100% mine part 08

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Maan: where u were in the afternoon today baby, he asked sweetly as much as possible

She bit her lips, she knew”.. it was coming on the way, Bhai can’t forget kyaa God please,

Maan: Stop murmuring to God Baby; tell me what Truth, truth and only truth and not a bit less than it.

Annie: Bhaai sorry, I won’t do it from next time, Sachhi, God promise,

Ohhh he rolled his eyes how on the earth he can be angry on her.

Maan: toh phir bataao kyu kiya tha, he asked trying to show some anger, but anger that too for annie is something next to impossible for him.

Anniee: Bhaai Bore ho raha tha , then me ne socha chalo apka show hi sun leti hu than wo contest so, I can’t stop myself.

Maan: Hmm Okhhh let it be, yeh party kis ki hai kucch Idea hai

Annie: Ji bhaai woh he is politician Mr. Handa, un ki daughter she came from USA last week so for her, they threw the party.

Hmmm Okhhh ”””’..

They entered into the venue”’..

The area was quite beautiful, totally decorated with Lilly and orchids, with lots of white roses added to make the colorful decoration a bit sober. He was impressed with the way they decorated, and the beauty of vicinity. As soon as they entered annie found some of her friends who was also invited, so she willingly joined them, and Maan smiled at his cute sister, she was still like a kid, even being a No. one professional in her field.

Maan standing in the corner, and sipping some drink, when he heard

One: Yaar, yeh Ladki, toh ekdum dhamakaa hai, tu ne dekha kyaa”..

Second: Nop yaar  abhi tak darshan kaha hue, waise tu bol raha hai toh maan na padegha, teri nazar to waise bhi badi paarkhi hai,

And they started laughing, Maan felt disgusted, He just odium such peoples who don’t know how to respect the women.

Waise Naam hi bada sexy hai, Geet””


Maan reiterated, it was familiar, he heard it somewhere, but he was not able to retain where,

It was the time, when MR. Handa came on the stage and started Gaga about her daughter,

She is Geet, Geet, pride of our family, proud of our surname, the conceit for her daughter was evident in his eyes,

Now after This Maan was really became curious to meet her, but where is she”’..

As soon as she entered in venue, her father received her, and took her to the stage, Maan was standing there mutely spending some time alone, gossh this is the only thing which he loved about high class parties, If someone showing attitude, people left them with their shell to be alone, and maan just loved it.

Meet my daughter Geet handa,

Ufff the name flash inside his mind…

I am Geet, Geet handa…

So she is the same girl, with whom I talked in afternoon, Good ab to iss se milna hi parhegha””..

Maan looked toward stage but he failed to see her face, someone standing opposite to her that he was unable to see her,

He disturbed because of continuous ringing of his phone, It was Adi, huhhh Adi his P.A. cum legal advisor of his family business. Her family friend and yup off course his best friend cum business partner too.

He ended the call as soon as possible, Don’t know why but today he was feeling some strong aroma of his misty, like she was around him, really close to him’..

He was very pleasant with the feeling only”’..

It was Dance going on near the lawn area some of the people ask him to join, he reluctantly joined them saying directly No for everything is not sound good, at all”’.

Huhhh Etiquettes””

He joined them, He was dancing, suddenly partner changed all the girls moved to the other partner, and he found her””..

His Mishty”” ,,,,,,,

His imagination was standing in front of him…

The same eyes’.. the same eyes he saw two days before”’

The familiar scent that he was feeling since so long’..

The same feeling which he was having of hers…

The same gesture which was in his mind…

They both were dancing elegantly””.

Geet was really feeling frustrated that at the last moment Pinky refused to come for the party, she had some important work and so that she was unable to come ”’..

Geet entered into the venue with grumpy face, but as soon as she saw her father standing just to receive her everything just vanished in the thin air”

Her anger, her frustration, her annoyance, everything she smiled prettily’

Her father introducing to her with everyone, but she was least interested in it””.. And reluctantly meeting with them, shaking hand with smiling weakly”’..

Some of the boys ask her for the dance, and her father actually told her to enjoy the party,

She was hell annoyed with all this’.

She started dancing reluctantly, as soon as she changed her partner a small smile crept on her lips,,,,,

She knew It’.

Damn she knew ittt”’..

He will come”’.

He has to come”’.

Does he have any other option except her in this world”’..

She was continually looking into his eyes, so that he into her””

They knew it after some time they have to change their partner’..

They left the place gazing each other, as if they were in the trance, hypnotized with each other’s gaze’..

And exactly know that what the other is doing””.

Seems like they were together since eternity, though they don’t know each other’s name, but still they felt like they are with each  other since so long”

Maan was shocked to see her again’.

Her eyes’.

Her eyes were familiar with one to whom he saw two days before”’.

There was some magic in her eyes which tied him in her magical serene beauty’..

He grabbed her and they went near the lawn area, which was a bit abandoned’.

The lights were bright as they can see each other clearly’.

The smile on her face made maan smile too ‘.

They not yet exchanged the single word’.

But felt like there was no need of words when they are together’..

Like even there was no space for words also, between them,,,,,,,,

Yes offceourse, the words even a major thing’. There was no space for air’ when it comes to maan and geet’

They not yet met each other’.

But they both knew that somewhere in the world’ they exist’.

They exist and breath for another’.

Maan worshipped his imagination of hers’.

And Geet was immensely in love with her painting’

Who was none other than Maan’s”

Both were in the trance of togetherness, in the magic of mutual existence.

When somebody Tapped maan’s shoulder angrily”..

Precape: (Who the hell are you???)

(Oops punch on maan’s Face and some fighting shighting Smile

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