Dreams Beyond Imagination (Love Happens) part 26

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2013. All rights reserved

Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) Embarrassed
part 26

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What??? She was blank totally blank, blinking here eyes trying to digest his words, those  bleaking feeling inside her making her freightiend , something clutched in her south and that fearful feeling started captivating her ownself, she was breathless, she was shocked, wait was she feeling anything except his love,


 A hell big NO, she was dying, she was numb, and she stood up ,left the room without a word…

Than realization stuck her,

Maan, who is Maan??

The man who is her life , her love, her life line…

Leaving him and living her life without him??

It is IMPOSSIBLE, every single moment will be eternal without him, her each second gonna be a decade, how would she live?? Will she able to survive, will she able to being happy??

She could happily get married and fulfill their demand if circumstances won’t be same, if she haven’t met him, if she haven’t fall in love with him..

NO she never fall, she flew with him, with his love, he developed unsaid feeling inside her which she was unaware of existence…

 She was unaware of feelings he created, he Is, was and will be special in her life, he gave her something she was unaware of, he gave her happiness which she dreamt always…

She sank on the floor, her eyes stuck on that beautiful ring he made her wear, he was happy, really happy his eyes were bright due to happiness and her heart was light, how is it possible to give someone the same place which already brutually craved by another???

OH my…

Maan, where are u maan??

She murmured with tear brimming eyes, she wanted to run in his secure arms, she wanted him to cocoon her from all the damn freaking things…

For the first time in her life she was cursing her fate, she was cursing her destiny, she was cursing her heart…


She hit his hand on the floor, it would be betrayal…

Betrayal to his love, betrayal to her happiness, that strange feeling she recognized now, IT WAS FEAR OF BEING APART, fear of never seeing her love again, fear of ruining her own life with his…

Life without him???

How will be life without him, without thinking about him, without reading his message, without imagining his broad wicked smile, how life can be …

Her heart falling south inside , clump in her throat getting stronger and she felt chocked …

And she felt something wet on her cheeks, she touched the wetness…

Ohh its her own tear, its pain of her heart, its fear of her life, she was helpless, she was hopeless, It wasn’t the first time ever when she compromised with her happiness but she wasn’t  really strong to let her love disappear…

Nahiii… she sobbed,

Maan will be devastated; feeling of being betrayal won’t let him calm…


She whispered when she felt tug over her shoulder, and in a fraction of nano second her heart filled with Hope and anticipation, she smiled and looked up expecting her love to embrace her in his strong shield…

But her hopes once again left broken like her dreams when except maan she seen her mother, she was feeling disgusted of her own family, she was feeling ashamed of being a member where they are ready to sell their own daughter , ready to negotiate the damn deal with the value of her happiness, her own life..

Geet chali jaa puttar, chali jaa yaha see…

She was surprised, when her mother holded his face in her hand, kissed her forehead and begged her to run away…

She seen her strangely, what she is saying, she never ran off from situation, she faced it, she faced it bravely, well though situation was never clutched her heart like this, some part of her mind wanted to agree what her mother was saying, another part was brutally defeating , disapproving her own thoughts…

She was shocked, surprised, ragged and from inside devastated, …

Her love life was really short, has it ended, does love ever die, the life which they planned together would it will tarnished, she would’ve given her life for his happiness but here she has to give her life for HER FAMILY’S HAPPINESS, where her own happiness was on stake.

Wedding has to take place as the decision was taken up by darji and what after marriage??

Will she ever be able to love the person whom she being married forcefully, will she every be able to surrender her self to that person, will she ever be able to retain and repair her broken heart.

She wanted to live her life with wanted to grow old with, wanted see their hair color changing, face gesture changing with lots of wrinkles appearing and she sulking over she looking ugly and he pampering her saying she looks as beautiful as a fresh flower, she would than elbowed him saying to behave in front of their children, she smiled with tear on her own imagination, she smiled with fact that she never being able to see him, she smiled over her destiny, she smiled over her fate, she smiled on her own bitter plan.

They want me to marry him??  I will get married, But yeh geet sirf maan ki hai, sirf aur sirf maan ki, aur agar maan ji nahi toh kisi ki bhi nahi

Unexpected facts have been opened, love challenged and future being uncertain with lots of compromises.

Father : first love of my life, my guide, mentor, and savor from mumma’s anger…
Do enjoy this day frnds, Go and let your father know How much he meant in your life EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part 25

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2013. All rights reserved
Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 25

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Morning arrived with so many beautiful memories of love for maaneet and so many evil plans around geet…..

She came down from her room and seen so many hustle bustle types situation in the house, she got bit confused, but her confusion turned into terror when she heard her mother crying infront of babaji

Mehar karo babaji, meri bacchi pe reham karo, who toh abhi se maan ko hi apna jeevan saathi maan chuki hai who yeh sab bardaasht nahi kar paayeghi, who maan ke ilawa kisi aur ki nahi ho payeghi…

She shivered with unexpected happening around her, she wanted to run to her maa and ask her what is wrong, why maan’s name came in mid, why she is saying like this… she stepped towards her but being stopped by rajji who called her and informed that daarji wanted to talk to talk with her,

She terrified , few seconds before happiness were dancing around her and now this is the moment when fear of being apart growing with its strength….

Babaji mehar karna, she prayed silently and marched towards darji’s Room…

You are my life


You are my soul


I am nothing without you


Just wanted you to know

Life is you


Death is you


Air is you


Breath is you


You are my life everything is you 


What I am Who I am


Nothing matters to me


When I m around you


Don’t leave me my love,


I can’t be without you….

She was fearing for something really bad to happen, she was fearing of her own family , rather than going to darji’s room, she wanted to run in her Maan’s arm , she wanted to runaway , where her maan will hold her, where her maan would take care of her…

She enetered in Darji’s room, where he was sitting in his royal style though some wrinkles on his forhead assigning his deep thoughts…

He asked her to sit, she smiled to him and sat uncomfortably, she was feeling suffocated, she was feeling being choked, clogged..

Geet aap jaanti ha, handa parivaar ki izzat, rutba , naam iss shehar me hi nahi aas paas ke bohut saarey pindo (villages) me hai,

Aur isi naam ki suraksha ki zimmedari aaj aap par hai, her heart drummed  like anything …

Nahi daarji kuchh aisa matt maangna jise lene me aapki khushiya toh ho but dene me meri zindaghi khatam ho jaaye, she prayed slowly..

Aaj aapko yeh farz poora karna hogha geet, he came near her kept his hand on geet,

she feared the announcement of being in pain throughout her life is going to be formed, the decision taken by her parents was, is and always being an important and integral part of her life, Darji kaa liyaa hua faisla pata nahi kyaa maangheghey woh, she closed her eyes in fear, her sixth sense just dazzled with the thought of being apart from maan, First maa was saying something and now daraji just fearing her like anything….

Aapki aaj shaadi hai geet, lekin maan khurana se nahi Vishnu vashisht se, humara both sara qarzaa hai joh sirf issi surat me utar sakta haii ke hume apni beti waha biyaahni hoghi…

She looked at him with blanked eyes…

What??? She was blank totally blank,

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Dreams Beyond Imagination (love Happens) part- 24

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2013. All rights reserved
Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 24

In beginning I’m saying sweets, from now onwards update will be short but frequent, even u can expect twice in a day so enjoy LOL and story is moving to its crucial face, be with me and support me I really need it Wink (M I sounding like Neta ji *politician’s* Tongue )

Daarji was sitting in his room, in deep thoughts, it was the only solution to come out of this poor time, if they didn’t accept their demand, they would be on road. It was the time when geet’s father came inside along with the her mother, rano and beeji..

Darji, yeh galat hogha, hum ne geet ka rishta pakka kar diya hai..

It was rano, shivered with fear, it was first time she was opposing darji or dared to oppose him, but her motherly love overpowered the fear.

Rano, humaarey paas geet ki shaadi Vishnu se karne ke alawa koi aur chaara nahi hai, hum ne geet ki shadi unse nahi karwayi toh humarey paas kucch bhi nahi bachegha,

Mohinder was helpless, saying infront of his father, he never dared, nor he wanted to disrespect him by pointing finger on his decision.

He agreed with his fathers decision, it was only rano who was disagreeing with their decision knowing her daughter’s heart which started beating for her Maan.

Kal raat ka mahurat shubh haii iss shaadi ke liyeh , hum kal hi saadghi se shaadi karwadenghey ..

Aap khurana’s ko bata dijiye key eh rishta abb nahi ho sakta..



Both were sitting under starry  twinkling sky, when he stood up saying its time for being apart, both were drenched in rain of love, rain of water…

Kabhi kabhi koi aapki zindaghi me kyaa mayene rakhta haii yeh batane ke liyeh alfaaz phike padh jaatey hai, harr action kam lagne lagta hai, yeh batana ke aap zindaghi me maayene rakhte ho bass itna kafi nahi hai blaki aap ho toh zindaghi hai, aap ki muskurahat hai toh dil ki dhadkano ko sukoon milta hai, aap ki aankho me chamakti khushi rooh ko aasudaghi (peace) deti hai…

That was the same case with maaneet, in such a short period of time they became life of each other, geet was no where near the though about life without him, and for maan the mere thought itself heart wrenching…

Both were standing infront of each other as usual talking with their eyes and gazing eachother lovingly… maan kissed her forhead and her lips shivered with some more expectations..

He smirked knowing his cute bahisht well, slowly he came near her ears and whispered…

Expecting more bahihst??

She smiled but that single drop of rainy water which was lingering over her lips angered him, how dare this sole water…

How it is possible

this was the place where his lips meant to be lingered and not that worthless water…

rain was still pouring with its strength , he took out his coat and hold above her head, she looked at him confusingly and that was the moment when he captured her lips into his…

shed of fabric which was above their head had protected them from wicked rain drops so was the same coat act as a sheilder of their divine moment…

he kissed her like he possessed her , she closed her eyes in agreement knowing there is no place in this world except his heart where she could find solace…

he left for delhi, knowing its early morning … waiting for sun to rise… waiting for another day of seperation to come and let them understand how much do they need each other and miss each other


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Dreams Beyond Imagination(love happens) part-23

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2012. All rights reserved

Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 23



Geet: Kucch nahi…

She replied blushingly with the thought that he would understood her unsaid words…… and put the cell on her chest, feeling and imagining him typing new message for her…

The night left with fresh breeze of new morning, new day and new hope….

Everyday was special, so was everynight, they used to live their each day with respective life, but night used to be theirs…..

Simply, their togetherness , their talks, maan always messged her at exact one, he did never failed , so was she, no matter how much tired was she, she always woke up at 1 in the night, as if the alarm was fixed in her subconscious mind…..

Maan:  Ping…..

Geet: Ping, ping…

Her heartbeats raised with his message its always been like that , whenever she missed him, he messaged her, don’t know how and why he used to know that she was missing him….

Dara ji was much better by that time, but his silence was still disturbing everyone…

All were trying to understand what was wrong with him, but he was amndent in his way,

Maan: hey kaisi ho??

Geet: Ji me thik, aap kaa din kaisa thaa aaj office me?

She was very much aware of his busy schedule now, thanks to their late night chats, she loved these new responsibilities, it never costs anything, it never felt as a burden..

Responsibilities which we did take with wholeheartedly never become a burden!!

maan: Geet!! Geet!! Are you there??

He was desperate to get the answer checking cell phone after every two or three minutes but she disappeared so sudden..

Geet: Jii me yaha hu 😀

Maan: where were u jaaneman   he replied with same fervor..

Geet chuckled, butterfly sat and flew again in her stomach.. crimson hue of her face was saying all that how much she enjoying his each and every name given to her..

Geet: I thought u were outside the window and I was checking whether u were there or not..

Maan: Ahem so somebody missing me

He was sleeping on his stomach, though he was damn tired, but 1 am in the night was the only time he wait for in whole 24 hours…

Geet: nahi toh who said ?? She chuckled under the blanket as she turn from left to right, texting his reply..

Aur waise bhi aap rehne do, even if I missed u , u will not come I know that, she pouted cutely while texting the another line…

Maan: and why u think so 😦 ??

Geet: cause I know that 😛 ??

She took her upper lips between tooth while texting him again…

Maan:  you are judging the right person very wrongly would be Mrs. Khurana .

She blushed on the new name again given by him, Ohh my God he was such a seduce , always knew his way to her heart….

Geet: excuse me , its geet Handa u talking with Mr. Khurana, I never judge people wrongly!!

Maan: okhh than lets make a bet, Ms. Handa..I will be outside your home in next three hour,

Geet: u will loose Mr. Khurana don’t bet with me, I will make sure u loose….

Maan: let fate decide it geet….

Geet: Yeah Mr. Khurana Let fate decides it …

She disconnected Net with teasing smiley, making sure, he understood that she don’t believe on his words, kind of provoking him, to come to her way….

When person in love, seems each and every song depict their emotions, It seems sun raised with thought of their partner and end with their beautiful memories of togetherness, those moments, when their hearts were beating altogether touching each others pace, when their hands were roaming carelessly over each other, when there eyes refused to see anything but beautiful and handsome face of their partner, when they were hugging each other, squeezing each other with their weight mercilessly, when their smiles depicting their contented heart and when their laughter seems mixing with musical winds and making melodious sounds which were filling their heart with beautiful memories….

She left cell phone on table and sat beside window, cool breezes of full moon night wasn’t attracting her yet, but interestingly now moon was only thing which was gaining her attention, being happy moon was in illusion that it was Geet handa adoring it, least Idiot fellow knew It wasn’t moon, but the handsome face of her love whom she was imagining in moon…

Somewhere faraway radio was drumming with its own sound, but the song which was playing on radio gained her whole attention and she wrapped herself into stole she was carrying to protect herself from wicked cool breeze.

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Angana phool khilege

She smiled comprehending song playing with her own situation, Though she teased him saying he will not be able to complete his assure, but more than him she was sure, if he promised he will come, sometimes it took just a flash to realize how person is!!… He was a man of fewer words, but his words did give finality, assurity and trust, that whatever he is saying he is capable to fulfill it.

Barsega saawan, barsega saawan
Jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge
Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Angana phool khilege

She wanted him to come for her, to come for his love, to come to give some beautiful moments to her, she was assured he will come, he has to come, he promised her, he promised her love, she felt some raindrops on her skin and felt ticklish, those raindrops were reminding her of his touches, his seductive touch with full of love, care and possessiveness. She wanted to laugh aloud, she wanted to jump and shout. She wanted to scream his name on top of her voice, on top of world; she wanted to scream yes, she is insanely in love with her husband, with her partner, with her Maan.

Naina tere kajrare
Naino pe hum dil hare hai
Anjane hi tere naino ne
Waade kiye kaie saare hai

He took out his wallet, where her photo framed secretly, edited picture with him, where she was smiling geniunly over something and he was admiring his bashisht secretly. Her eyes were like a life line for him, smudged with kohl and naughtiness yet great combination of innocence, it was deep, mysterious for other, yet readable open book for him, He was the only reader of those beautiful hazels, he wanted to drown himself in her heart, and her eyes were gate of that beautiful heart which belonged to him. His each and every promised whome she compiled with same fervor, her eyes were seal of his every promise. How could she ignore when she shut down the curtain looking down blushing hard over his mishcevious comments, he could imagine her running as fast she could and hugging him tightly, as if he was only possession of hers. And soon he was going to turn his every imagination in amazing reality, he is Maan singh khurana, he never waited thing to turn in his favor, he know his way out in every difficult situation.

Saanso ke leh madam chale
Toh se kahe barsega saawan
Barsega saawan jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Angana phool khilege


She was smiling but her smile faded  when she felt heavy breathing over her soulder and back, does she need any proof to recognize him, he snaked his arms over her waist and and she gasped when his hands move towards up. It was dark on terrace, yet she realized it would be him, the possessive touch of his never need any recognition to her, she could recognize it even in unconscious state.  Mistiness filled in air bit more.

Ka ba ba sa sa re ga ga

She opened her eyes with jerk only to find emptiness around her, Her wild imagination comes to an end with horrifying sound of thunder, she badly wanted to curse the damn nature for disturbing her in her own small wonderland. She was so much hopelessly in love with him that every wrong physical touch that she thought was sin became virtue for her, seems none can give her same pleasure what he can give her, with his smiling eyes, with his sexy smirk, with his possessive eyes which shamelessly roamed over her body.

 Chanda ko taaku raato mein
Yeh zindagi tere haton mein
Palko pe jil mil tare hai
Aana bahri barsato mein

He was staring moon blinklessly, people say Moon reflects the face of one whom you love, does it make any sense, he laughed over moon, one who  live in heart never need to find in physical objects, and this stain full material couldn’t comprehend his bahisht , his lady love is most gorgeous girl he had ever met, sometime beauty isn’t enough to make  beauty attractive, innocence, care and love acts as a magnet, his bahisht was mixture of all feminine persona including shyness , which is actual gem of a femininity.  

Sapno ka jahan
Hoga khila khila
Barsega saawan, barsega saawan
Jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge

he landed behind her, without a sound, yes Aircraft could make sound, helicopter could make sound and disturb others, Yet parachute ….. 

yes he came till Chandigarh in his private jet, and than took his paraglide, yes he was master of paragliding and he could even ride it in dark scary night….

he left para basket and with smooth walk he came behind her….


as soon as his words touched her ear curtains her heart drummed in its own pace and she closed her eyes, imagining it to be again a beautiful dream of hers…

snaking his arms around her waist, pulling her in his possessive world, kissing her earlobe he whispered…

I told u naa geet, let fate decide it, and I am your fate, I decided and I completed…

She smiled she knew it , he will come for his love, for her wish..

pa ni sa re ma ma ga ga ga
ga re re re ga re da ni re re ma da ni da da
da ni da pa ma ma ma da da ma re pa ga
ga ma da ni sa sa re pa ma ma ga ga ga re ga sa

Bringing her more closer even If its possible he squeezed her waist, it was sending shiver around her, she was feeling jelly on her knees, with a swift movement he turned her, both were facing each other, their eyes met, her hazel brown eyes, his sexy drunk eyes, his M shaped lips were craving to  touch her soft one, jealousy indulged with intensity when he seen that stupid raindrop playing on her lips, her pink soft lips and that miniature drop of water which was transperant showing her lips in zoom size and provoking him to taste that sweetness again…  

Angana phool khile
pa ni da ni da sa re ma ma ma ma ga
Angana phool khile
ma ma pa ni da re ma pa re re sa da
re pa pa ma ma ga ga

Nothing was more beautiful than that night, if someone would asked her to give her whole life for that single night, she would have happily given it, she would have given her whole life happily to spend one more night with her maan again, he was hers, perfectly hers, in all aspects, in all maaners, living alone is better than living witrh someone who doesn’t even care for you.

They snatched their proportion from life once again, they took their share of happiness from life. But seems they underestimated life once again, they were living that night while life was planning another horrible night for them. Night where being apart was destined, where Pain was integral part of fate and where feeling of betrayel was going to grow with each passing second … 

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“Khwab” (Poem)



Kuchh khwaab adhurey rehtey haii
Kuch raaz fana ho jaatey haii
Kuchh dard bhi sehne padtey haii
Deewar boht haii khwaabo me
Sachhayi aur muraado me
Dil dard me hardum rehta haii
Yeh khwaab numaish kartey haii
Dil ki aarayish kartey haii
yeh khwaab sarab hi hotey hai
pyasey tanha se sahra me
kuchh paani ki boondo ki tarah
yeh rait ke dheele hotey hai
Tum ko bhi humne dekha haii
Tum khwaab ko aksar bunti ho
Un me hi aksar rehti ho
Dil dard se bhar jaayegha phir
Yeh khwaab jo tanha reh jaaye
Tum khwaab buno lekin phir bhi
Dil dard nahi karna Apna
Zehno o dil par haawi Usko
Na honey dena honey dena
Tum khwaab ko buntey rehna haa
Bas dil ka tahafuz tum karna
Aankho ko khula Rakhna apni
Aankho Se Dilo ko chhu lena
Tum khwaab sabhi poorey karna

Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) part- 22

(c) angelic_eza analyst  2012. All rights reserved

Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens)
part 22


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They broke hug, when geet looked at him …..

You will miss me na….. she said with a cute puppy face…

Aww such a mishty she is … he straightened her face and looked in her eyes directly…

Her almond eyes… with lots of hopes, lots of expectations gazing him….

People say don’t expect from anyone , expectations always hurts… lease they know whne we love some one dearly, when we accept someone part of our life, we start expecting from them beyond our own will, beyond our own imagination, so was she….

Aankho me sapne liye , aur dil me mohaabbat pata nahi kab aur kaise usse apna maanne laghi, uss se expectations rakhney laghi, beyond her acknowledgment …

They both were gazing each other, her almond brown eyes were all set to drown him in the world of love, from eternity till eternity, and he….

He was more than willing to die, to drown …

He was willing to drown in her eyes, willing to die in her heart…

Nahi….  he said without emotions…. her face’s color changed , dissappointment, pain hurt was visible on her angelic book… with lots of care and love he cupped her face… kissing her forehead her whispered in here ears….



Her face lightened with those words, as if a person who was dieing gt the life with happiness again…….

Their sweet moments disturbed with Ranbeer’s entry, arghh geet cursed that idiot a lot for disturbing them…..

She sat in the car and looking out side the window….

A stranger you were once.
Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and i held both your hands.
Now that times have passed,
ours souls have indeed become one.
How fortunate we are
that we have found the love so true
that everyone dreams about.
– (Laura Veronica Merodio)

She kissed the ring which was in her finger, smiling, blushing, feeling butterfly in ger stomach, and rying to hide the hue of her face…

They reached HP…

Every one was tensed, depressed, scared….

Daraji was still bed ridden and unconscious …. The main reason behind his heartattack was still unknown to all….

Maaneet were upset being apart from each other digging something in their heart … was that pain of being apart, or was the reminiscence of their togetherness…

Was that happiness , or was sorrows…


He entered from the enterance in his usual way according to him, whereas everyone was sitting in the hall around, having fun, when someone pounced on him in excitement….


He stumbled , Ohh fish the hold was really strong on his neck….

What the heckk…

He gt annoyed Bhaii I am so happy for u …

The person whom he was trying to shoo away again pounced on him with another sentence….

Okk Okk Pratik relaxxx … I understood how much happy u are….

He broke apart…

Gosh man…. Ur hold was fish yaar… now maan hugged him, with gentle care and love… It was prateek, his youngest brother studying in Oxford and  ame back from UK to attend his favourite brothers wedding …

All were sitting on the sofa, enjoying their sweet little family time…

Laughing cracking jokes, pulling each others leg…

Maan was sitting with daadi maa one side and his mother another…Prateek was sitting on the floor with head on his mothers lap Whereas savera mom was playing with his hair…

Maan seen all this antics of prateek and chuckled knowing how much he missed family in all those years when they were nt around and now prateek definitely going to make everyone’s life difficult with his all tantrums and nakhra’s …

Such a child he was….

Bhaaai suno….

Maan was in his thoughts when Prateek shook him…

Hmm bolo…. He silently prayed with in and asked him…

Aap bhabhi se miley??? He asked mischeviously….

Umm woh..

now all were looking them attentively Daadi maa smiled teasingly, where as his maa shook her head in disbelieve….

Aap bhi kyaa baat kartey hai prateek??

Kaise mileghe woh Geet se ??  he not even seen her, app ko nahi  pata geet ki family kitni conservative hai ??

Dadi was trying to muffle her laughter seeing Maan’s expression…

He was looking everywhere except them..

Haa sawera maan toh bade hi sharif hai u know naa … with that they all laughed embarrassing him more and more…


Its one in night when she was sleepless rolling on the bed, thinking or should I say dreaming with open eyes about their trip and fun she had, When her cell beeped…

She checked it was whatsapp… she check the message was from unknown no. but her heart beats raised knowing unknowingly it was him… it was him…

It is him… it has to be him only… she was damn sure, exactly like without seeing GOD we believe yes He Is … He Exists… 

She opened the message with heaving heart beats….

Maan: Hii 

She was afraid to reply to unknown umber at this hour of night but the faith on him of her made her fealess, worriless….

Geet: hello

He was sitting on his bean bag in the room, after completing his all office work he was taking rest when he realized there is someone who might be waiting for him…. was she waiting ??  or not …

He was reluctant to message first than realized if  there is love ther shouldn’t be a thing known as Ego…who is calling first to whome doesn’t matter what matters them is that yes they are together… they talking with each other… they listening the breath of one another….

Maan: So have u reached??

Geet: yeah by 9.00

Though She was a fond user of whatsapp but yes she was feeling awkward and strange to chat with him like this….

Maan: all fine there??  I mean Daraji

Geet: hmm just he is still unconscious…. he asked bit formally, he was hating thism formal conversation between them, he wasntyed to tell her how much he was missing her, how much he was craving, longing for her, her twinkling eyes, her beautiful face which know its way to capture the person’s heart, her soft petite hold on his arms…..

Maan : Missing you…

He dared and texted, still fearing in heart of her reply

Her heartbeats rised and blush crept on her face, she smiled within trying to control her own breathing, she took deep breath in order to reply, her fingers were trembling to reply, she wanted to answer this in long pages….

She wanted to answer him how much and when she did miss him….

Geet: hmmm … she was hesitant to answer, though each and every tissue of her body was screaming, reacting on his words, sending goose bumps on her soul, but the natural shyness of a girl was way to strong to confess the mutual feeling…

Maan: Kyaa?? The light flashed and she grabbed the phone impatiently with smiling face…….

Geet: Kucch nahi…





precape:  kucch nahi ??  parr Kyaaa

kucch toh haii

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Part 3 of keepsakes of love updated 

Keepsakes of love chapter 3~ mohabbat naam hai mera~


chapter 3 “Mohabbat naam hai mera”

she blushed when her fingers brushed with each other and the feeling of her ring ……..

each and every jewelry, each and very action, it only remind her of him….

even if she was breathing, the coming breath remind her of him, some sweet moments, the faint breath of his on her cheek, the husky whispering voice of his in her ears, and nude shameless touch on her body of his……..

It was all alive, alive like iuts yesterday only when he touched her, when he claimed her and when he possessed her, showing his every rights to her, announcing yes she belongs to her…

~Flashback ~

She was sitting in the mid of the bed… in red heavy lehanga, it was their first night together, they became husband and wife with saying three words three times… they become husband and wife legally by signing the papers… They became husband and wife in, each sense, except physical…

He was going to make her his, in every sense, even without exclaiming him, she knew he won’t stop today, nor he will listen to her… she was blushing, smiling, having goose bumps on her body and feeling strange sensation on her lower parts, she took deep breath when door clinked opened, shiver ran down through her spine…

Ahaaa geet kal toh aapke chehrey ka glow dekhne laayak hogha, dekhtey hai maan kaa pyaar aapke chechre ko kaisa nor deta hai, dekhtey hai maan ke pyaar ki mehak aapko kitna mehkaati hai,

teasing tone of one of her cousin echoed in her mind, sending shivers in her heart, she clutched the dupatta tightly, being a doctor, she knew every physical thing in detail, but for the first time she was unfamiliar to her feelings…

Was that fear, was that happiness, was that nervousness, nop its all love.., Her heart claimed , u idiot he just entered in your life and you claiming in love with him, remember u are in NIKAAH of that person and these two words of nikaah *qubool hai* have a strong power to bound two person in a relation of love, relation of care…

He came and sat next to her, she clutched herself bit more, shaant geet, relax he is your husband..

Darr lag raha hai geet, she heard him, whispering mischeviously..

Arghh such a dumb he is nahi nahi mera toh bhaangda karne ka mann kar raha hai… she muttered …

I can hear that, he said sounding stern, she gulped hard yeh toh gussa hone laghey …

Nahi, she murmured kyaa me ne nahi suna…. he said bit loudly….


I heard that…. she gasped when his hands reached her waist, squeezing her flush ….

Shssss she hissed what he was doing with him just a mere touch and he was sending him another world….as if she was flying in some another sky, reaching to another peak and coming down with same fervor…  

He came ahead, taking her hand in his he snaked his arms around her back…. kissing her fingertips one by one he was intently gazing her, carving her each and every expression on his heart he wanted more and more…

She was breathing heavily, closing her eyes she was feeling… she was feeling him, she was feeling the sensation being drugged by him with syringe of  his love….

She felt something cold in her finger, she opened her eyes and gasped seeing the beautiful diamond studded emerald ring with gold … he smiled and kissed her…

Removing their close one by one he laid her on the bed… she was feeling shy, somewhere ashamed… she closed her eyes even if he was her husband she never be like this infront of anyone, she tried to refuse the thoughts when she felt warmth.. She opened her eyes and witnessed most beautiful moment of her life, he covered her with duvet  … he respects her dignity, the thought itself made her fall in love with him more and more…

He  kissed her on her forehead,  caressing her from eyebrows to jaw moving downwards till the chin…soon the hands replaced with lips, line of kisses creating some new feelings which she never thought existed in her…..

She smiled a bit when he looked at her…

daroghi toh nahi naa geet….

he asked her with lots of hopes, lots of expectation… she looked at him gathering her all rest courage she holding her self properly closing the mere distance between them she left the duvet and holding his neck snaking her hand around his neck she gave a soft peck on his lips…

It was peck of acceptance,

A peck of surrender…

A peck of trust … and

A peck of claim …

A peck to answer his all questions and a peck for the gateway of new life …

He was first shocked than realization struck him, he was pleasantly surprised capturing her lips he took her into the new world with a soul searing kiss…….

He nibbled her lower lips… licking the sweetness of her skin, outlining her lips with his tongue he was playing his card, he wanted her to desire him the way he was desiring, he wanted her to became desperate for him, the way he was for her, he wanted her to be drugged by him, and never came out of his habit…  

He bite her upper lip, she gasped in pain and opened mouth for breath , having the opportunity he entered in her mouth, their tongue playing in their own rhythm, rolling inside her mouth, what he was searching for ???  a new way to galaxy….. 

His hands were roaming on her body shamelessly, pinching, somewhere ticking all over the body creating havoc inside him… he gabbed on of her mountain… that was last rope of her self control.. she hold his back…. pinching and caressing her nipples he was making it impossible for him to not to react…but alas least she knew he was all doing just to break her self control.. and he was damn succeeded in it… leaving her lips he sucked her breast… latching to her nipples making it rock hard…. he sucked , sucked sucked till he was breathless, so was she because of his torture….he left her one breast and grabbed another while his hands caressed the one he left …..

Umm Maaan… she moaned whispering his name she had send him on the verge of insanity….

He increased the pressure, rolling his tongue on her pink nipples, she arched to give him some more space… he left another satiating his desires…the disappointment was evident on her face… in just some fraction of seconds he touched her soul, with his genuine and sincere gesture…

He kissed her nose… turning her , lying her on her stomach he digged his head in hollow of her shoulder kissing her whole back , he grabbed her breast with his hands again licking, kissing ……his saliva was wetting her nape.. she was loving it.. she was loving the feeling being loved by her husband…  she clutched the bed sheet for supports

Kissing her nape he came near to her something which stopped her breath…


She turned with a swift, looking deeply in his eyes she seen…

Sincerity, genuineness, care and true love….

Blushing she looked down, she was trying to hide her happiness, that hidden smile on her face which was struggling to show up…

He tickled her.. mujh se apni hassi chhuppaa rahi ho geet…

She was shocked with his action, she looked at him with fake anger trying to slap her he hold her hand with one and started tickling with another..

She started laughing.. she was ticklish since childhood and he had knowing this fact he was taking benefit of it…

But he was loving the melodious chim laughing sound of his wify…

He was in love with her, since long, might be the moment he realized she was going to be his…and now she was his, his life, his wife, his jaan, his ghazal…..

Kissing her for one more time he entered in her with a swift thrust… she felt sharp pain in her lower parts , she held him for support, digging her nails in his masculine biceps she bite lower lips… he stopped at his way…

Cupping her face he kissed her lips “are u alright” he asked with concern…..

I was never better than this … she said smilingly, with tears brimming eyes… they rocked and forth , claiming each other, thrusting in one another finally they climaxed with each other …  

They made love that night for the first time, as if it was last time, as if there was no tomorrow, as if the words never meant them.. the only things which were satisfying them was their togetherness……..


Mohabbat naam mera haii

Kabhi me dard deti hu..

Kabhi dil me jo bass jaaou

Tu dil ko tod deti hu

Kabhi joh paas aajaaou

Mujhe tum chahana chaho

Me tum se door jaaunghi

Jo tum paa bhi mujhe loghey

Me sukhi rait ke jaise

Tere haatho se phisloonghi…

Mohabbat naam hai mera

Tu mujh se nafrate hi kar

Me tujh me pyaar baatunghi…

Tu usko chah bhi le to

Paane kaa gumaa naa kar

Me tujh ko todh dunghi phir..

Mohabbat naam hai mera

Me dushman se buri hu phir

Magar tu yaad rakh yeh bhi

me teri dost hi hu naa

tu dil ke paas rakh mujh ko

me dil ko tod dunghi phir..

mohabbat dard hai gar to

haa me bhi dard hi hu phir

me aansu dunghi tujh ko bhi

ke khushiya mera hissa hai

haa me khudgarz bhi hu naa

ke yehkhudgarzi bhi mujh ko

teri hi amaanat haii…

mohabbat naam mera haii

haa tujh ko dard dunghi me

ke bass yeh kaam mera hai



He hold the knob, as he was going to open the door, the word Ghazal made him stop on his track…

Ghazal ghazal ghazal……

Kaha thaa hum ne bhaij dijiye maaji ko  yaha se kucch dino ke liyeh door , aap jaante hai aaj who phir se ghazal ghazal chillane laghi thi ghar me who toh shukar hai maan waha nahi they…

It was Shaima sajjad, arguing with her husband…

Maan ki yaado se ghazal toh chali gayi Allah kaa ahsaan hai humpar..

Iss ghar se kaise nikaalenghe uski yaad ko….

Kyaa aap nahi jaanti shaima, ghazal ki yaad iss ghar ke har ek koney me basti hai…..

5 saal , 5 saal me ussne iss ghar ko har tarah se badal diyaa , mujhe maa ji kef aisle par kabhi bhi regret nahi hua, humaarey bacho ki shaadi un kaa kiyaa hua sabse behtareen faisla tha… he was going on and on when shaima cut off in mid….

Aleena aaj Azhar ke saath khush hai … lekin kab tak?

Aapko kyaa lagtaa hai jab azhar ko pata chalegha ke uski behan ke saath yaha kyaa hua, who aleena ko apne saath rakhegha??

Nahi sajjad aapki galat fehmi hai yeh ….

Who aleena ko immediately yaha bhej degha aur Geet ki talash me nikal jaayegha…

Agar geet ki life ruined hui hai toh Aleena ki bhi life stake pe hai…

Aapko samajhna hogha …

Hume geet ko dhundhnaa hogha… iss se pehle maan ko uske baarey me kucch bhi pata chale , iss se pehle azhar yaa geet ki family me se kisi ko kucch pata chale ….

Aur Dhoondh kar kya karenghey??? Sajjad was fuming in anger….

Kya aap nahi jaanti azaan ki maut ke baad kyaa hua thaa??? Maan aur ghazal kaise toot gaye they apne bacche ke marney ke baad… kya kuchh nahi suna hum ne society me ….

Iklota beta humara, perfect in everything and uska beta, humara pota???

Disabled ??


They were talking , arguing but for Maan, it was realization of millions… he felt his head was spinning…. everything was zooming in and out inside his head….

He wanted to open the door and talk to them but….

He was feeling helpless, he was feeling powerless…. he wanted to learn every damn truth of his life every damn memory which fate deleted from his life……….

He somehow managed to hold the wall nearby and left for his room, more than any realization he wanted to be in proper state to find the truth of his life…

His wife….


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Teaser of Keepsakes of love (in poem)

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Mohabbat naam mera haii

Kabhi me dard deti hu..

Kabhi dil me jo bass jaaou

Tu dil ko tod deti hu

Kabhi joh paas aajaaou

Mujhe tum chahana chaho

Me tum se door jaaunghi

Jo tum paa bhi mujhe loghey

Me sukhi rait ke jaise

Tere haatho se phisloonghi…

Mohabbat naam hai mera

Tu mujh se nafrate hi kar

Me tujh me pyaar baatunghi…

Tu usko chah bhi le to

Paane kaa gumaa naa kar

Me tujh ko todh dunghi phir..

Mohabbat naam hai mera

Me dushman se buri hu phir

Magar tu yaad rakh yeh bhi

me teri dost hi hu naa

tu dil ke paas rakh mujh ko

me dil ko tod dunghi phir..

mohabbat dard hai gar to

haa me bhi dard hi hu phir

me aansu dunghi tujh ko bhi

ke khushiya mera hissa hai

haa me khudgarz bhi hu naa

ke yehkhudgarzi bhi mujh ko

teri hi amaanat haii…

mohabbat naam mera haii

haa tujh ko dard dunghi me

ke bass yeh kaam mera hai

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A Rangrez Mere … (Maaneet OS)


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A Rangrez Mere

Movie Tanu weds Manu


at Khurana Mansion backyard,

It was maneet’s First holi celebration together after their arrange marriage. It’s only 6 months after their marriage. Even after such a long time, Geet like a new Bride, still hesitant to open up infornt of family, except maan, But in this only maan’s effort was there, only he knows how much he worked to make her feel comfortable. He very well understood her nature, and trying his level best to comfort her.

A Rangrez mere A Rangrez mere

Yeh baat bata rangrez mere

maan started singing as soon as he saw geet elegantly coming towards him, In white saari, no make up simply in her self only some sindoor on her forehead. It’s their first Holi together, and his friends wanted to make it special for both of them, so they just mixed some Bhaangh in his Drink.  

tu ne kon se paani me yeh konsa rangh ghole hai

yeh konse paani me tu ne kon sa rang ghola hai

ke Dil ban gaya ssodaai  mera basanti chola hey

maan went towards her, as soon as he started singing, every body was first shock but soon their expression changed and they were pleasantly surprised to see him out of his shell.

Geet was feeling shy, Its first time after their marriage that he was publicly showing his love towards her, she was feeling bit embarrassed too, as in front of the family, he was singing for her.

Ab tum se kyaa me Shikwa karu

Me ne hi kaha tha zidd karke

Rang de chunri phinke rangh me

Rangh de rangh de chunri ke rangh

He came near her, and caresses his cheek lovingly, everyone was gaping at them, but soon their starring session turned into admiring session, as they saw, he was actually putting some color on her cheek, and geet was already beetroot red with blush.

Par mouee kapas par rangh ye na ruke

Rangh Itna gehra utrey ki

Chain o jigar tak bhi rangh de

Jigar rangh dey

Maan started dancing around her,(imagine he was doing Bhangra dhabe wala)  as he was totally tally because of Bhanng, every one soon join him, now Geet was standing in the middle and every one was dancing around him, then maan broke the chain and came inside the circle and hug her dearly. Geet was first feeling shy, but finally she dared a bit and hug back him, as if she was there where she actually belongs to.

Rangrez tu ne afiim kyaa hai khaali

Jo mujh se tu yeh pucchey ke konsa rang

They were standing in the corner, when maan asked her for kiss by his gesture, and geet being innocent as usual asked him what,

Rango ka kaarobaar hai tera

ke tu hi toh jaane konsa rangh

Maan dragged her near the table, where all the colors plate was lying and started throwing color on her.

mera balam rangh

mera sajan rangh

He threw red color

mera khaatik rang

mera agahan rangh

He threw yellow color

mera khaadin rangh

mera sawan rangh

He threw Blue Color.

Here she was continuously trying to save her self from his colorful rain, and after realizing there is no escape in the world except his arms she hugged him, and hides her face against his broad chest.

pal pal rangh de rang de

mere aatho pehar man bhavan rang

Geet was standing near the window, he came from behind and hug her from back, and snaked his hands around her stomach, she put her hand on his hand and closed the distance between them.

ek boond ishqiya daal koi tu

ho hoh ho ek boond ishqiya daal koi

mere saaton samandar jaaye rang

They were standing near the Sea, the sunset view near the chowpatty is something out of this world, they both sitting on the seashore and geets head resting on maan’s shouler, both were starring to sun, who was going to die in few seconds. Maan look at her with Bedroom eyes and she shied and hide herself in him.

meri had bhi rang

sarhad bhi rang

behad range de

unhad bhi rang de

mandir masjid me kat rang

Its early morning, geet was in hush bush situation, Doing work fast fast and finally reached near mandir area with her thaal. Maan looked at her from passage of the bedroom and smiled and feel proud of his Dadi’s choice.

Rangrez mere Rangrez mere Rangrez mere

Rangrez mere do ghar kyu rahey

Ek hi rang me dono ghar rang de

Dono rang dey.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Nihar pihar ka angan rang

It was her first visit to her parent’s house after their marriage. She was really excited but as their trip come to an end, she was sad, and actually cried while coming back to her house, maan was driving the car, he looked at her worriedly and stop the car and Finally kissed her tears, their togetherness is always a magic on her, which force her to forget whole world.

Pal pal rang dey rang dey rang dey

Mere aathon pehar man bhavan rang

Nindein rang de karwat bhi rang

Aaho pe padein salwat bhi rang

Yeh tu hi hairat rang dey

Aa dil me sama hasrat rang dey

It’s early morning approximate 4.of the morning, maan’s sleep disturbed and he woke up but his lips stretched into a big smile as he realized there position, they were nude inside the duvet, and geet sleeping peacefully hugging and crawling like a baby between his arms.

Aaja aur waslat rang dey

Jo aa na sakey toh furkat rang dey

Dard e hijraa liya dil me dard e hijra liye

Me zinda rahu

jurrat rang dey

It’s another day without her, she went to her maayke and here he was missing her badly actually like anything in the world.

rangrez mere rangrez mere

tera kya hai asli rang

ab toh yeh dikhla de

Sometimes he got confused with her behavior, where somewhere she blushed like anything and somewhere she became seductress for him.

mera piya bhi tu

meri sej bhi tu

mera rang bhi tu rangrez bhi tu

meri naiya bhi tu manjhdhaar bhi

tujh me duboon tujh me ubhroo

teri har ek baat sar aankhon pe

They were in the mall, doing shopping for some households, there was a ladies section near the vegetables session, and geet silently admiring the saari which was there on the model as a sample piece, the liking was evident in her eyes. Maan asked her to get into the car, and purchased that sari for her,she was feeling out of this world after having such a sweetheart husband. 

mera malik tu

mera sahib tu

meri jaan meri jaan tere hatho me

mera qaatil tu mera munsif tu

tera bin kuchh sujhe na

 tera bin kuchh sujhe na

Maan  was getting ready for the office and stuck between two ties, that which one to wore and here his savior  came and tie him a really different tie which was perfectly complimenting his shirt.

meri raah bhi tu mera rahbar tu

mera sarvar tu mera akbar tu

mera mashriq tu

mera maghrib tu

zaahid bhi mera murshid bhi tu

ab tere bina me jaaon kaha

jaaon kaha

tera bin ab me jaaon kaha

Finally they came out of the hug and sweet memory of their togetherness, their journey of last 6 months marriage when somebody tapped maan’s shoulder; he turned and surprised to see Dadi glaring him. Geet was hell embarrassed he ran from there, and finally dadi and maan looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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Keepsakes of love chapter 2 ~tujhe chahna meri bhool thi~

Keep sake of Love promo-1


Chapter 2- “kuchh bhool thi”

Next day, fresh morning, Geet woke up with heavy heart still smiling lips, patience, this is what Islam insist, in every bad or good moments, you should have a faith on Allah, smilingly you have to face every hurdle, and Praise Allah in every good or bad, HE was, is and will be creator of destiny, She Offered her Fajar Salah, completing daily house hold chorus she left for clinic.

She reached in mid of the way when something grabbed her attention, It was a small kid, sitting on the shallow corner of road, crying, he was in school uniform, looking nice yet crying face of his was startled restlessness,

Arey Kyaa hua aapko bacha, she said, sitting next to him, she smiled a bit, Kisi ko hasana bhi toh Sadqa e jaariyaa hai, (make someone smile is a virtue whose return never stops, it’s a good investment.)

Meh… main ap….apne am…ami abbu se na…. Naa … Naraaz  hu, he said sobbing more, she looked at him in pain,

arey arey arey aaiye humaarey paas aaiye. She felt like to embraced that small baby in her secure arms,

 baby was reaaly cute, approximate age of 5-6 years,

ammi ne mera naam MAAN rakha hai, saarey dost mujhe tease kartey hai, Koi NAAN (bread) bulaata hai toh koi PAAN (leaf ), Mujhe school nahi jaana sab mujhe tease karenghey, he cried more and smile of geet’s face vanished in fractions….

The boy said and lowered his head on her , trying to feel the warmth of motherhood, he rested his head on her lap….



It was another morning of after their engagement, man somehow managed to enter into her room by on of the common used window,


She was terrified, The whole house was crowded with Family and relatives, she was sharing the room with Aleena, and Anya, his sister and her sister, Girls  had great fun whole night by teasing each other, Aleena and geet both were engaged day before only… It was exchanged marriage, Maan’s sister was going to marry with Geet’s brother so that Maaneet…

Maan and Geet both was first cousin, geet was his aunt’s daughter , Hira aunty, sister of his father,   their marriage was fixed when they were at the entrance gate of teen age, Azhar and maan both was of same age, so that Aleena and Geet, it was their Dadu’s wish to tie the knot and secure the relations of her children forever…..

He somehow grabbed & cornered her hiding from everyone’s view,

Ghazal, Kal khoob lag rahi thi, be ready to be Mrs. Ghazal khan….He whispered in her ears, instantly increasing her heartbeats and coloring her beautiful face with blush of his love,

Huhhh Mrs. Ghazal khan nahi Mr. maan, Its Ms. Geet Siddiqui, she naughtily chirped and showed him tongue.

He raised his eyebrow arghhh…
geet yeh Kaisa naam hai, he teased her,

Aur Maan yeh kaisa naam, she got annoyed and irritatingly exclaimed, He loved to call her ghazal, he hold her soft hand and turned it on her back, It was first time they were talking openly after the approval of their alliance, she always used to play hide and seek, uff she was such a shy that whenever he came from UK to India, she never met, whereas Azhar and Aleena used to talk a lot ….

Knowing his shy nature, maan never forced her to talk,

He turned her and her back was glued to his taut chest, whereas her hand was still in his hold which he twisted on back. He pulled her near him, and whispered, Maan kaisa naam nahi ghazal accha naam hai….

She got irritated with his dominance, yeh accha naam nahi hai maan, It sounds so stupid, In Marathi it means forehead, she retorted,

And in Arabic it means PROFESSOR, he  replied calmly.

Arghh whatever,

Geet don’t say whatever, I will teach u EVERYTHING, very soon, he answered in husky voice, she was having goose bumps with his voice, with his tones…she pushed him and ran away, promising herself never to come in front of him ever ….

And he chuckled somewhere feeling contented having her in his life….


aap boliyeh naa didi aap bolti kyu nahi …

Aap ko bhi lagta hai Maan is nt a good name... her chain of thought broke by a small and innocent voice, she smiled and cupped his face,

She was filled of love, and kindness, she couldn’t see anyone in pain, and yeh toh naam hi uski zindaghi tha, phir iss naam ko who dard me kaise dekhti….

She kissed her forehead affectionately and wiped his tears, she opened her bag and gave him a chocolate… being a doctor and migrane patient, she always carried chocolate with her…

The boy smiled little and accepted the small bar, hmm toh maan aap ro kyu rahe they kyu ke aapka naam accha nahi hai??

Hmm … he nodded innocently…

Awww , she hugged him again…

Aap jaantey hai aapke naam ka meaning sabse accha haii, sabse alag, do u know in different languages it carried different meaning…

Now boy was really curios to know, as till now he only heard teasing tone for his name and for the first time, he had heard someone appreciating his name…

The meaning of this name in Arabic is professor, I mean teacher, u know naa teacher is one , who teach us good things, she smiled and asked and boy felt better….  he was waiting for more looking her eagerly to open up the secret of his name..

The meaning of Maan in Marathi is Forehead, it indicate the fortune and good will of a person , so u are a fortunate one baby, she kissed his left cheek…

The boy smiled little with her gesture; he was actually feeling good now….       

The meaning of Maan in Hindi is Respect, and in punjaabi it means self respect and in Persian it means Respected Sir… she pinched his chin and gave her cheeky smile…

And at last in Indian origin it means Masculine like you, she tickled the small boy and he laughed out loudly, the last traces of sadness was vanished, ….she smiled and kissed his both the cheeks, chalo abhi jaldi se school ke liyeh bhaago, aur suno koi ab tease karey toh bata dena How superior you are…

Aisa kisi ki baato darr ke apne raastey nahi chhodtey beta, she put her hand on his head and smiled…

She turned to leave, when she seen Daii jaan standing behind her, with painful expression…. dusro ko batana aasaan hotaa hai meri bachi khud bhi usko Implement karo…

She touched her cheek and plead painfully...those who love us, our moods matters to them , they feel contented by looking our gleeful face, sadness of our face wrench their heart, I guess that’s called love, True love…

Geet smiled painfully and screamed in horror, Daii maa aapne late karwaadiya …

Patients must be waiting for me….

She rushed towards the direction of clinic when stumbled a bit, and the name which came in her mind first was ….


Whom we love most, why we always anticipate them to come in our troubles? Why we always expect them to come and save us from the world, though the person was not even bothering to know how the hell we are living the life without them… 

She left for clinic smilingly on the small child who was now smiling and glowing with zeal….


It was afternoon timing, she was in clinic, alone, thus the loneliness matters now, when she knew that whole life is going to be alone, her life and darkness of vacant heart, emptiness and obscurity which was a vital part of her life, seems eternal and unbreakable part of her verve.

She opened her diary, and started scribbling her heart on the blank paper….


~Mere humsafar tujhe chahna meri bhool thi ~

 Mere Humsafar mujhe kyaa khabar

Tujhe chahna meri bhool thi

Tujhe unn duwaao me maangna

Tujhe harr dafa youn dekhna

Meri bhool thi meri bhool thi

Tujhe kya mila mujhe kyaa pata

Mujhe gham ki soorat me dil mila

Mera dil kabhi tha mohaabat bhara

Usse tod kar marod kar

Tujhe kyaa mila, Mujhe yeh bata

Mere aankho me they khuwaab kuch

Unhe karchi karchi khwaab kar

Tujhe kyaa mila , mujhe yeh bata

Mujhe apni mohaabat pe guroor tha

Ghamand tha

Ussey reezah reezah bikhair kar

Tujhe kyaa mila

Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar

Tujhe chahna meri bhool thi

Tujhe sochna meri bhool thi

Ab phir bhi meri hai yahi duaa

Tu khush rahe ab harr jagah

Tanhaiiya meri humnawa

Tujhe saath kisi ka mile sada

Mere humsafar tu jo maang le

Mere paas ab who haqq nhi bacha

Tere Raasto me saath hu

Yeh weham mujhe bhi tha kabhi

Woh hawa hua


Yeh mohabbato ka ziyaa bana

Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar

Tere raasto me me ab nahi

Teri manzilo se ab mera nishaa ab mitt gaya

Tujhe chahne ka gumaan bhi khatam huaa

Meri Zindaghi me tera wajood nahi hai ab…

Harr raat me, harr baat me tanhaaiya meri humnawa

 (Eza 😀 )

She sighed and closed the diary, what she could do more than writing , what she could do more than sharing her heart with non existing diaries, she was never good in expressing herself from mouth, she would have kept quite rather than expressing what she felt, and that’s what she done, she kept quite, rather defending him, she kept quite when she needed to speak up….

She left all rather asking him for explanations….

She closed her eyes and sighed, rubbed her face trying to shoo off the unsaid, undesired thoughts…


She rang the bell of the house, she was annoyed, damn irritated…

Again Fight with Ahrar was sending her on verge of insanity, he was mad, he was crazy, he was possessive , she love him crazily , Damn but it doesn’t mean she would follow each and every command of his, that too without a legal relation…

Bhabhi its me Anya Darwaza khole please….. She shouted bit loudly, Allah miyaa when they repair this damn camera of the door, and being ALEENA BHABI,  fattu as usual wnt open the door till the time she won’t believe its me Arghhhh ……

Aleena opened the door and smiled sweetly, whereas Anya smiled scarstically and eneterd in the room,

With her facial expression Aleena realized anya isn’t in a good mood …..

She rushed to call Mazhar, knowing storm is on the way….



It was dinner time at maan’s place when Mr. Sajjad khan entered in the house, all servants rushed to took briefcase from his hand..

He smiled and answered the Salaam of his servants….

The name and fame which he gained demanded the same treatment he was having now, like a king…

Maan seen him entering inside the mansion, the huge and lavish , mansion decorated like a newly wed bride, the huge walls and large windows, saying nothing but a dignity of Khan’s in the city….

Maan was feeling all unfamiliar, seems the strange feeling, the strange aroma was tying him in its magic, he was feeling strange to himself, he was dying to be in embrace, he was longing for the familiar warmth, unknown to himself he was desiring something which he had swear to himself to not to desire… he was Desiring her, he was missing her, he was missing his Ghazal….


He felt his breath choked, why he was feeling she was his, she belonged to him, he possessed her??

Why he was feeling she need him, she did cried for her, and he was helpless….

I need to talk to ammi aabu, ghazal Kon hai?? Kaha hai?? Agar yah nahi toh q nahi??

 He rushed towards the Room of mr. and Mrs. Sajjad Khan..

He was about to knock on the door, when he heard her name  again…    


she was doing bed sheet, all set to have some sleep when he came from behind…she was in night gown with a net jacket tied with thin string, he hugged her passionately, kissing her shoulder, nape and squeezing her waist, he was showing his passionate yet demanding side, she turned around and hugged him with same fervor,

he started kissing her forehead, than a trail of kisses from forehead to chin in curvy way from upward to down on left side as well as righ side…

she closed her eyes and clinched his shirt, holding him tightly for support she indulged more in him…

he was insanely kissing her, she was madly falling for him… the passion, the burning desire was much more to handle…

Bhabhi …… it was anya on the other side

They breakaway feeling dejected, they wanted to spend time together….

AZHAR frustratingly brushed his hair while  Aleena giggled….



She reached home in evening, it was night time, she was having rest after Isha prayers, they say right, the moment u start believing in almighty things change, things changed drastically, the pain replaced with satisfaction and the restlessness turned into patience, it is free of cost, but human nature….  we desire only those things which show its value, an intangible asset, which resides in our own self, we never appreciate it, but we evaluate all those things which show its own value, might be that’s the reason nowadays morality, loyalty, trust, honesty all these assets deceiving its value, whereas all stuff which showing its monitory value gaining people’s attention …

She was sitting on the bed with so folded hands on her chest , again all beautiful memories of past started surrounding her, started drowning her in its own pool of happiness and sorrows,

Six year ago when Maan first came to her place, their first meeting, though he was her cousin but she always maintained appropriate distance, which always increased the worth of her dignity, what he was maan, even being a first cousin he was just a mere stranger for her..

She always treated him as a stranger only, though she knew he was going to be her life partner, but she never giggled with him, she never met him, she never played with him before her engagement…

she smiled with reminisce of their pre wedding meeting, when she not even looked up, he was damn annoyed, he wanted her to talk the way Aleena used to talk with Azhar, but what she could do, her shy behavior, yet the way she grew up , never allowed her to come infront of him, yes she was the one who named as Typical orthodox in the family, she liked to read books on Seerah and loved to implement it on her life, she prefer to be in love with Allah rather than human being, her philosophy of love was damn different from Maan’s logic of love……     

she blushed when her fingers brushed with each other and the feeling of her ring ……..

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