked, why he was feeling she was his, she belonged to him, he possessed her??

Why he was feeling she need him, she did cried for her, and he was helpless….

I need to talk to ammi aabu, ghazal Kon hai?? Kaha hai?? Agar yah nahi toh q nahi??

 He rushed towards the Room of mr. and Mrs. Sajjad Khan..

He was about to knock on the door, when he heard her name  again…    


she was doing bed sheet, all set to have some sleep when he came from behind…she was in night gown with a net jacket tied with thin string, he hugged her passionately, kissing her shoulder, nape and squeezing her waist, he was showing his passionate yet demanding side, she turned around and hugged him with same fervor,

he started kissing her forehead, than a trail of kisses from forehead to chin in curvy way from upward to down on left side as well as righ side…

she closed her eyes and clinched his shirt, holding him tightly for support she indulged more in him…

he was insanely kissing her, she was madly falling for him… the passion, the burning desire was much more to handle…

Bhabhi …… it was anya on the other side

They breakaway feeling dejected, they wanted to spend time together….

AZHAR frustratingly brushed his hair while  Aleena giggled….



She reached home in evening, it was night time, she was having rest after Isha prayers, they say right, the moment u start believing in almighty things change, things changed drastically, the pain replaced with satisfaction and the restlessness turned into patience, it is free of cost, but human nature….  we desire only those things which show its value, an intangible asset, which resides in our own self, we never appreciate it, but we evaluate all those things which show its own value, might be that’s the reason nowadays morality, loyalty, trust, honesty all these assets deceiving its value, whereas all stuff which showing its monitory value gaining people’s attention …

She was sitting on the bed with so folded hands on her chest , again all beautiful memories of past started surrounding her, started drowning her in its own pool of happiness and sorrows,

Six year ago when Maan first came to her place, their first meeting, though he was her cousin but she always maintained appropriate distance, which always increased the worth of her dignity, what he was maan, even being a first cousin he was just a mere stranger for her..

She always treated him as a stranger only, though she knew he was going to be her life partner, but she never giggled with him, she never met him, she never played with him before her engagement…

she smiled with reminisce of their pre wedding meeting, when she not even looked up, he was damn annoyed, he wanted her to talk the way Aleena used to talk with Azhar, but what she could do, her shy behavior, yet the way she grew up , never allowed her to come infront of him, yes she was the one who named as Typical orthodox in the family, she liked to read books on Seerah and loved to implement it on her life, she prefer to be in love with Allah rather than human being, her philosophy of love was damn different from Maan’s logic of love……     

she blushed when her fingers brushed with each other and the feeling of her ring ……..

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Chalo ek aur duniya me tumhaare saath chaltey hai (POEM)


“Chalo ek aur duniyaa me Tumharey saath chaltey hai

Jaha halaat kuch bhi ho magar hum saath rehte ho

Jaha mausam koi bhi ho judaai kaa naam naa ho lekin

Jaha chaand bhi tum ho, jaha suraj hawa roshni

Khushboo ka rang bhi tumse ho…

Jaha par dil dhadakne ka hare k ehsaas tumse ho

Jaha par mere jine ki saari aas tumse ho

Chalo ek aur duniya me tumhaarey saath chaltey hai…

Chalo ek aur jannat bhi tumhaarey sang banatey haii

( CREDIT TO REAL life frnd )

Jaha hoore bhi tum hi ho, phalo ka rang tumse ho

Phulo ki khushboo tumse ho

Jaha harr ek aahat par tumhi ho aisa gumaa ho …

Haqiqat khubsoorat ho, khwaab se hasi pal ho..

Chalo ek aur duniyaa me tumhaarey saath chaltey haii

Jaha par nam reto par tumhaara naam likhnaa ho

Sharer lahere bhi aaye toh tumhara naam reh jaaye

Tumhara sath baaki ho mohabbat saath rehti ho

Tumhara haath ho haatho me , tumhaari aankhe mujh par ho

Yeh dil tumse dhadaktaa ho, tumhara naam sun kar bhi

Yeh aankhe jhilmilaati ho, ke dil angdaaiyaa le le

Tere ek narm nigaaho se, tumhaara garm lams mujhko

Sharary daud jaatey hai tere hone ki aahat se

Chalo ek aur duniyaa me tumharey saath chaltey haii

Jaha par tum raho mere, tere ahsaas mujhse ho,

Jaha par tu mukammil ho mere hone ke aahat se

Chalo ek aur duniyaa me tumhaarye saath chaltey hai…

Chalo ek aur duniyaa me tumhaarey saath chaltey haii

I need a Walk to remember


A walk to remember 

I need a walk to remember…

To remember our togetherness…

To remember our togetherness forever…

The love is not about physical desire

Yet it is desire to be irresistibly desire…

If love would be a flower I would kiss it

And make garland to fill your lovely hands with it …

Yet it is a fragrance, that u can feel it and smell it …

You can smell it with in your ownself and

Feel it in your own heart

You can touch it with your emotions

 and love it the way I love you…

Beyond any imagination…

Beyond any expectations…

Yes love is always what u feel for another is

Much more stronger than that u feel for urself…

You want to get it…

Yet Love is free bird out of cage…

Flying in the whole sky…

Yes I want a fly to remember…

I want a walk to remember …

To remember our togetherness forever and ever

 ~ Eza ~


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Keepsakes of love – chapter 1 (yaad e maazi)

Keep sake of Love promo-1 

Chapter -1 (memories are curse)

Yaad e Maazi Azaab hai yarab

Chheen le mujh se hafiza mera

(past memories are painful cursed my lord….

Please snatch my memories of past)

He entered in the room, limping, fracture on his left leg was still paining, he winced as  standing without support was still abandoned for him, but who could order MSK…

He glared to servant who came to help him, seeing his boss in pain, more of a duty it was his humanity, as Khan Family was honorable and respected family of  UK, being in a western culture Mr. sajjad Khan made his own Identity, and he was famous for his honesty, modesty and humble nature…

His family, they were total five peoples, Maan Sajjad Khan, New MD of Khan’s Technologies,


And at last Aleena


only daughter of  Shaima & Sajjad khan…

sajjad Khanimages

And finally the last and oldest person of the family , their dadu , mother of Sajjad Khan….


Maan lied down on the bed, head injuries were still paining like hell, but the only thing which was disturbing him was emptiness of the room and blank space of his heart, he was strongly feeling something was missing, though his memory not at all supporting him, well what he suffered was not less, first accident on the UK highway and at last ending up in coma….

Well that’s what they told him..


They were not someone Maan, they are your family, they said they used to live together..

They said na but do I remember this all…

I forgot my own existence, how can I remember them…he sighed and tried to divert his attention,

He stood up went towards the  closet, he opened the door  and trying to search something, something he was not sure himself, when a he felt he found his happiness, he grabbed that book and wrapped out,


It was the main title of the book, he opened it, It was diary neatly wrapped in colorful scrap paper and beautifully decorated with original rose petals and pearls…

Two smiling eyes were patched those eyes were beautiful double lined with kohl, saying saga of its own beauty…


He smiled and had hugged book as if it was his only life left….

The name was familiar, as if it was close to his heart, as if he heard it many times…..

He came to his bed and opened the diary with shivering hands……..

The first page was beautifully designed in heart shape with rose patels filled wd and above those patels some  drops of wax, from far it was looking fresh rose patels with drop of dew above it…

He turned the next page, it was her handwriting, his heart pounded and contended with glee and he caressed page with soft hands, as if that page was new born baby and the harsh and soft touch would hurt it…….

(Diary part in purple)

Dt: 21/10/2012


Never knew it, I would be writing something like this for someone *blushing hard*

Do answer me please I m very confuse

Have you ever felt how it feels when u become life of someone???

 Have you ever felt how it feels when someone called u with so much authority, with so much possessiveness without any relation and still it all feels so right, and so much divine….

Have you ever felt the belongingness to someone …..

Have you ever felt hell in heaven ???

Well if you felt that , Than I can say YOU ARE IN LOVE…

Well, not specifically you, its me more than you, which is falling in love , every fraction of second….

Falling in love with every coming breath of mine….

Falling in love with “YOU”….

“YOU” a word of three letters but certainly became my whole existence.

You, its only you, I am hopelessly, crazily in love with ….

Its only you I want to be with Its only you who become important in my life, more than my own existence….

I know you might be pleasantly surprised while reading this…

Heheheee Com’on my PROFESSOR don’t go crazy…

Hey have u remember the day maan, when we met first time…

Chaddo ji me bhi kisko baat karne bol rahi hu, aap se toh sirf aankho se baate hoti hai haaye aap pe sach me kitni ladkiyaa marti hoghi naa college me (dekho clear the wrinkles of ur forhead , oyee stop there only don’t make this face, it increase my heart beats hehehehe now don’t smile like fool oopsss, sorry sorry gussa naa karna please arey…. aap phir shuru ho gaye, mujhe likhne do na aise imagination me aakar don’t disturb me  )

Maan smiled with tears, and chuckled feeling something really incredible, though he had unaware of every fact but he was feeling, he lived those moments…. but with whome…



His reverie broke with the scream , he tried to move but felt strong contradiction in his same leg, he was getting annoyed with this handicappedness….he somehow managed to come out of the room taking support of pillars he stood near the railing looking down in hall…

It was dadu, calling ghazal,  he stood there silently hoping to see the girl, whose name is GHAZAL,  but felt dejected when seen his mother coming from kitchen hurriedly and she literally shook Dadu to not to shout and they were talking in whispers, then he seen Dadu shedding silent tears as soon as his mother left, she took out one long scarf and kissed it numerous times and clutched as if it was dear to her….

Maan came into his room, he was strongly feeling pain due to pressure on plaster,….

He hold diary and sat back…     

 He opened the same page and read remaining lines…

All were beautiful, romantic, anyone could feel special after reading those lines with thought in mind that  those lines written by their lover for them….

But he smiled sadly, the feeling to emptiness started roaring badly, it intensified the pain in multiples…..when he had read,


He looked the date again and it did strike him, 21-10-2012, it was date of previous year, his last Birthday, 21st October was his date of birth, this piece of information he had get when he was hospitalized, and his parents were so much worried for his health, knowing he was suffering from AMNESIA due to major head injury …….



She opened the door of room, It was cool and breeze were soothing but how something can give comfort when is burning with unsaid and untamed desire, when something brutally snatched away by others….

He smiled sadly and caressed her 5 months visible bump..

She went near the mirror and switched on the lights….

ghazal  geet

thanks to sumaiya for this Edit 🙂

She removed her BURKA and sat on bed for sometimes to catch the breath, as it was suffocating to hold burka *hijaab* and take care of own self with unborn baby residing inside her, she took glass of water, sat on the chair took glass in right hand and drank in three breaths… saying Alhamdullillah (Praising Allah) she got up to palce the glass on table, she lied down on bed, waiting for Isha Salah (prayer after sunset) somewhere from far, prayers were echoing, Mosque was far away from her place, she placed a clean carpet to offer the prayers First, after competing her salah she was praying, she was sitting in courtyard , it was her daily routine, fter him life became numb, she was living like a zombie…

Her clinic and after that this small house was her life , nothing extra than this, no one except ….

Her chain of thoughts broke with knock on the door, she looked at the person who just entered in the house and smiled, aa gayi aap Daai maa ..

She smiled when daai maa came and kissed her forehead effectively and both smiled..

Aaj aap late ho gayi beta?? Daai maa looked at her with concern,

Dair se toh aaj aap bhi aayi hai daai maa, Kaha gayi thi aap?? Geet looked at old lady with small smile trying to lighten the situation… they both smiled and than started laughing…

With her Geet was also laughing, her laugh, Daai maa stopped , once their was a time when her voice used to chime in whole house, she was jaan of whole house, and now with her life her laugh also became empty, just an empty voice, without emotion, without happiness…

Daai maa left the room with heavy heart, commanding geet to take rest and not to do anything even after knowing the fact, she will end up in doing something if not for house than for her baby…..

 She sat on the bed, with a frame of photo in her hand, actually clutching that frame close to her heart, trying to get solace in those lifeless pictures, rejoicing those beautiful passionate moments of togetherness……

she closed her eyes pretending to sleep but it felt soothing balm to her tired wounded soul, she was damn exhausted due to her pregnancy weakness and hectic clinic schedule,…..

Closing the door from inside daai maa cursed herself, as Geet slept without a food…. she washed some fruits and kept on geet’s side table… and left to have some sleep..

he turned the page , there was some curiosity in him, curiosity to know who’s this girl, where she left, why she left and what was her relation with him, that her belonging,  her diary was here….

If I ever want to wish you I would wish….

Long life, happy life with your family,

Health of yours and ours love ones and…

You should be with me

You should be with me

I really need you…

You should be with me….

Our togetherness is the only thing I would wish u forever, because its is sole aspect which will make u satisfied (silly me it will make me satisfied and contented more than you)  

He was dumbstruck   with the intensity of the feeling of person who wrote these lines, how someone could love anyone beyond imagination, beyond sanity, yet still had patience to wait and left when he was fighting with his life…

If she loves me a lot than where is she???

Where she left and more than all these questions why she left???

So many questions and no answers …

He was feeling helpless….. the tear of feebleness left from his eyes, driving its way towards down….

He turned the page:

~Yes I felt special~

Yes I felt special

The moment you said

I’m capable to change your mood

Yes I felt special

For the first time when you confessed

I am your love for

 Whom you were waiting since childhood

  Yes I felt special when you announced

I am the most important person….

Yes I felt special when you told

Just by looking you I always wish…

You are a chocolate cake of mine and I want to pounce

And make u mine, in each figure,& each call, and in each ounce

Yes I felt special

When u were with me, when I was sad..

& sadness of mine effecting u making u mad,

Yes I felt special,

When you talked about us

In front of your family for the first time…

 & announced infront of all

That I am your life line…

Yes I felt special

When ever your single gaze roamed over my body,

That the heated effect made me blush hard

It always helped in make our relation strong

 And move it forward….

Yes I felt special whenever you expressed



(Eza 🙂 ) 

How’s that poem I wrote, I know you’d laugh over it that such a stupid girl I am, you’d smack your head saying “kaha phass gaya yaar, kaisi pagal ladki hai yeh”

But believe me I love every emotions of you showed up for me…

Either its anger…

Either its irritation….

Either its annoyance…..

Either its happiness…

Either its your pouting lips & cribbing sounds (very rare 😉 )

OR your LOVE…

Kyaa karu I am crazy for you more than you are crazy for me….

Hopelessly and helplessly in love with you…




she opened her eyes as soon as Daai ma left the room, sighing she sat on the bed and rested her back on bed board….She took  out the album which she had hide under the pillow, and kissed it…

It was their picture, a beautiful memory of togetherness…

It was picture of his last birthday…


How much he craved that day to see her in that saari, and  listen those three magical words from her, but being a stubborn geet, she naughtily denied all his demands…but the evening was memorable when she wore that saree in their room and beautifully confessed all in front of him, how much he was shocked that time, she chuckled and the way he was gaping on her,her lavish white saaree, and slim bare waist, was creating havoc inside him, how much she blushed when he grabbed her waist and kissed her bare back and whispered, aaj toh ghazab dhaa rahi ho ghazal, tum  se door rehna bohut hi mushkil lag raha hai… How she made him understand being a bahu of the family she has to maintained the dignity and such types of wear might have embarrassed them infront of all

than her mind drifted to her Family as she flipped the album…..

Her family her love ones…..

her abbu , Ahmer Siddiqui


her mother, her care taker, her guidance, her first friend, her ammi, Hira Siddiqui, she chuckled , ammi aap ab bhi itne hi khubsoorat dikhtey hoghe hai naa??  she questioned and kissed the picture sadly…

Hira siddiqui

her bhaai Azhar siddiqui, how much he was reserve, hehehe bilkul maan jaise… he caressed his picture, it was picture of his first project succes party, he was very happy that day….

Azhar Ahmer Siddiqui

and at last……  she smiled with tears her Jaan, her shona, her sweety pie small sister, anya Siddiqui , naughty devil yet cute angel, her partner in all  mischiefs, her best friend, her worst enemy , hehehehe sh miled remembering how they used to fight like cats….


Closing eyes, she again started hallucinating those moments, started living all those memories, beautiful smile crept on her lips, and she soon drifted to sleep in same position….

Precape: Sneak Peak in past 🙂 😦

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Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part-21

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2012. All rights reserved

Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) Embarrassed
part 21

Geet need to go to HP with Ranbeer, without Him…

The togetherness of  sometime and now partition, now separation till their wedding… The thought itself shivering her…

She feared to leave him… to leave him and go away, something strong urges stopping her, saying not to leave…

Was that health condition of Daarji which was making her scared or It was a feeling of being distanced from the she started loving more than her dear life…

Maan, Hum chaltey hai… jaldi pohunchna hai HP,

Abhi abhi toh mile ho
Abhi na karo chootne ki baat
Abhi abhi toh pasand aaye ho
Abhi abhi rootne ki baat

He looked at Ranbeer, and than at geet…

She was looking him…  he gazed toa her… and she frozed for some moments…

What was residing in his two shelss of heart…fear, pain, sorrow…

He wanted her to stop … to stop and to hud dearly, kiss her once again and say Jaan… don’t worry everything will be fine… he wanted her to clutch his shirt and cry out what she was trying to hide in her eyelids…

She looked down and commanded ranbeer…

Mandu chal… 

Abhi abhi toh roshni aayi
Abhi na karo muh chupane ki baat
Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai
Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina neend tihare

She left , his geet, his mishty, his bahisht left Him… the mere thought suffocating him… she turned a bit, looked at him with teary eyes…

What was there in her eyes… Hope, trust, anticipation, expectation, all beautiful memories of their togetherness, all cute giggle and sweet laugh of their love and all angry glare which they had gave to each other… more than anything it was their love… he closed his eyes tightly trying to get off from those moments and realization hit him and in next fraction he understood what she wanted that time…

What a girl will always admire and adore about her companion, “he should be with her in her best and her worst” so that geet, she was a girl with simple dreams, simple thoughts, Maano sapno ki gundhi hui ho, pyaar se bani, pyaar ke liye…Maan ki bahsiht, uska Pyaar…

She turned and started walking towards ranbeer who was waiting for her patiently, knowing her well, her state of mind and storm of emotions welling inside her…

Maan stopped her in mid and grabbed her hand, indicating ranbeer to wait for few more minutes…

Teri baazoo mein meri chahate samaaye
Teri dhadkanon ko meri dhadkane sunaye

He brought her in private sitting area, hugging her tightly, their heart met with each other, like the previous day, the sole difference was yesterday their heart were contented with happiness and glee of togetherness, today their heart were sinking in sorrow of being apart, its breakaway breaking them , yet somehow both were managing to control the urges and put strong face in front of another…

She clutched his shirt, and sobbed… she hugged him tightly as if he was her only possession, her priceless possession which was on stake…

Her sobbing were giving him tough time, her tears were only thing he had never expected to face, neither he wanted to …

What destiny planning its game…they were brutually  destined to desire eachother, maano unki khwaahishe bhi ek dusrey se judi ho, agar who hai toh sab kuchh hai aur agar who nahi toh kucch bhi nahi, lafzo me kehne ki shiddat nahi, aur aankho se bayaan karne ki himmat nahi…

Yeh Milan kucch pal kaa aur phir na jaane  kitni sadiyo ki judaayi … indeed it would be in centuries as a mili second away from each other isn’t less thn a centuary…

Teri khwahishon se meri khwahishe riha hai
Teri karwato se meri daastan bayaan hai
Kya sukoon kya junoon
Hum nawa

She calmed down… her sob subsequently reduced and his hands were caressing her back and scalp, there was nt a desire, there was nt his physical need, his touch was depicting love, care, concern for her, The feeling she is pain and he ccant do anything angering him, being helpless was never a Maan Singh Khurana, nor now…

He shrugged off his thoughts and diverted his attention towards her, she was leaving now, when they will meet, she was his, his bahisht, they weren’t separating just they are being away from each other… for the namesake of their family, They are in love, they are officially married, no one can separate them until and unless they want to…

Their heart just refusing each and every reason and wanted to be together, whereas minds were giving different reasons to reasoning the act of separation.

Abhi abhi dil ki suni hai
Abhi na karo zamane ki baat

They were in their own land, when Ranbeer called maan informing its time to leave …its time for their separation, yet a sweet torturing journey to miss each other… They say, in arrange maariage the best part is from engagement till marriage, they were going to enjoy this phase, they were going to miss each other , the pain of missing another with happiness of hope they will be together soon…

Maan chalo chaltey hai, beer must be waiting …

She said smilingly, trying to cheer up his mood, she started understading him bit, though she still souldnt claim him to know well, but atleast she understading his core nature…

He looked at her with complaining if saying u want his company that’s why u leaving me…

Abhi abhi baat rukhi hai
Abhi abhi dohrane ki baat

She looked him with puppy eyes…pleasding him not to make this separation difficult with such thoughts and actions…

She wanted him to go happily and come back soon happily in some time with full right and authority as her husband…

Abhi abhi aawargi aayi
Abhi na karo sambhalne ki baat

Ignoring her pleading gaze, he hugged her tightly and started kissing her neck, drugging her, forced her to moan his name with single touch of his…he had hold her waist tightly, and pulled her on him, her whole body was pastered on his…

He started kissing her madly, there was urgency in his kiss… passion, aggression , pain and love…  that was his kiss defining…

All emotions at same time…

Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai…
Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat
Woh subah toh bewaja ho
Ki guzare bin tumhare jis ki raat

Looking deeply in her eyes, Seeing her plead to let go, he sighed, and left her, it was painful for him, he turned his back towards her, It was painful to see her going away, HE tought she left when two soft hands grabbed him from back,

Teri baazoo mein meri chahate samaahe
Teri dhadkanon ko meri dhadkane sunaye
Teri khwahishon se meri khwahishe rahi hai
Teri karwato se meri daastan bayaan hai
Kya sukoon kya junoon
Hum nawa

hugging him sweetly made him turned around, when he seen her innocent face was showing some beautiful glow, she opened her hand and took out something, he was curious to know what it was, when she cutely smiled and said , Yeh aapke liye… it was “keepsakes of love” for him, to remember their beautiful moments…

It was a heartshaped stone, which Craved maaneet beautifully in FOOTLIGHT MT style font, he smiled and kissed her hands and he handed over him that small heartshaped, he hugged her saying, We will be together soon geet, bass kuch din aur phir iss poori duniyaa ke saamne u will be my wife…saareey rasmo aur riwaajo ke saath, humaarey gharwaalo ki marzi ke saath …

She smiled with tears brimming in her eyes, and nodded and he hugged her dearly as if trying to capture the moment in his heart, mind and feeling in his skin forever…

Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina neend tihare

Precape: Geet in HP, strange behavior of all and Maan in KM


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